sdt loader compatibility errors

  1. 024anahuiram

    A combination of two existing mods (AnySizeHer - EyeScale)

    Hello loved comunity. Thank you for your awesome work. I post this thread because I want to use the AnySizeHer 1_4_1 combined with the EyeScale 1.3 but it seems to be a sort of compatibility problem when I load the character codes. It looks like this: LINK OF THE EXAMPLES It is possible to...
  2. Heytaii

    SDT.swf works in new phones?

    I've been playing the vanilla apk version of sdt on my phone for 3 years without knowing mods existed. Does anyone in 2021, know how to play sdt with mods on mobile? I downloaded the flash player version with the swf files, but everytime i load the loader, it just says there's an error with the...
  3. Antimatter42

    Issue With the Jack Outfit (Mass Effect)

    Hey, guys! So, I've been meaning to mention this for a while, but haven't gotten around to it...until now. Here's the thing - lately, when I use the Jack outfit made by @Calla , I'm completely unable to move her arms; they just stay tied behind her back. My memory could be dodgy, I could've...
  4. S

    SDT loader working on android!!!

    FIRST THING FIRST: Hello, I'm Shanto and here is my first thread. I'm french, so excuse the grammar error plz I heard that lot of people cant run loader on their phone. Actually, i think i m one of the first that did it successfully. So, let s get started. FIRST STEP: You are gonna need some...
  5. M

    Choker Collar 1.0

    This mod uses hue-shifting (via the Loader tab) instead of the more familiar RGB shifting via the Scene tab.
  6. M

    Bandaged Feet 1.0

  7. M

    Wendy Edolas Costume 1.0

  8. M

    Erza's Heart Kreuz Armor 1.0

  9. M

    Pink Boots Light Shading

    Use the Versions tab to choose between the two available styles (heavy shading, light shading).
  10. M

    Lucy high-heeled Boots 1.0

  11. M

    Lucy Original Outfit 1.0

  12. M

    Hilda Boots 1.0

  13. M

    Hilda Costume 1.0

  14. M

    Etna Costume - Skirt 1.0

  15. M

    Etna Costume 1.0

  16. kurt7040

    Rika Outfit 1.0

    This costume exhibits a few modding errors. The belt is attached to the thighs, so it does not move properly when the girl leans back or forward (and therefore it clips through her abdomen). The belt does not stretch as she breathes. The nipples may poke through the shirt; you can hide them...
  17. sclover13

    Yoko Dynamic Hairstyle 2.0

    Yoko Costume Mod -> HERE Yoko Non-Dat Ass Costume Mod -> HERE Yoko TAF Body/Costume Mod -> HERE Moderator Notes from v1.0: Note: this hairstyle exhibits physics errors when used in conjunction with animtoolsV14. It'll be fixed eventually. Edit by moderator: Per another user, this works with...
  18. C

    Bigby Male Replacer 1.0

    When loaded, this mod will apply the standard Bigby costume - shirt, shoes, and slacks. It will add stylized arm hair to the male character's left arm. Known Issues the arm hair will not be removed when the Unload Mod button is clicked; it requires a Reset of the whole scene
  19. Sombra

    Iris Costume 1.0

  20. Sombra

    Mewtwo Male Replacer 1.0


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