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Queen Elsa's First Electrosex Session

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Oct 7, 2014
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    Elsa sat in the doctor's office waiting room, her dress stained both brown and yellow from fear and excitement. She reasoned that Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather could remove the stains. Elsa closed her eyes, trying to block out the screams from the main office area. Elsa flashed back to the conversation with Anna the week before.
    '"Anna, what in the fuck do you get out being electrocuted half to death?!" Elsa screamed at her sister after she returned from her electrosex session.
    "Sven, Olaf, and Christophe are incredible at what they do, but they cannot hold a candle the raw power and sheer awesomeness that is electricity."
    Elsa had to admit that as incredible as Olaf was with his kissing and pussy eating skills, he lacked that same power and skill in his ass and pussy fucking skills. "Anna," Elsa started, wondering why she was asking this, "would it be possible for you to get me in for a electrocution session?"
    "I will see what I can do." Anna replied smiling exuberantly."'
    The office door opened and a young woman of 25, about Elsa's age, walked out somewhat shaky on her feet, obviously the most recent patient. "Your Majesty, Queen Elsa. It is an honor to see you."
    Elsa held up her hand to stop any further flattery. "As you were, Miss."
    "Forgive me, Queen Elsa, but I am Princess Aurora." The young woman introduced herself.
    Elsa shot up like a rocket and curtsied. "Forgive me, Princess. I was not paying attention.
    Princess Aurora giggled. "As you were, Elsa." Princess Aurora looked Elsa's dress over. "First time?"
    "Yes, Aurora." Elsa said, inspecting her dress for herself.
    "It was like that for me my first time. Godmother was completely pissed off." Aurora returned. "Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather can get those stains out. Anyway, I should probably be going. Godmother arranged some special tour for this afternoon. Nice seeing you, Elsa. Have fun on the table."
    "Nice seeing you Aurora. Thank you and have fun with Maleficent." Elsa replied. Princess Aurora started for the main entry. "Aurora, Royals' Kiss?" Elsa asked.
    "Of course, Elsa, Sweetie." Princess Aurora walked back and shared tongue with Elsa for 90 seconds. "Elsa, if you ever want a woman's company on the table, I am always up for lesbian sex."
    "I will keep that in mind." Elsa smiled. She was not just being polite; she really meant it. She would keep Princess Aurora in mind for a lesbian session. Elsa blew Princess Aurora a kiss, who caught and returned it with a smile. "I love you, Aurora." Elsa called after Princess Aurora.
    "I love you, Elsa." Princess Aurora called back, with that, she was gone.
    "Queen Elsa, the doctor will see you now." The nurse said after Aurora left. Elsa took the nurse's hand and led her through the building to the office, nattering the whole time. "Your Majesty, based on your dress, this is your first time."
    "It is actually." Elsa replied. "I am scared but excited. When Anna told me this was better than Olaf's pussy eating, I had to get electrocuted once just see if she was right."
    "I was also skeptical because my boyfriend can tie *five* knots in a cherry stem," the nurse continued, "but now, I get electrocuted three hours daily on 400 volts. Princess Anna can take an impressive 960 volts."
    "That is private information." Elsa said coldly.
    "You pay her health insurance, right?" The nurse asked.
    "Yeah, what of it?" Elsa countered.
    "Then, it is your business to know." The nurse replied.
    "I would rather heard that from Anna than you." Elsa said.
    "I know." The nurse replied. "Anyway, this is the room." The nurse led Elsa inside. "Hop up on the table." Elsa moved to the steel table hooked to the generator. "The examination table, please." The nurse said.
    Elsa hopped up on the table, landed on her ass, laid back, and smashed her shit onto her ass, sighing with pleasure.
    "You a dirty girl, Your Majesty?" The nurse asked with a half-smile.
    "Yes." Elsa squirmed again. "You?
    "More than you care to know." The nurse replied smiling.
    "I bet not." Elsa gave a dirty grin, melting the nurse.
    The doctor, a fit, trim, athletic man in his late 50s to early 60s with salt-and-pepper hair, entered the room. "Queen Elsa, according to your chart this is the first time you have had electrosex. Is that correct?"
    "It is, Doctor." Elsa replied, "but before we get started, I need a shower."
    "There is one in the corner. You may avail yourself to it." The doctor said.
    Elsa stripped off her dress, bra, and panties. The doctor caressed Elsa's left tit. "You will have to forgive me. I am a major pervert."
    Elsa showered off her shit and returned to the examination table. She whipped out her phone, calling Flora. "Lady Flora, this is Queen Elsa. Do I have you at a bad time?"
    "No, Your Majesty. How may I serve you?" Flora replied.
    "I need you to wash a dress for me." Elsa said.
    "Sure, Dearie. Send when you like." Flora returned.
    "Sending it now." Elsa said, taking her trans-dimensional warp generator out of her purse. She placed her dress in the portal, and sent it to Flora. "Did you get it?" Elsa asked.
    "Sure did, Sweetie. You just have fun on the table, and it will be ready when you finish." Flora replied.
    "Thank you, Lady Flora." Elsa said.
    "Anything to help a royal, Dearie." Flora replied and the line went dead.
    Elsa dropped her phone back in her purse, stretched out on the examination table, and inserted her fists into her overly-stretched pussy.
    "No need to pre-game, Your Majesty." The doctor said, holding out his hand. Elsa sat up, took his hand, stepped down from the examination table, and stepped up onto the shock table. "I will be applying an aluminum-silicone alloy based lube to direct the flow of electricity."
    Elsa smiled wickedly. "Grease me up, paying extra attention to my asshole, eyes, lips, and pussy. I want the electricity drawn to those places in particular."
    "You are the first person to ask to have the electricity drawn to those particular areas." The doctor began lubing up Elsa, applying extra lube to the spots she mentioned.
    "You give a great massage." Elsa moaned in ecstasy. "Did you ever think about doing massage therapy?"
    "Yes, actually." The dirty doctor replied. "I got into medicine through massage therapy." As Elsa was on her back, he tweaked her ass cheeks, making her giggle. "I need you to roll back over."
    Elsa rolled back onto her back. "Do you want me to squirt for you before you light me up?" Elsa asked flirtatiously.
    "No, we will save that for your next visit, if you return." The doctor replied. "You will feel a slight pinch." He said before anchoring the aluminum-steel straps to the table.
    "Why steel straps?" Elsa asked.
    "I do not use electrodes." The doctor replied "The entire table becomes electrified. The straps help disperse the current over the body and keep the patient from falling."
    "Strap me tighter." Elsa said. "I love wearing corsets and am used to not being able to breathe."
    The doctor anchored the straps lower in the bindings. "How is that?"
    "Better. Thank you." Elsa replied, obviously *not* struggling to breathe where another woman would be suffocating. "When are you going to light me up?"
    "I have to adjust the machine first. My last patient can take more voltage than I am willing to give you right now." The doctor replied. "That should do it." He threw the switch.
    The exact moment the doctor turned on the machine, Elsa was in heaven. "Oh yes! Oh fuck! Fuck. Fuck! FUCK!" Elsa screamed as the electricity snaked through her veins. Elsa alternated between screaming "fuck: and "shit" for the entire hour. Her eyes rolled back inside her head, the current spidered its way down her throat, filling with its power, the lube and her saliva drawing the electricity into her mouth. The electric sparks generated by the steel straps played over her naked skin, bathing her in the most beautiful blue-white light. The electricity, drawn by her cum and the lube, fingered its way into her reproductive structures. The lube on her asshole served as a beacon, drawing electricity into her ass. The electricity spiraled through her digestive tract, meeting the electricity from her mouth in her small intestine. The digestive juices, being highly acidic, served as internal generators, generating more electricity from what was provided. Her body was throwing more volts than the machine! Lightening shot from her fingers, toes, and holes, attracted to the electromagnet the steel table had become. Her hair stood on end, shooting sparks, also attracted to the table. Elsa was so aroused that her pussy was spraying electrified cum rapid fire!
    The doctor, after rummaging through drawers and cabinets around the office, finally found his latex rubber suit and mask. "Well, it has been an hour." He said, donning it. The doctor walked over and switched off the power.
    "Shouldn't you have done that earlier?" The nurse asked, arms crossed and throwing about 10 volts herself.
    "I would have if I could have found my rubber suit. It was not safe for me to go anywhere near there without protection." The doctor answered.
    After five minutes, the nuclear reactor that was Elsa finally shut down. "WHOOHOO! That was insanely hot!" Elsa screamed like she was at a rock concert. "Sign me up for another session!"
    "Before that, we have to settle up." The doctor said.
    "Anna said there was no copay." Elsa said coldly.
    "She is right." The doctor said. "There is no copay, but we have to run insurance just the same."
    Elsa used an icy vortex to call over her purse. She pulled out her insurance card and tried to hand it to the doctor. "Here is my insurance card."
    "I have actually already sent it to insurance. You are free to go." The doctor replied.
    "That was *my* insurance information you used, right?" Elsa asked.
    "Yes, Your Majesty. I billed using *your* insurance information." The doctor replied. "Nurse, would you mind escorting Queen Elsa?"
    "Yes." The nurse turned to Elsa. "Would you please come with me, Your Majesty?" The nurse asked.
    Elsa took the nurse's hand and climbed down off the table. Elsa then slipped back into her freshly clean clothes, retook the nurse's, and they walked out.