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Discussion in 'Fiction' started by princeofpain, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    The angels of the ring. They are a wrestling team. Titles and more wrestling world champions titles.
    Malu: The leader of the Angel´s. Malu is a pro wrestler with powerful techniques. She is a skillful in pins and submissions moves.
    Malu´s wrestling attire is a shining pink bikini, white boots with in pink details.
    Malu is a white girl, 5ft 6 in, long black hair, curvaceous body and round medium size breasts.

    Vitoria: She is a real angel. Vitoria is sweet, gentle, smiling and very polite. She is a wrestler by passion, but, don´t want to hurt her opponents, just fight a fair fight and win, if possible, she plays following the rules. Don´t be fool thinking that she is an easy prey, ok??? Vitoria is a skillful in reverse techniques and can pin her opponents quickly.
    Vitoria is a white girl, 5 ft 5 in, her dark brown hair reach her shoulders, she has little almost medium size breasts and has a curvaceous body.
    Vitoria step on the ring wearing a light blue bikini with yellow flowers as details and ligh blue boots.

    Gaby: She has the most aggressive wrestle style, she grabs her opponents and try to finish them as fast as possible.
    Gaby wears a blue bikini, black gloves that cover until the middle of her fingers and blue and white boots.
    Gaby has a curvaceous body, 5ft 6in, big breasts, white skin and a long brown hair.

    Nanda: Is focused in grabs and submissions, Nanda reaaly knows the right way for capture her opponents and make them suffer using powerful moves.
    Nanda has a pink and white bikini and only wear this.
    She is the most seductive of the angels. Nanda has a curvaceous body, green eyes, medium size breasts, a long black hair and brunette skin.

    Giselle: The most calm angel. Giselle pay a lot of attention on her opponents before launch her attacks, she is a skillful fighter and use punches and kicks for make her opponents weak, before she k.o them or even pin.
    Giselle wears a white short, a strapless bra stripped in light blue, white and black.
    Giselle is the baby face angel,5ft 2in, she has a pretty face, she is slender, has little breasts, white skin and a long black hair.

    These are the Angel of the Ring. Our heroines of the coming up story.
  2. Kargan3033

    Kargan3033 Club Regular

    Aug 10, 2015
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    This sounds interesting, I look forward to reading about these gals.
  3. neosushi

    neosushi Vivacious Visitor

    Sep 30, 2012
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    I love your work and love how you have these normal girls fighting demons and monsters and stuff. Looking forward to what kind of opponents and matches you put them in.

    Does Underground literally mean underneath the ground? Having these angels actually fighting in hell would be cool