Kanu Unchou (Ikkitousen) - Dynamic


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Jun 29, 2011
Original static hair: RajasGrime
Background: Kuroryuu "Dojo"
Requested by TDream

"Workshop" notes:
- 4 click-toggleable parts
- big long hairs like this are much more difficult than ponytails (e.g. Yoko)
- the bra has some transparency (you can achieve this through char codes, but not the sliders)
- lots of work on hair at the back of the neck to make it look natural through full range of motion
- the long strand that goes over the arm has an invisible symbol to get it positioned correctly




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Jun 23, 2011
I really love this one^^ thanks for doing my request I appreciate it.


I can't find the fourth toggleable part.. I got:

1. the hair on top of her head
2. the back side bang under her chin
3. the static piece of hair that's loose from the rest on her back
4. .. ok now I found it.
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