1. A

    Screenshot size, HUD & genital hiding, reduce dialogue box

    Hello, I use the Loader.v5.45d.ModGuy and I have some questions. 1. Game options can make screenshot sizes x2 (1400x1200) with / vanilla shortcut, can we increase this size, like x3 ? 2. I use CameraControl.v5.25c (from Modguys Loader mods archive) to lower the overall scene position. Lame...
  2. stuntcock

    Strand Zoom Fix 1.0

    This mod addresses a coding error in SDT.swf. The error is irrelevant during normal gameplay, but it arises when the player forces the game's zoom to an abnormally low (zoomed-out) value. Such zoom values could be achieved by overriding the GUI, but are much more commonly encountered by...
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