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Phantom Breaker

Discussion in 'Games' started by SplitRyona, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. SplitRyona

    SplitRyona Ryonani Teamster

    May 29, 2011
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    There was no mention of this game here yet.

    The game was made by 5pb company and features mostly female fighters (I was mistaken at first when I was looking at the pictures - there are at least three guys in the game). It'll be released in US on 8th May 2012 for XBOX 360, but it's been available in Japan for nearly a year now, and I've just obtained a copy of it.

    Okay, let's begin - the game features 14 fighters, at least 3 are male. From the get-go you have 10 characters available.
    - Sword maiden Mikoto
    - Magical girl Mei
    - Big Boobs Shrine maiden Waka (pole sword)
    - Ninja girl Yuzuha (dual knives)
    - Business woman Ria (dual kukris)
    - Girl with a collar M (some strange toys)
    - Melee fighter Ren (guy)
    - Rapier fighter Tokiya (guy)
    - Maid Itsuki (hammer)
    - Vampire Girl Cocoa (beast arm)

    Upon meeting certain requirements you can unlock four additional characters:
    1. Infinity (male) - Beat Arcade mode. Difficulty doesn't matter and set the amount of rounds to 1, you can also retry as many times as you want. But be wary - 3rd, 6th and 10th opponent are difficulty to beat,
    2. Loli girl with plasma gun Fin - Beat StorY Mode with all characters.
    3. Rimi - Complete Fin's Story Mode and then Rimi has a chance to appear in Arcade before Infinity. You need to win a match with Super and not use any continues until she appears. Then kick her ass to unlock her. Alternative is to win 200 battles to unlock Rimi.
    4. Kurisu - Beat Arcade Mode with every character, then beat it again with following conditions: no continues, 100 counters, finish one match every round with Deadly Attack. Alternative is to win 250 battles to unlock Chris.

    So far I only unlocked Infinity - Arcade is tough to prevail over 3rd, 6th and 10th opponent.

    No, let's get to ryona part.

    First thing that sucks is that there is no ingame move list.
    Second thing that sucks is that each character only has one throw I could find. Various other button experimentation led to no success. Some characters' special attacks include throw animation (for example Cocoa slashes at her opponent several times, then grabs her victim to lift him/her in the air, squeeze him/her and then slam him/her in the ground).

    Gauge for special attacks is raised by attacking or being attacked. When special gauge is at least +100%, press left, right or down and then LT to launch lv1 Specials. Lv2 Special or Deadly Attack is launched by having special gauge at 200% and pressing LT or A+B. I think that special attacks aren't as flashy as in SFxT.

    Music can be muted fully so you can concentrate on girls' screams and moans when attacked and KOed. My opinion is that girls develop nicely in this department with a pretty good selection of screams in pain and especially KO screams.

    I would not recommend the game as a must-get, because it lacks several important factors. They are: only one throw, lack of movelist, and flashy attacks (but not as much as SFxT). I'd say to wait for US version which comes out in 10 days - I'll also get that one and update accordingly if it's worth one's while.

    And here are two videos:

    This is the intro video for the game. And it's unlisted on youtube.

    Three battles of Mikoto VS Mei. I was still getting the ropes of it, and I lost twice. Raging losses, though. Also unlisted on youtube.
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  2. randomguy

    randomguy Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 5, 2010
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    never heard of this game before, can't wait to see the vids and stuff
  3. SplitRyona

    SplitRyona Ryonani Teamster

    May 29, 2011
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    First post updated with information. Sorry I took so long. Was playing Pandora's Tower and totally forgot I promised info on the game.