hair physics

  1. Z

    [DOA5LR]Marie Rose hair

    EDIT: Links to mod in post #7 below. [DOA5LR]Marie Rose hair Hi all, not sure if my memory is failing me but I remember there used to be a mod for DOA5LR where Marie Rose has her hair let down and untied. It's basically a port of her hair from DOAX3. Either that or I confused it with another...
  2. BrickShithouse

    Roxie/Homika from Pokémon

    So I was using this dynamic hair import of Roxie/Homika from pokémon, and I'm getting errors, or, it's not really working right, it slumps down oddly. I think it was made by Mineur a long while ago: Mineur's Imports - New Poll! Update: Kuune, Kurumi Ebisuzawa & Krul Tepes! | Undertow This is...
  3. stuntcock

    Dynamic Hair Extender 5.91

    The physics system built into SDT provides support for fairly simplistic hair animation. Hair strands must usually dangle directly towards the ground when at rest. Inertia and gravity are the dominant forces. This code library extends the physics system. It allows for greater emphasis on...
  4. stuntcock

    stuntcock's loader mods - dynamicHairExtenderV5

    You can find the latest version of my mods on the Resource Manager. The stuff below is included for convenience but it may not be up-to-date. This post is a collection of hair and costume elements which employ the dynamicHairExtender physics library. These files rely on the Loader and have...