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May 7, 2020
So, I finally caved and got the loader extension, because I still want to be able to play SDT after the browsers finally axe it. But I just opened it up, and tried to import a background image via the Backgrounds button on the Modding tab, and it wouldn't let me select any of my backgrounds, not PNGs, not JPEGs, not SWF files, nothing. Before today, I had been playing the version of SDT hosted on ComDotGames.com, using Chrome web browser, and the regular modding buttons worked perfectly fine, I could upload backgrounds straight from the folder where I keep all my SDT mods, it was simple, awesome, and good. I'd love to go back to that, but the version of SDT hosted on this site doesn't work on my Mac (I've tried), and I don't understand at all how to properly utilize the Loader, so I'm not really sure what's going on here. It seems to just be limited to backgrounds, because I can use regular SWF mods like clothing and hair with no problems, but backgrounds of any kind won't work, even when I tried installing them through the SWF Mods button (which did work on the standard version of SDT I usually play). I also encountered this same problem on a vanilla version of SDT that I downloaded, but that version was outdated so I deleted it (it said Bukkake mode was still in Beta!)

Basically, I'm wondering what the cause of this problem is.
Is it something to do with needing a browser? (since the problem only affects the standalone SDT game, and not the one hosted on the CDG website)
Is it a problem with the Flash Player? (I'm using the regular version and not the Content Debugger version, which the internet tells me is the proper way to play Flash Games outside of a browser)
Is it a problem with the version of the Loader I downloaded (v5.45d by Tsavo Highway), or the version of SDT that the Loader is based on? Because, again, the browser version of the game works just fine, but so far, the three standalone versions I've tried have either had this problem, been horribly outdated, or both.

Please help, I wish to enjoy the wonders of Super Deepthroat into the forseeable future. And if this is a user error or technical issue with Flash, I definitely need to know, because I have a whole host of other games I'm looking to download, so knowing the right way to download them in advance would be awesome.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Any help would be appreciated!
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