Screenshot size, HUD & genital hiding, reduce dialogue box


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I use the Loader.v5.45d.ModGuy and I have some questions.

1. Game options can make screenshot sizes x2 (1400x1200) with / vanilla shortcut, can we increase this size, like x3 ?

2. I use CameraControl.v5.25c (from Modguys Loader mods archive) to lower the overall scene position. Lame solution found to avoid the HUD embarrassment. Is there a way to hide the HUD and make a clean display like the vanilla game ? And so to not have a distant view by this CameraControl solution, that I use too to put characters above dialogue box, so characters are kinda cramped.

3. Can we make dialogue box smaller, like 50%.

4. I read somewhere, I believe, we can hide genitals for Him through dialogue options, but I don't think it's what I looking for : I would like to hide/show his genitals with a keyboard shortcut, regardless of the dialogue. Is it possible ?

Note : I have a "no penis ldr.swf" file (I do not remember where it comes from) that hides penis (not balls) for Him but impossible to show it again (necessary to reset game), so that doesn't suit me. However I attach the file, maybe someone can modify it to produce the opposite function of what it does initially.

characters are cramped by dialogue box and HUD from loader

Thanks for your consideration.


  • No penis_ldr.swf
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