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    Fixed Default Positions Camera Zoom 2023-08-09

    Fixed Default Positions Camera Zoom
  2. Depth-of-Field Effect

    Depth-of-Field Effect 1.0-alpha

    Blurs the background when zooming in on the action
  3. D

    How to go past minimum zoom

    Im new to SDT and have gotten some hwad mods for him. How do I zoom out enough to see his head?
  4. A

    Screenshot size, HUD & genital hiding, reduce dialogue box

    Hello, I use the Loader.v5.45d.ModGuy and I have some questions. 1. Game options can make screenshot sizes x2 (1400x1200) with / vanilla shortcut, can we increase this size, like x3 ? 2. I use CameraControl.v5.25c (from Modguys Loader mods archive) to lower the overall scene position. Lame...
  5. Strand Zoom Fix

    Strand Zoom Fix 1.0

    Prevents semen strands from disappearing when the game zooms out farther than usual

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