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Feb 4, 2018
I have been playing SDT since 2013, but i played along all this years in a web page, the problem here is that page sometimes get too lag and some items can´t be loaded, so i decided to get the loader, but i don´t find it anywhere, excuse my english


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Aug 23, 2019
Also, there is this launcher for the game if you want it: SomeGuy's SDTL2 SDT Launcher

Both of them may require a little bit of setup to get things working the way you like though.
I run SDTL2 when I'm using a bigger screen. Flash Player slows down a lot on higher resolutions.
was wondering if sdtl or sdtl2 are still worth looking into to use. understand it was a short lived project for S some_dude it seems and tried both out getting maybe 6 or 7 init mods loaded then mod loading failed message in top right. reading possible performance help not having to use flash standalone player, always looking for help there.
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