1. B

    Breadmans Dialogue Pack V1.1

    Over 9 months of work, I'm happy to finally share this with the SDT community. This is a SuperDeepthroat Dialogue pack that all has 5 new unique mods. Most of the mods use stuntcocks Breath Hack V1.1, Better Feet and ThroatBulgeRangeIncrease. THERE IS A README.TXT IN THE FOLDER! MAKE SURE YOU...
  2. Jaxx

    School Rumble Underground (ENGLISH, FRENCH) 1.2

    Hello everyone, started over a year ago - yeah... it's been a long time, @DrZombi and @Slingerbult (if he ever comes back) will tell you :grin: - I am happy to finally release this dialog. School Rumble Underground isn't meant to be played, it's mostly a story, you almost don't have to do...
  3. DrZombi

    DrZombi's Sweet Treats 1.32a

    I've finally finished the 1st version of my own package for the SDT Loader. It has been a long work but I'm proud to present you something which, while not being flawless, should still be able to provide you some good moments :smile: This is not a package designed to be your basic default...
  4. WeeWillie

    WeeWillie Slave Bazaar Bundle Alpha 8.11

    This contains a copy of my dialogues bundled together with the Loader and proper versions of the Mods to run them. It's meant for casual players who don't want to deal with all the steps it takes to set up a build. You just unzip, open, and away you go (in theory!). Install: 1. Download...
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