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    Now you can see the Dark Queen been bearhugged by Pimple Toad and many more things on Patreon! Don't miss The New Dark Queen Adventures! My user is The Retry Man.
  2. Jade1503

    CWF: Rainbow Mika vs Amanda

    As soon as Tsunade was carried out of the arena to the infirmary, it was time for the final match of the day as the announcer made the announcement. ‘FOR OUR FINAL MATCH, PLEASE WELCOME: RAINBOW MIKA!’ The doors opened and a girl with long blonde hair tied into two ponytails and wearing a...
  3. Code Red

    Ryona Rumble (Complete)

    A classic battle royal with so much at stake! Thirty women will enter the ring! No pinfalls, no submissions, no disqualifications, no mercy! Participants are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope and have both their feet touch the floor! The final woman standing will be declared the...
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