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Its Tradition Part 2: Mommy Knows Death

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mariposa, Dec 16, 2014.

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    "I still do not understand why you have to tie me up before we leave." Cole said as I finished tying his hands together behind his back.
    "You will," Sindi said with a grin from behind the camera.
    "Stop struggling or this will take a while." I said as Cole squirmed out from under me for the twentieth time.
    "I have never been tied up before. Why do I have to be tied up now?" Cole moved again.
    I grabbed the metal spatula off his bedside table and thwacked him one to the back of his skull. "STOP SQUIRMING!" I screamed. Cole settled down somewhat.
    "Bridgette, I wonder how much he knows about his surprise." Sindi said jokingly.
    "He should not know anything." My voice took an edge to it that I learned from Mom. I cannot wait to join her in heaven and show her the video.
    Sindi backpedaled. "I meant what he figured out. I am trying to be careful."
    "Try harder." I said, colder and harder.
    "Shutting up." Sindi said.
    My tone had the added effect of silencing and stilling Cole, and I finished tying him up. I turned to Sindi "Okay, let's go." I threw Cole's now useless naked body over my shoulder and walked out the door with Sindi following hot on my heels. I could feel Cole holding his head up glaring at the camera. Sindi followed me out to Mom's piece of shit 1978 Focus. I opened the rear driver side door, threw Cole inside, and buckled him up. Before closing the door, I blindfolded him.
    "WHAT THE FUCK!?" Cole shrieked.
    Sindi and I just laughed. Sindi kept laughing and the camera bounced. "Oops! I forgot to mention this was part of the surprise." I said after recovering. I then inserted earplugs into his ears, slammed his door and got into the driver seat being the only one who can actually drive stick. Sindi rode shotgun like always. I barely fired up the engine, let it sit for a few minutes while flooring the accelerator, shifted into first, and pulled out of the drive. I rolled down my window panting in the humid heat of the August afternoon. "Fire Princess, roll your window down. You are not Kendra."
    Slowly, Sindi started rolling her window down. "I wanted to plasmorgify, here!" She whined.
    I breathed easier with the cool breeze blowing in. I turned to face Sindi. "I let you plasmorgify in the winter. The least you can do is let me be comfortable in the summer."
    "Why not just use the A/C? At least then I could turn my vent away." Sindi suggested.
    I slapped her thigh with the spatula I never dropped. "You know the damn thing is broken." I said in a tone indicative of how obvious it was.
    Sindi flirtatiously rubbed her thigh over her floral, heavy, leather skirt. "You are a damn good mechanic and look damn sexy covered in grease. Why not fix it?"
    "Ford no longer makes the part I need, and every junk yard from here to Texas does not have a Focus with that part in it. I would have to completely replace the A/C with a compatible unit, and I cannot find one," I said, "you will just have to freeze until we get to our destination."
    "Chunks of me might fall off." Sindi pouted.
    I sighed heavily. "I will take a hot bath with you when we get home."
    "Yay!" Sindi squealed with delight. I gave a half-smile she could not see and caressed her thigh flirtatiously.
    After an hour-and-a-half of driving, we finally reached our destination: a desolate stretch of track outside of town. Sindi climbed out first, I followed, and I pulled Cole from the car. A train was coming down the track at 20 km/h and was 40km away. I carried Cole to the tracks.
    The train was in earshot and eyeshot and let out a blast from the whistle. "Why are we stopped in an intersection?" Cole asked, thinking the train whistle was a car horn. I laid him on the planking. "That is not asphalt!" He screamed.
    I removed the earplugs. "Of course it is not." I said. The train gave out two more whistle blasts like the driver was franticly trying to get us off the tracks. I ripped the blindfold off. Cole's eyes widened in shock. After the shock came the fear. I knelt down and kissed his lips. "This is my engagement/wedding gift to you."
    Cole's fear melted to happiness. "You do love me."
    I nodded. "Yes, Cole, Sindi and I both. This is our gift to you in honor of our marriage. Die with pride hubby. Wait for us for the next sixteen years." I leaned down and kissed him one last time. I then turned and started walking away.
    "Babe, last request?" Cole asked.
    I stopped and turned back. "As long as you stay on the tracks," I said, "no take backs."
    Cole shook his head. "I want to feel those sexy shoes in my balls one last time."
    I walked back to my future husband smiling. I reared my left leg back and slammed it into his ballsack. I followed through with the right. His face twisted in pain as his dick shot off. I smiled brighter. "Something for you to remember to wait for us on," I said.
    Cole smiled back. "Count on it, Babe. I would not think of NOT waiting for the two best wives in existence."
    I kicked his ballsack again and Sindi and walked to the tree line. "We have to stay to watch for this to be accepted, of course the Goddess could deny our marriage for other reasons."
    "I know," Sindi said, "but my favorite part of killing a loved one is watching them die. The perverse sexual pleasure written on both our faces is intense."
    I nodded. "I never got to see Mom's face when she died. I was kissing her at the time."
    "I saw her face when she died. It was one of pure love. Still, when she puked that final time, you recoiled from the force of her blood-soaked stomach contents hitting your throat."
    "Yes, but she tasted incredible afterward." I said. I looked at Cole. "Zoom in. I think he has a boner."
    Sindi zoomed in on Cole and he did in fact have a boner, a 75cm boner! Two seconds later, the first diesel impacted with Cole and it looked like he blew spunk.
    "Did I see what I think I saw?!" Sindi asked in surprise. "I am gonna back up the footage and slow it down."
    The movie ended. "I have to watch that last part again!" Sindi said as she pulled her entire hand out of my pussy.
    "No, not now. Kendra will be home shortly." I said as I pulled my entire hand from Sindi's pussy. At that exact moment, the kitchen door opened. "Kendra, honey, is that you?" I called out.
    "Yes, Mommy." Kendra called back from the kitchen.
    "Come out here for a minute. We need to talk." I returned.
    Kendra came out into the den looking a little nervous about something. As soon as she sat down, she started jabbering. "That grisly dismembering was not my fault! Those idiots were asking for it!"
    I motioned for Kendra to simmer down as Sindi mopped her face in frustration. "This is not about that. Lay Andy on your bed and tell him you will play later."
    Kendra nodded at her boytoy and he limped to their room. The limp gave away that she had been practicing dismemberment on Lucian. "Mommy, what do we need to talk about?" Kendra asked.
    "The only thing I will say on yesterday's dismemberment is that I am proud of you." I said. Kendra looked relieved to hear that her body was to remain intact. I swallowed. This conversation is the hardest and easiest that the members of my family have. "Kendra, you are a woman now, so it is time we had this conversation. It is our family tradition the oldest daughter kill her mother. Killing me will be so you can kill me when you are ready. It does not have to be now."
    Kendra looked confused and scratched her head. She smiled as realization dawned on her. "So that is why you taught me all those ways to kill people." She said triumphantly. "I originally thought it was for self-defense."
    I laughed a little. "No. It was not for self-defense; it was to kill me. You do not have to feel rushed. You can do it when you are ready."
    Kendra sighed heavily. "Honestly, Mommy, psychologically, I could kill you now. I love you, but I have wanted to kill you for years. Not because I was pissed at you or anything, but I wanted to kill you as a way of having sex. The first time I fantasized about killing you, I was six."
    "Kendra, not to be rude, but what was your first fantasy?" I asked.
    Kendra smiled pleasantly. "Mommy, you are the object of my lust. You deserve to know."
    I returned the smile, wary that Kendra was thinking of trying something. "What was your first fantasy?" I asked.
    "For the first fantasy, I had you drive me to the church where I lay you on a bed of roses," Kendra replied, "you reached for me to kiss me. I broke the embrace after a few seconds. You told me you loved me and were proud of me and could not wait for me to do what I had brought you to the church for. I pulled a silver spoon out of my dress, one of the ones from the china cabinet, and chipped out your heart. That smile you gave as you lay there dying is burned into my memory forever. Ever since I saw that smile in my dream, I have always wanted you to give it to me on your dying breath. Every fantasy, no matter how gruesome, you always smiled that same smile before finally dying."
    I smiled grotesquely, "how many fantasies have you had?"
    Kendra seemed to pleasantly melt under my gaze, "too many. The most special or vivid stood the test of time. I had a dream a few weeks ago of us being in the chapel at the altar. You were on the altar in a white gown, roses strewn around you and braided in your hair. You looked so much like an actual sacrifice that I shed a happy tear for you. I picked up the ceremonial knife from the altar, the stone one used to slit an 18-year-old virgin girl's throat, and drew blood from four places before ripping out your digestive and reproductive systems. I then buried the knife in your heart."
    "Kendra, I am drowning in sugar here. What about grotesque or gruesome, surely some stuck." I said.
    Kendra nodded, a wet spot appearing on her thong. "I actually had one early this morning. You were dressed as an actual sacrifice on the altar. Instead of the ceremonial knife, I used a spoon from the china cabinet to saw off your limbs. There was blood everywhere and the roses were drinking what was on the table faster than I could offer it. I then dug out your digestive and reproductive organs and offered them to the Goddess before offering you. After the altargirls lifted you off the altar and onto the offering table, they helped me change into a white gown and braided roses into my hair. I wanted you to do it before I offered you, but the high priestess insisted on preparing me after you died. The girls lifted me onto the table and my daughter walked up to me. I told her happy birthday and she told me it was the happiest birthday she would ever have, first watching me carve you like a turkey and second killing me. I gave my daughter the same grotesque smile you always give me in my dreams and fantasies. She returned the smile and buried the ceremonial knife into my heart. I died wearing that macabre smile."
    I gave Kendra the real thing, and the wet spot grew bigger. "That was pretty grotesque, but with a touch of sugar. Anything else?"
    Kendra could not take it anymore and buried a finger in her pussy. "There is more to the dream. I hung there, afraid I was rejected when the afterimage of the Goddess appeared beside me. I asked if I had been rejected but She shook her head. The Goddess wanted to show me something that would actually come to pass. An 18-year-old girl came out of the Calling Room dressed as a sacrifice. This girl knelt at the feet of the high priestess, 'M'lady High Priestess, I... I feel I must confess that I have not truly believed in the Goddess until today, but I would like to die for Her to show my decision is final.' The high priestess lifted the girl off the floor. 'Mom would accept you just the way you are without you having to die. If it is your deepest desire to die for Mom, then I will still rejoice with you.'"
    I opened my mouth to speak, but Kendra put her hand up to stop me. "The girl continued. 'Yes, My Lady, it is my deepest desire to die for my Goddess. My life was meaningless without Her. I want my death to be meaningful.' The high priestess gently lifted the girl and walked towards the altar. 'A life lived for Mom is just as meaningful as a death died for Mom. You are not on the altar yet, child, you can still choose to live for Mom. Backing out now would not be seen as weakness as the decision to be Hers has already been made. Choosing a life to give Her would be just as honorable as choosing a soul to give Her now.' 'I know, Milady, but I want to die for Her.' The high priestess laid the girl on the altar. 'Silvya, Daughter, this is not how it was supposed to be. You are my oldest. I should be on the altar.' 'I know, Mother, but my choices have brought you nothing but grief. I was the worst daughter in the world, a complete failure. All I ever did until today was embarrass you. At least now you can rest easy knowing that I made the ultimate sacrifice for Her.' 'Daughter, you were never a failure. I was the failure. I had hoped my faith was strong enough for the both of us. If either of us should be on the altar, it is me.' 'No, Mom, I deserve this. Well, I actually deserve to be locked in hell for eternity.' 'No. Your sins are my failure. I dishonored my Mother by refusing to discipline you. You still have one last chance to live.' 'No, Mom, this is my burden. I will bear it.' The high priestess removed her arms and Silvya was stretched out on the altar. The high priestess turned to my daughter who knelt with the knife out stretched. The high priestess took it. 'Silvya, despite the mistakes you made, I am so proud of you.' Silvya smiled at the high priestess as she gently stabbed Silvya through her heart."
    "What happened to the high priestess?" Sindi asked.
    "Mommy Sindi, Silvya's twin sister offered their mother to the Goddess." Kendra turned to me. "Mommy, I want you to help me choreograph your death."
    I raised my brow. "Generally speaking, it is up to you to plan and prepare for my death. It is not tradition, as several of our ancestors have asked their mothers for help; however, it should be a special time for us because it is the last time we will be mother and daughter."
    Kendra nodded. "I want it to be special, Mommy. I want your input to make it special. If you and Mommy Sindi were already married and I was also her biological daughter instead of her pseudo-stepdaughter, I would kill her, too. I have had several fantasies about killing you both together. I cannot make that dream a reality, but Mommy, you will kill Mommy Sindi before you die. That was always my second favorite set of fantasies." Kendra pulled her hand out of her pussy and subconsciously licked her cum off her hand.
    Sindi glanced at me, through our bond we shared a silent conversation, I brushed her hair, and she started kneading her tit. "Tell us some of these joint fantasies." Sindi and I said in unison.
    Kendra inserted her other hand into her pussy. "This is my favorite. I like to have Raggedy Ann back there finger fuck me while I relate this fantasy to her. If she does well, I let her lick my cum off her hand."
    I interrupted here. "Andy, your boytoy, why do you call him Raggedy Ann and use feminine pronouns?"
    "Do you remember two years ago when I accidently killed my girltoy pushing her too hard?" Kendra asked.
    "Yeah, but you do know how I feel about accidental deaths." I replied skeptically.
    "Yes, yes. 'Not every "accidental death" is accidental. Hers was. I pushed her too hard in the harness and she broke. I always knew she would not hold up, but she kept begging me to push her beyond her limits. I will admit to wanting to see her die; I wanted her to bleed on the altar after I stabbed her. I loved her as much as a mistress can love her slave. It was what she said when she died that got to me." Kendra said.
    "What did she say?" Sindi asked.
    Kendra swallowed and dried her eyes, "she said, 'Mistress, I know you wanted to lay me on the altar and offer me to the Goddess, but this offering was better. Just a slave and her mistress doing what they love. I confess freely that it was your faith that saved me. I came to believe in the Goddess because of you. I will wait for you Mistress and serve you for eternity.' I let down and held her broken body as she died in my arms. Enough with the romantic mistress bullshit, we were talking about Raggedy Ann. He was the oldest in his family and was upset when his mother gave birth to a girl. He fatally loves his mother and wants to be the one to kill her. After accidently killing my girltoy, I was taking applications for a new doll to break. I had three candidates I interviewed. He was the only one who fit my needs. He was trained in the martial arts and to kill. He was so ruthlessly cold that only his mother could thaw him for more than a few seconds, at least until he met me. In his application he listed himself as an assassin. I called in a favor and had his background checked. He was not lying. A lot of it was blacked out. Of course, I called in another favor and got the confidential report. He had been called in to take out white collar, high profile criminals: corporate wrongdoing, cheating the system, including an election rigger. You know, the crimes that no one hears about."
    I had to ask. "How did he get away with those assassinations?"
    Kendra giggled. "They were all legitimate government contracts on people who could BUY the jury without talking to them. As in, these felons could pull strings for names and addresses. There was enough evidence for conviction, but not enough money to buy a guilty verdict. The last mission was his last mission. He saved the lady CEO and married her. I feel inferior to her." Kendra clammed up a little.
    "How did he kill her?" I asked, knowing Kendra would change the subject back to her toy.
    "She offered herself to the Goddess for him." Kendra replied. "As for why I call him a her, he was abused by his sisters for his desire to be a woman."
    "What about his mother?" Sindi asked.
    "The high priestess taught him the martial arts for self-defense, but he refused to lift a finger against his sisters. Raggedy Ann just took it screaming stop." Kendra answered.
    "Your fantasy." I said, steering the conversation back.
    "Oh, right. I positioned you two on your stomachs on the table. I then proceeded to warm you up to die. I wanted you hot and horny when you entered heaven. After turning you on, I proceeded to dismember you with surgical precision. I rolled you over and ripped your reproductive systems out as the death blow." Kendra said.
    "Before when I said I was drowning in sugar, I was lying. Now, I am drowning in sugar." I said. "Give us something macabre!"
    Kendra sighed heavily. "Even the grotesque has sugar in it! Mommy, I love and respect you two too much to show a lack of respect."
    I had finally had it. "Listen here, Young Lady, Death is not sugar-coated! You can still love and respect us without the sugar! I am diabetic!"
    Kendra shouted back. "There is one grotesque fantasy, but it is solely for personal enjoyment!"
    Sindi pulled me back before I slugged our daughter. "Tell us."
    Kendra took a deep breath. "We fight all out. I asked you both to face me all out just to keep me from making an amateur mistake because even one would kill the three of us. In one, I take a major beating, but still survive, but there is blood everywhere and only a genetic test can determine who it all belongs to. In the other, and my personal favorite version, when I go to kill Mommy Sindi, I intentionally telegraph the kill shot. Mommy Sindi tries to dodge, but I still make enough to contact to shatter her neck even if I do not decapitate her like I wanted. In my distraction, Mommy, you move behind me and bury your hand into my ribcage popping a lung. I turn to kill you, succeeding in taking you out, but using the last of my strength to do it and collapse on your corpse as I bleed out."
    I scratched my head, "if I popped a lung like a balloon, how were you able to kill me?"
    Kendra smiled grotesquely, "I had still had oxygen in my other lung." Kendra lost her smile and squirmed uncomfortably. "What happened to Cole?" Kendra finally asked.
    Sindi and I glared darkly at Kendra. "I do not want to talk about it." I answered. "Go play with your doll, and we will call when dinner is ready." I said calmly.
    "What is for dinner?" Kendra asked.
    I smiled grotesquely, "I wish I could say Mommy Sindi and me, but we are still alive."
    Kendra was downcast. "What is for dinner, then?"
    Sindi answered, "your favorite."
    Kendra brightened up a bit. "That is good enough. Call me when it is ready." She ran off to "play" with her toy.
    Sindi and I got up to fix liver and cabbage. "Rosy, Kendra looked pretty upset when you said we were off the menu."
    "I know, Sin." I said. "She really wanted to eat us for dinner. Hopefully she won't have to wait too long."
    "I know the feeling." Sindi returned. "I only wish I could taste us."
    I laughed at my future wife. "We are too skinny. They would have to boil us. If that does happen, I hope I get boiled alive beside your corpse."
    Sindi slapped my ass with a useless cabbage leaf. "Speak for yourself, you bulimic stick." Sindi joked.
    "That is the last straw." I said as I grabbed Sindi by her throat and dropped her sexy body on the island. I then hip-dropped onto her pussy making her moan and groan with pleasure. Using one hand, I forced Sindi's mouth open. With the other, I buried three fingers in my throat for five seconds. I took them out and fell onto Sindi's open mouth, heaving. I puked directly into her mouth! Sindi swallowed, shivered, and screamed in pleasure.
    "More, more puke." Sindi panted.
    I hopped off my fiancé. "If you are nice, I will give some of my liver and cabbage." This was a game Sindi and I played with our liver and cabbage. I preferred the less appetizing, strange foods, and Sindi preferred the more appetizing, normal foods.
    "Yes, Mama, I will be a good girl." Sindi said facetiously.
    A half-hour later, the cabbage was simmering and the liver was baking. Sindi smiled at me flirtatiously. I slapped her ass in response. Next thing I knew, Sindi tackled me and dragged me to the floor. We started rolling around laughing, having dry sex. I finally forced our entwined bodies into the wall with me on top. I sat up and started bouncing on Sindi's sexy snatch, causing her to moan in pleasure.
    Kendra walked into the kitchen just as Sindi's moans started to crescendo. "Am I interrupting?" She asked coquettishly.
    "No." I replied. "Mommy Sindi and I were just-" I got cut off.
    "You were just having a hot romp on the kitchen floor." Kendra smiled.
    "Yes, but you are always welcome." Sindi moaned. Her eyes rolled back into her head as a powerful orgasm rocketed through her, temporarily wrecking her brain.
    "Your appearance in the middle of a fuck makes the sex hotter." I said as I help my beloved sit up. I wrapped my arms around Sindi and we rocked back and forth, slow at first, then faster and faster until our screams echoed through the kitchen. The force of our tandem orgasm knocked us backward onto the floor. As we picked ourselves up, the timer buzzed. Dinner was ready.
    "At least we set the table before we starting horsing around." I joked to Sindi.
    Sindi slapped my ass, hard, and I screamed as I collapsed to the kitchen floor. "Rose, that was not funny, but watching you orgasm was hot. You up for another round after dinner?"
    "Fuck yeah! Two rounds and not dry humping." I said. "The first round will be in the bath. I want that water whit and frothy. The second round, if Kendra is up to it," Kendra's mouth dropped. I continued," will be a foursome."
    "Mommy, a foursome?!" Kendra exclaimed ecstatic.
    Kendra looked to Ann, "Whatever you wish, Mistress."
    Kendra grinned wickedly at Sindi and me. "Let's make this floor so dirty that Ann has no choice but to mop when we finish."
    "Whatever you wish, Mistress," Ann smiled.
    "Whatever I wish, huh?" Kendra said. She turned to face Ann. She turned to face Kendra. Kendra leaned in, and kissed Ann, pulling the rice out of her mouth.
    Ann flashed back to two years ago. "May I feed you, Mistress?" Ann asked, still lost in the past.
    Kendra pushed her food over, climbed into Ann's lap, and snuggled into her breast forms. Ann took a bite of Kendra's food, chewed, and kissed Kendra, passing the food along.
    I turned to Sindi. "I remember when we did that," I said with a flirtatiously sexy grin.
    Sindi caressed my vagina over my skirt. "That was before you half-killed your pancreas for me." Sindi leaned over and kissed me.
    Ann reached for another slice of Kendra's liver. "Feed yourself some." Kendra commanded.
    "Yes. Mistress." Ann replied as she reached for a piece of her cabbage.
    Kendra turned to face Sind and me. "Mommy, I have made some decisions on how you will die."
    "Oh?" I said skeptically.
    "Yes, Mommy. There will definitely be a double killing, maybe a triple," Kendra said. When she said this, Ann almost choked on Kendra's next bite of cabbage. "I will finish chewing." Kendra told Ann. They exchanged saliva as the cabbage passed to Kendra. Kendra continued. "I have made the arrangements for Mommy Sindi's death. Mommy, you will kill Mommy Sindi after your wedding."
    I looked at Kendra, then to Sindi, and back to Kendra. "There will be a wedding?" I asked. "Those are hard to plan last minute." Sindi nodded vigorously.
    Kendra laughed. "Not really considering the circumstances. I will be serve as Maid of Honor for both of you. The queen and I have already made all the arrangements for a license. The high priestess was ecstatic to hear that you two would finally marry, even more so that you would be consummating your marriage with death. Mommy, I still need your help choreographing your death. I wanted to kill you like a queen: rose-covered and rose-entwined canopy bed, slow and easy death, and making out with you as you died. The high priestess killed that idea."
    I finished eating and sat back thoughtfully as I caressed my Sindi's thigh. "I like the idea of the canopy bed, but the slow, easy death is out. If you want to kiss me occasionally, that will be okay. However, killing someone for an audience is all about showmanship. It is not just the death the crowd gets off to, it is the presentation of the killing. You will have to present my death in such a way that the crowd has an orgasm. If this was not a public execution, just you killing me without an audience, I would let you kill me sweetly and not sourly. We will work on this together later. You mentioned a potential third death."
    "Yes, Mommy, Ann may die shortly before you." Kendra replied.
    I squeezed Sindi's thigh pensively, "what did the high priestess say about Ann dying?"
    Kendra swallowed her last bite. "The high priestess said that Ann was actually scheduled to die two years ago tomorrow. She has an appointment with her wife and is overdue. Ann and I have already choreographed her death. She would die before the wedding and I would break every bone in her body, with her neck being the death blow."
    "What about the wedding banquet?" Sindi asked.
    Kendra gave her grisly smile. I loved that smile. "Mommy Sindi, you and Mommy will be the main course. If Ann does die, she will join you on the table. Of course, I am not sure I want to kill Ann just yet. I would have to find a replacement on my own."
    Sindi finally finished her dinner. "You could always ask the high priestess to help. I heard that Silvya is just as confused as the Goddess showed you she was."
    Kendra nodded. "Yes, Mommy Sindi, Silvya is confused. I am just not sure of her breaking point."
    I took a swig of Diet Sprite. "I am," I said, "she had herself immersed in a vat of boiling pitch at the club one night. She looked so hot climbing out of the vat that I had to do it myself. I also asked her for a fuck after climbing out and before we got cleaned up. Aw, fuck, I had at least three orgasms as the pitch dried, not counting the five I had stuck to Silvya. She has also done other crazy shit at the club that got us all in trouble with the high priestess. Not even *I* could break Silvya easily."
    Kendra snuggled deeper into Ann's breast forms. "I may try her if the high priestess will agree." Kendra sighed, "but it will end the same way." Ann pulled Kendra deeper still into the breast forms. Kendra looked up at Ann, and they shared a quick kiss. "Either way, it will take place in a week." Kendra finished.
    "A week!?" Sindi and I asked flabbergasted. Kendra nodded. Sindi and I looked at each other as twisted, sick, perverse, macabre, grotesques, grisly smiles spread across our faces. The thought of all that blood had us so turned on that we cleaned the kitchen in record time. The four of us set to fucking with a primal instinct that made me shudder. We fucked for several hours and the floor needed one hell of a mopping.
    Sindi and I went out into the den to get off to homemade porn while Ann mopped the kitchen. About 23:00, Sindi and I headed up to bed by the front staircase. We changed into our shifts and crawled into bed, already half asleep. I was mindlessly dry humping Sindi's thigh mostly because she decided to place it between my legs.
    About 23:30 Kendra finally mentioned going to bed. "Pack it up, Ann. We will go to bed after a bath. Bring the mop bucket. I want to bathe in mop water."
    "Mistress, forgive me, but I most protest. That does not-" Ann got cut off.
    "We can either bathe in it, or you can drink it. Personally, I would rather bathe in it before bed, but it is your choice, not mine." Kendra said.
    Sindi and I heard Kendra climb up Ann's back and the two walked to Kendra's bathroom for a bath in mop water. "If I were not so tired, I would follow just to get off." I said.
    "I know what you mean, Rosy." Sindi said falling asleep.
    I was so excited I was having a hard time sleeping. I continued dry humping Sindi's thigh until I finally fell asleep.
    I finally woke at 09:00 the following morning. I stumbled down the back staircase to find Kendra bent over the kitchen table drawing up plans for my execution and Ann finally eating breakfast at the island. I poured a cup of coffee, killed it, poured another, killed it, poured another, and sipped it making my way to the kitchen table. I kissed Kendra's beautiful silver tresses. "Morning, honey."
    "Morning, Mommy." Kendra turned and kissed me. "Mommy Sindi left early this morning. The "hospitality" agency said she had three clients chipping in. She hopes to be home by noon."
    I played with my beautiful, grown-up daughter's sexy tresses. "She can stay all day if she wants," I said. "Her "hospitality" work makes the sex hotter. Speaking of hot sex, how goes the planning?"
    "Slowly." Kendra sighed heavily, moving my hand down to her naked cunt. "See? I have to stop every five minutes to scream in pleasure."
    Her beautiful, laser'ed cunt was more than just soaked and sticky. She had shoved five tampons up herself, and they were glued to her inner wall. I tasted her cherry-red lips again. "It looks like Ann will have to mop again," I said looking at the puddle of pussy juice Kendra's beautiful feet were stuck in. "Anyway, back to my orgasmic death, how far have you come?"
    Kendra nervously pulled at her stuck feet to no avail. I had to get the turpentine later. Only an organic solvent was to dissolve her beautiful juices. Kendra returned her attention to her work. "Mommy, I will start by breaking everything but your neck. I do not want to end it too quick."
    I cut her off, "are you planning to break Ann's body to kill her?"
    "Yes, Mommy," Kendra replied, "why does that matter?"
    I caressed my baby girl's silver tresses. "I told you last night it is all in the presentation. You want the audience to get off to WANTING to die the way the executioner is killing on stage. Seeing two people die the same way is boring. Naturally, ripping out organs is typically used because EVERYONE wants to know their organs are eaten at the feast. I had Mom's cooked up. Back to breaking my bones, you could break a few bones, but not kill me. Breaking deaths get real old real fast. One a night is generally the most the audience will sit through. Continue."
    Kendra snuggled my hand deeper into her arousing locks. "Mommy, I had intended to kiss your lips frequently. Do you want me to take that out?" Kendra said.
    I walked behind my young woman and wrapped my arms around her tight body. "A few, but try not to make it too sweet. A crowd like this prefers the macabre and grotesque to the beautiful and sweet. Now if you wanted to make one of the kisses macabre and grotesque, like make me puke blood and then you kiss me as I puke and swallow, that is different. Basically, do not smother me in kisses."
    It was now 10:30, and Ann had long since left the kitchen. She was good at knowing when she was an unwanted distraction. We heard the guest shower running and Ann singing her cleaning song. "I will hate losing her. She has been good." Kendra said. "I hope Silvya is just as good a learner or she will not last a month before I kill her." Kendra shook her head and returned her attention to her work. "I thought about starting with a breast-feeding."
    I sighed in frustration. "Unless you intend to breast-feed me or completely bite off my breasts, that is out. Breast-feeding does not go over well here."
    Kendra growled in frustration. "I want there to be some sweetness to show I no longer need you. I love you, Mommy."
    I ruffled her hair. "There can be some sweetness. I am just cautioning you on how much to have. This is supposed to be a lethal performance. A daughter takes her mother onstage to die for the crowd. The crowd knows there will be some sugar to it, but not enough to make everyone puke from the sugar high." I breathed in the beautiful scent of my Kendra's silver tresses. "You fucking graduated from med school early and are licensed as everything, use your medical degrees to kill me."
    "Oh, Mommy, I was hoping you would say that." Kendra screamed in orgasm as she fell backward into me. If not for the quick-drying concrete that was Kendra's cum, I would have fallen backward when she leaned into me. I held Kendra until she recovered from this orgasm. "Mommy, I can now kill you sweetly and grotesquely." Kendra said as she straightened up. We started over from the point she killed Raggedy Ann, now cleaning Sindi and my bathroom, to the point she killed me.
    Sindi came home at 12:00 to see Kendra shivering, screaming, and leaning into me again as a powerful orgasm rocketed through her. "Do you need the strap-on?" Sindi asked coquettishly.
    Kendra regained her composure as more of her sexy concrete dripped onto the kitchen floor. "Mommy Sindi, we actually need Ann to wipe up my concrete with turpentine," Kendra said unabashed, "I seem to have cemented Mommy and me to the floor."
    I heard Sindi walk into the garage, leaving the door open and sending a freezing autumn breeze into the kitchen. My hair felt like there was ice in it. I reached back and pulled it forward, there was ice in it. When Sindi walked back in, I glared daggers at her. She nodded grimly, wiped up the cum, and returned to our room to await her punishment.
    I kissed Kendra's hair. "I need to beat Sindi. Are you fine on your own?"
    "Yes, Mommy," Kendra replied, "we covered a lot of ground in one session. I was thinking about continuing tomorrow."
    "Sounds fine to me," I replied making my out the kitchen. I climbed the back staircase and went to my room where Sindi was supposed to be waiting dressed like a whipped slut. I entered our room to find Sindi was completely naked except for a rope that was intricately wrapped around her, binding her to the bed. "I think I like this over that whipped slut costume you usually wear." I snickered.
    "Mistress, I hoped you would like it," Sindi returned petulantly. "Mistress, forgive me but do not go easy on me."
    "Of course I forgive you, you stupid bitch, but easy is NOT in my vocabulary," I sneered. I opened our toy chest, donned my favorite latex bikini, grabbed my grip tape, and wrapped my hands. I proceeded to beat Sindi shitless with her screaming for more.
    I wound up for one more when, "what the hell, Bridgette? Save some for our wedding!" Sindi screamed in frustration.
    I hit Sindi again anyway. "I will be performing a female castration on you. I figured your wedding dress would look better with bruises under it."
    "Fuck yeah, it would." Sindi agreed. "Rosy, our wedding is not for another six days. These bruises will be all but healed by then."
    "That is why I will beat your ass shitless the day of our wedding," I replied, "now, let's get you out of those ropes before you kill yourself." I untied my beautiful fiancée, helped her down, got her dressed, and walked her downstairs. "How did this morning go?" I asked.
    "Those three girls were incredible!" Sindi gushed. "I refunded them half of what they paid to fuck me, and even then we still made a killing. My boss overcharged the three anyway, so it was no loss to refund them."
    "What about to you?" I asked concerned.
    "I am the second in command. If I need to renegotiate, I can." At that moment, Sindi's cellphone rang. "This is Sindi. Uh-huh. Yeah. Uh-huh, uh-huh. I will do it." She hung up. "I have another trick. I will be back soon."
    I slammed the gun locker closed, ensuring the lock clicked. "I am coming too."
    "Fine, you drive." Sindi said.
    We were driving to Sindi's office to get directions to the current trick, or so her boss said. I did not trust her boss. She was a snake and a bitch elected for hell. "Sindi, how long do you think our older sister will last after we die?"
    "I do not know. Kendra is not a mechanic and she said she was going to crash our sister." Sindi said.
    "I did not teach Kendra to drive stick." I said. "She would crash this thing." We got stopped at a red light one intersection early. This light was longer than the rest in the city, so Sindi and I leaned over for a make out session. The light changed without me knowing.
    A police officer knocked on the window and I lowered it, hitting her with a blast of hot air. "Ma'am, how can you stand it in there? It is hotter in there than out here! The light also changed. While I love seeing a couple of hot women making out, I have to inform you to follow the rules of the road."
    "Understood, officer. We will be going now." I rolled up the window and continued on to Sindi's office.
    The doorman checked me for a gun, but not too well, afraid of my reputation. I giggled to Sindi once out of earshot.
    The negotiations with Sindi's boss went smoother with me just because of the threat of wanton slaughter than they would have if it had just been Sindi. Sindi and I returned home.
    Wednesday came quickly with increased estrogen and sexual tension. Kendra and I huddled over the kitchen table cleaning up my execution. Kendra turned to face me, obviously needing release. I leaned in to kiss her and pull her to the floor under me, but I pulled back before I could.
    "Mommy, what is it?" Kendra asked.
    "I just can't." I replied.
    "We are consenting adults." Kendra continued. "You can fuck me."
    "No, I can't," I said extricating myself from my daughter's arms, "I can't afford the attachment this close to my death."
    "Of course you can, Mommy." Kendra disagreed.
    "How so?" I asked coldly.
    "We will be having sex onstage." Kendra replied.
    "No, we won't. That is too sweet." I returned.
    Kendra shook her head. "Your execution is us having sex."
    I shook my head, "still not a good idea. Your cum is wet concrete and requires an organic solvent to breakdown once hard. I would love to cement my pussy to yours, but I just can't."
    "Too late, Mommy." Kendra said with a smile. Indeed it was too late. We were cemented to each other. I just wrapped my arms around my daughter and nuzzled her head until Sindi or Ann came into the kitchen. Kendra broke the silence. "Mommy, may I have your ribbon?"
    "Of course Sweetheart." I tilted Kendra's head up and kissed her lips before continuing. "I promised my mom I would give it to you." I kissed Kendra's lips until Ann finally came in and wiped the concrete off us.
    It was Friday night before we could turn around and Sindi and I laid in bed unable to sleep. "How much longer until tomorrow?" I asked.
    "Too long." Sindi replied after checking the clock. "Death moves too slowly."
    "I know what you mean, Sindi." I replied. "Dry hump?" I asked.
    "No." Sindi replied as she removed her thong. "Hot fuck. Let's wake Kendra and Ann."
    I smiled wickedly as my breath warmed up. "No sleep till death." I said so coldly Sindi shivered. Sindi wrapped her naked body around me and we rocked the house screaming in ecstasy all night.
    Sindi and took a shower so hot the fiberglass started melting. "Why did we stay up all night?" Sindi asked out loud. "My head hurts, and my mouth feels like cotton."
    "So do mine, but I feel so much more alive going into our wedding and deaths." I replied.
    "I know you do, you dragon masquerading as a flower." Sindi countered, "but I feel like going to bed."
    "We can't. You can always kill a pot of coffee." I said.
    We stumbled down the stairs into the kitchen. "That was one hell of a night you two had last night." Kendra said from the island. "I woke this morning cemented to Ann." Kendra chuckled. "I hope you two saved some for this evening."
    "I know I did." I said.
    "I don't know how much I will have for tonight, but I will have some beautiful bruises under my dress." Sindi said.
    "I know." Kendra replied. "You two made the whole house shake the way you were going at it. I would not be surprised if both of you are sporting bruises by tonight." It was obvious from the way she moved her lower body she was stuck to the stool. I grabbed the turpentine from under the sink and cleaned Kendra's pussy and ass. "Thanks, Mommy." Kendra said.
    "Just don't make a habit out of it. I won't be here in a few short hours." I said.
    "I know, Mommy. I'm so excited. I can't wait to lay you down on that table and take your life." Kendra turned to Sindi. "What about you, Mommy Sindi?"
    "That was the whole reason we tried to keep you awake all last night." Sindi answered. "I can't wait to feel my pubic skin finally get sliced open."
    "You don't have long to wait," Kendra said, "the wedding starts at 5."
    I finally had to say something, "Kendra baby, where is Ann? I thought he would be preparing the house for the wedding feast/funeral banquet."
    Kendra laughed. "The house is ready. I have Ann preparing to meet her wife. They reunite at 4:30." Kendra took a big swig of her coffee. "About the car, I think I want to keep it."
    Sindi and I almost collapsed. I recovered faster. "Why? You can't drive stick! I never taught you."
    Kendra laughed a bone-chillingly sick laugh, "I taught myself, and you can't find such impressive quality as that on the lots these days. You and Gramma really put your hearts into maintaining it." I felt my vagina get wet and I started crying. Kendra came over and backhanded me. "Stop blubbing or there really will be nothing left for tonight! The audience isn't coming to a see washout!"
    "Thanks. I needed that." I said. I turned to Sindi, "I think we need to begin preparing for our wedding."
    "I think you're right." Sindi replied. "Kendra, we will see you at the club."
    "Okay," Kendra returned, "the high priestess should already be there prepping Ann. Be careful when you walk in. See you at the club."
    Sindi and I walked to our car. "Rosy, what do you think Kendra will do when we pull out of the drive?" Sindi asked.
    I giggled. "She was already naked, so my bet is she'll turn off the heat, open all the windows, and hop up on the kitchen counter to masturbate with the bottle of turpentine in easy reach of her free hand." Sindi laughed along with me.
    We arrived at the club and entered silently, expecting the high priestess to be busy with Ann. The high priestess wasn't busy, but waiting impatiently for Sindi and me. "Duchesses of Life and Death, you are late. I was expecting you an hour ago."
    "Forgive us, Milady." I said as I curtsied. "We did not know."
    The high priestess brushed aside my apology. "It does not matter. You are here now. We will just work fast to make up for lost time."
    "Yes, Milady." Sindi and I said in unison.
    "Walk with me." The high priestess commanded. Sindi and I followed. "My daughter/son will die at 4:30 this afternoon, and you will be married at 5:00."
    "Yes, Milady," I replied, "Kendra informed us earlier this week."
    "Ms. Kendra clarifying details for us makes this easier on the three of us." The high priestess returned. "Rose, Duchess of Life, after you kill Sindi, Duchess of Death, you will change quickly for your own execution."
    "Milady, forgive me," I started, "but I was hoping to wear my black dress for my own execution."
    "Understood." The high priestess said. "Duchess Rose, do you intend to wear your ribbon? I understand you wore it when you killed your mother; it would come full circle for you to wear it when Kendra kills you."
    "Milady, the way Kendra intends to kill me feels conducive to me wearing the ribbon." I replied. "When I killed my mother, it was unconducive for her to wear the ribbon for I would have ruined it."
    "Yes, I know." The high priestess replied calmly. "I was there, Duchess. I do not take kindly to your implication that I was not present at your mother's death."
    "Forgive me, Milady," I returned, "I did not mean to imply you were not present at my mother's death."
    "The implication was there, nonetheless." The high priestess replied. The high priestess waved her hand dismissively, indicating we were to leave her presence.
    Sindi started to leave, but stopped when I did not follow. "Bridgette, come on!" Sindi tried to drag me away; I refused to budge.
    "Duchess Rose, is there something else you wish to discuss?" The high priestess asked in a tone indicative that she was not in the mood to discuss anything else at the current time.
    "Yes, Milady," I began waiting for permission to continue.
    "You test my patience, but you may speak." The high priestess said.
    "Thank you, Milady." I replied. "I apologize for taking more of your precious time, but Kendra said something about trying to take Silvya as slave."
    The high priestess rounded on me. I hit my knees with my head down, exposing my neck. The high priestess gestured for me to stand. "It is true that Silvya needs guidance, but Kendra, I am not so sure. Your daughter inherited a generous level of bloodlust from both you and your rapist."
    "Milady, Sindi and I have taught Kendra how to control her bloodlust." I replied.
    "I am aware of that." The high priestess said. "I will make my decision after I see your death. Until then, this subject is closed."
    "Yes, Milady," I replied and turned to the dressing rooms.
    "Oh, and Rose," The high priestess called after me. I stopped and turned to face her. "If we were not old friends, you would have died regardless of your scheduled execution just for approaching me like that."
    "Yes, Milady." I replied. "I will tell Kendra not to try that."
    "That would be wise of you." The high priestess said before dismissing me with a wave of her hand.
    After we were out of earshot, Sindi turned to me. "That was scary! What the fuck were you thinking!?"
    I brushed aside her concern. "High Priestess Kathryn and I go way back. I know how far I can push her before she attacks. Kendra won't."
    "How far back?" Sindi asked, her eyes narrowing.
    "I was not politically or religiously set so we had different groups of friends, but during the war fifteen years ago, our school was raided. Kathryn ordered her guards to secure the building we were trapped in, leaving her defenseless. While her guards were distracted on the back side of the first floor of the building, our enemy managed to sneak up the front stairs to Kathryn's hiding place. Several other martially gifted students and I were trying to secure the rear balcony for reinforcements to land. We had just secured the balcony when we heard a scream from the front of the building. I ran to the front in time to see one of the raiders grab Kathryn, obviously the leader the way he barked orders. Everyone else was to be killed. I challenged the leader to personal combat for Kathryn. When the words left my lips, Kathryn started to order me to secure the rest of the school to protect the other students. I cut her off, risking her ire for both refusing a direct order and interrupting her."
    "What did she say?" Sindi asked.
    "I said, 'Milady, Daughter of Persephone, I feel I must defy your order as you are more important to us than my fellow students. Without you, our soldiers will lose the will to fight on. Your death would not make you a martyr who's sacrifice would rally us, but a dead girl to mourn for. Let me be your martyr, your Joan of Arc. Let me die to save you.' Kathryn said, 'Die well, Bridgette, and may Mother Persephone give you a soldier's welcome when you go home.' The leader was incredibly skilled in the martial arts, but ultimately I drove him into a rage forcing him to ignore his defense in an all-out effort to kill me. I won; Kathryn fainted and fell to the carpet. Persephone herself was lead the reinforcements. Persephone made it in time to see Kathryn collapse. The Goddess told me off for letting Her daughter hit the floor. Persephone asked me why I didn't catch Kathryn. I said I couldn't touch her without permission because I was not politically or religiously set. Persephone nodded, picked up Kathryn, and took her home. When I got home, Persephone was sitting at the island just like it was Her chair at the temple up in Washington."
    "What happened?" Sindi asked.
    "Persephone thanked me for my courage, both to defy incorrect orders and to face a monster. It takes great courage to chase monsters from the closet or out from under the bed, but it takes greater courage to defy orders, stand up to a friend, or a leader. By standing up to a monster, a leader, and defying incorrect orders, it was more than obvious that I was a leader the country could look to. The next day at school, Kathryn's guards were nowhere to be seen and she had moved to be closer to me. Saying that Persephone had said that I showed great courage in standing up to her, defying orders, and then facing a monster. Kathryn had made the decision that I was the only real personal guard she needed when not with Persephone."
    "Do you think the high priestess considers her debt paid by not executing you when she should have?" Sindi asked.
    I shook my head. "No. She already repaid the debt. Kathryn's weapon of choice is the three-handed axe."
    "Humans only have two hands. How can there be such a thing as a three-handed axe?"
    "The three handed axe is an oversized axe that is slow and clumsy in combat and typically wielded by those with a similar center of gravity."
    "You mean short people of large build." Sindi said.
    "Exactly." I replied. "Kathryn has had speed and strength training similar to mine. She can easily use the three-handed axe. I have never seen anything like it. It was at the close of the war; I was staring down an opponent of considerable skill in both combat and tactics. I had no chance. Five minutes in, I was on the ground and about to die. Next thing I knew, Kathryn charged and screaming "if you want my best friend, you have to go through me!" My opponent stood and pivoted, but was not fast enough to bring her zweihander, an oversized broadsword carrying enough mass to shatter every sword short of a katana, in to block Kathryn's strike."
    "Oh wow!" Sindi exclaimed, looking more than hot in her white gown. "Were you considering marriage?"
    "About a year before I met you, Kathryn and I were receiving marriage counseling, but it came to light that we were not compatible as a couple and broke it off." I said. I had just fixed my hair when I looked at the clock. "Oh shit, 4:20!" I exclaimed. "We need to hurry or all the good seats will be taken." We rushed out there as fast as we could in more than sky high platform stilettos.
    "Duchesses, sit at my feet." The high priestess ordered.
    "Yes, Milady." Sindi and I curtsied and sat on the bench Kathryn's feet rested on.
    "You two look hot enough to melt the sky, as usual." Kathryn said.
    "Thank you, Milady." Sindi and I said in unison. Kendra brought Ann out dressed like a queen. "Milady," I started, "I always envied Ann."
    "Why is that, Your Grace?" Kathryn asked.
    "I always thought she was hotter than me, no matter how hard I tried." I replied.
    "Then, you have never seen yourself covered in engine grease." Kathryn countered. "It was those times you came out from under that beat up Focus that I really wanted to tear into you."
    "Thank you, Milady," I said, "Duchess Sindi says the same thing."
    "Smart woman." Kathryn replied. "By the by, happy belated anniversary."
    "Thank you, Milady," Sindi and I said in unison.
    "Milady, I was afraid Goddess Persephone had refused the marriage to Cole." I said penitently.
    "No, Duchess, Cole's death was a beautiful wedding present you gave him." Kathryn replied. "Mother thoroughly enjoyed it. She told me that Cole came at the moment of impact."
    "Cole did, Milady." I replied.
    Kendra began to gently and systematically break Ann's body, avoiding potential death breaks of his spinal chord until the end. When the end came, Kendra roughly rolled Ann onto her stomach to cause intense pain in her back and limbs, grabbed her neck in a powerful vice-like grip, and shattered her neck vertebrae, spearing through Ann's neck, jugular vein, and carotid artery. Death was nearly instant.
    "I have decided to reopen the subject of Kendra taking on Silvya." Kathryn said.
    "Kathryn, what?" I asked looking at Kathryn forgetting the decorum of the club.
    "I shall disregard your flagrant disrespect, Duchess Rose." Kathryn said. "Yes, I have decided that Kendra really can control her bloodlust. I was expecting Ann to die gruesomely. I see now that Kendra was saving the gruesome death for you, Duchess Rose. Slivya shall be Kendra's slave, until such a time that Kendra deems otherwise."
    "Yes, Milady." I replied.
    "Duchess Sindi," Kathryn started, "you get to live out my dream. I always wanted to be the one Rose killed before she herself was."
    The three of us walked down to the stage hand-in-hand. Kathryn positioned Sindi and me at the foot of the platform and took her place between us on the platform. "Dear Brothers and Sisters, we gather to witness the marriage and death of two of our own who have earned their places among the honored dead. Sindi proved her valor on the Eastern Front thirteen years ago and Rose on the Northern under my command. Rose also proved her valor two years prior when she willingly defied orders and gave her life for mine, not only successfully saving me but also herself. Until that day I never truly called anyone other than Mother "friend". Now, I get to watch as my friend makes her final journey without me. My fervent prayer was that Rose and I could take this final journey together, but alas, we were not right for each other. Nonetheless, my friendship goes with her on a journey she cannot take much with her. Bridgette, Jessica, do you swear to love each other not just to death but beyond it, to stand by each other faithfully, honorably, and trustworthily, until the end of time?"
    "We do." Sindi and I replied together staring deeply into each other's eyes.
    "Bridgette and Jessica, do you swear to love and cherish Cole to the end of time?" Kathryn asked.
    "We killed him to be with him for eternity. We swear to love and cherish him until the end of time." Sindi and I replied.
    "Before the eyes of Persephone, your daughter, and your siblings, I now pronounce you wife and wifette. Bridgette, you may kill Jessica." Kathryn said as she handed me a stone knife.
    I buried the knife almost to the hilt at the top of Sindi's vagina, careful to avoid her birth canal, and dragged the knife up to her waistline. I removed the knife, reached in, pulled out her reproductive organs, and draped the whole assembly around her neck as she collapsed to my breasts, almost gone. I raised her chin. "Wait for me, My Love." I whispered.
    "I will see you in ten, Dearest Wife." Sindi whispered back.
    I placed my open mouth over hers held her until she died, breathing in her last breath as she breathed it out. I laid her on the altar at the head of the stage. I stepped back and asked Persephone to watch over Sindi until I had the privilege of joining her. Purest white light shone through the club, and a voice spoke from the light. "I have heard your prayer, High Priestess's Concubine. I shall watch over Sindi and Cole beyond the time you join them."
    I blushed and fell prostrate. "You honor me, Goddess."
    "No, child, you honor Me by giving Me the one person other than your daughter you love most in this world." The Goddess replied. "Your faith in Me has saved your family." With that, the light dimmed and Persephone's presence was gone.
    Kathryn beckoned to Silvya, and she walked down onto the stage as Kathryn walked back to her elegantly carved throne. Silvya curtsied and looked at the platform. "I am at your beck and call, Mistress. Use me as you will."
    Kendra cupped Silvya's chin and raised her head. "Very good, slave. From this day henceforth, you shall dress like Barbie and I shall call you Barbie. Do you understand, Barbie?"
    Barbie nodded. "Yes, Mistress, I am Barbie. Do you wish your Barbie to change now?"
    Kendra mulled the idea over in her head. "No, not now. Barbie your first duty is to lay my mother on the table. Do you understand?"
    "Yes, Mistress." Barbie replied. She walked over, lifted me by my legs and back, stumbled a few steps under my weight before figuring out how to walk carrying someone twice her mass and one-and-a-half times her height. Barbie gingerly laid me on the table. "Mistress, with your permission, your Barbie would wish to change her clothes." Silvya was getting good at being a slave.
    Kendra dismissed Silvya with a wave. Kendra began to tighten my arms down to the table. She was almost done when Barbie came back. It was more than painfully obvious that she was wearing a corset underneath. Kathryn held her forehead in frustration. Kendra took one look at Barbie and glared daggers at her. "The real Barbie does not wear corsets!" Kendra said frustrated.
    "Forgive your stupid slave, Mistress. She only wanted to look more like Barbie for her benevolent Mistress." Barbie said.
    "Very well," Kendra replied, "you may wear the corset until you look like Barbie as well as dress like her." Kendra motioned for Barbie to turn around. Kendra then tightened Barbie further into the corset. I looked up to Kathryn and she watched in sheer delight as Barbie was tightened in so she could no longer breathe.
    Barbie curtsied. "Your slave thanks you, benevolent Mistress."
    Kendra gave an exasperated sigh, "You may address yourself in the first person, Barbie."
    "Y-your slave may a-address herself as... as I?" Barbie asked uncertain.
    "Yes, Barbie, you may." Kendra replied.
    "Your-" Barbie stopped, struggled to take a deep breath, succeeded, "thank you, Mistress."
    Kendra nodded before turning her attention back to me. She circled around to my feet. Kendra removed first my left stiletto, then my right. "You no longer need those, Mommy." Kendra further surprised me when she raised first my left leg, then my right. She inhaled deeply of my foot stench. My breath came faster. As she kissed down my feet from my toes to my heels, my breathing shallowed. I started moaning when she licked my feet like lollipops. I heard a gasp of revulsion from behind and to the left of me that nearly cost me my arousal. "Barbie!" Kendra shouted pissed.
    "Yes, Mistress?" Barbie responded shakily.
    "Kneel at the altar and beg the Goddess to strengthen your faith in Her and your resolve! I shall personally deal with you later!"
    "Yes, Mistress. Thank you for your kindness." Barbie hastened to the altar.
    "Do not thank me yet, you spineless, shit-eating worm." Kendra muttered under her breath. Kendra then inserted BOTH feet into her mouth. I screamed as her lips made contact with my feet. As her lips clamped down on my ankles, my screams reached a crescendo louder than any I had ever given before. Kathryn never sucked my feet this incredibly before! The entire audience watched with wide-eyed arousal as Kendra brought me to orgasm after mind-blowing, screaming orgasm. When she finally let my feet go, I was almost unconscious, panting, and soaked in cum and sweat. "I thought I would make our time together memorable for both of us since it has been thirteen years since Aunt Kathryn sucked on your feet." Kendra said with a sneer. The audience gasped collectively in shock, while Kathryn just stared on wearing her formerly typical smirk.
    "Ms. Kendra, I was never THAT good." Kathryn responded with that same smirk, the old memories of when I was hers irrevocably returning to both of us.
    Kendra moved around to the side of my head. She took her sexy, pink box cutter from behind her left ear. She held my right eye open with her right hand as she inserted the box cutter into my eye next to the bridge of my nose. Kendra dragged the box cutter across my eye, slicing through my pupil, blinding me. She then held my left eye open and inserted the box cutter in my eye in the crease and sliced to the bridge of my nose, taking my left eye from me. Kendra then cut from the top of my vagina up to my waistline, cutting my reproductive organs open. Kendra reached in, and removed them.
    "Save those, Baby Girl." I said. "They taste great fried."
    "I will remember that," Kendra replied, "but that is enough chatter." Kendra placed her open lips over mine. Her tongue snaked into my mouth, and I returned the favor only realizing after she completely removed her tongue that she intended to bite mine off. I tried to pull back, but Kendra would not let me. She forced my tongue back out and cut it out with her box cutter. I smiled at her drooling blood. "Who wants her tongue?" Kendra shouted. Judging from the silence, the audience was in shock.
    "I want it!" Kathryn called back. My pussy got wet again.
    "Milady?" Kendra asked.
    "Sure! I loved her tongue even if her feet were my true love, not counting her!" Kathryn shouted back. I heard moaning sounds coming from Kathryn. I assumed she caught my tongue and was feeling it against her.
    I gave a bloodcurdling, tongue-less scream as my pussy shot a liter of cum into the air.
    "I think we need to remove those ears." Kendra said. I felt the stone knife penetrate first one ear and then the other, creating a popping sound each time before I lost my hearing in each ear. I felt Kendra surgically cut my chest and abdomen open with the box cutter. Her hand reached in and pulled out my digestive tract. I lay there panting from the blood loss and lack of oxygen as the result of the blood loss. The last things I felt before leaving this world were my beautiful grown up Kendra placing a lock of her beautiful silver hair into my hand. the ribbon being removed from my hair, and Kendra kissing me as I breathed my last into her open mouth.