Dead or Alive 5


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May 29, 2011
Dead or Alive 5 (Team Ninja / Tecmo Koei)

Published: 25th September 2012
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Genre: 3D Fighting
Ryona rating: 5/5

Female Characters:

The game features 24 playable characters, 19 are unlocked from the start. The locked charas are Akira, Sarah, Gen Fu, Pai and Alpha 152. In total there are 13 female characters:
- Kasumi
- Ayane
- Leifang
- Kokoro
- Christie
- Tina
- Lisa / La Mariposa
- Helena
- Hitomi
- Mila
- Sarah Bryant (unlocked by beating her in story mode)
- Pai (obtain 100 titles)
- Alpha152 (obtain 300 titles)


So let's get to the ryona part, which is one of the best in any fighting game I've ever seen.

Each character has at least 10 different throws, and some have over 30. Wow. Depending on your and enemy's stance, you can do throws on crouching opponents, throws on grounded opponents and much more. Then there are tag throws, super powerful moves that really bash the down the skull of the unfortunate girl. There are no red mist effects when attacks connect, and no flashy moves so you can observe the hits landing in their true potential.

You can choose between japanese or english voices, so you can pick your poison.

Basic attacks and advanced attacks are easy to pull off, but when it comes to advanced combos, I give up. For example, for the life I cannot pull off Ryu's Izuna Drop, which while very strong is likely meant for people with four arms, haha.

OH MY GOD, THE CAMERA CONTROL IS EXCELLENT!!!! DID YOU HEAR THAT ONLINEHERO??? By going into Extras -> Spectator you can set out two AI fighters to duke it out among themselves. At any time press left on Dpad and the action stops. There is NO camera movement annoyance like in the DOA4. Unfortunately I haven't yet figured out how to save replays of battles. *sad face*

I'm currently working on unlocking girls' costumes. Not counting swimsuits, these are the amount of costumes per girl:
- Kasumi - 6
- Ayane - 6
- Leifang - 8 (oh god she's hot in costume 8)
- Kokoro - 6
- Christie - 5
- Tina - 6
- Lisa / La Mariposa - 6
- Helena - 5
- Hitomi - 6
- Mila - 6
- Sarah - 2
- Pai - 2
- Alpha152 - most likely 2, probably color swaps

The game offers several fighting modes.
- Story lets you experience the story of DOA5.
- Versus mode.
- Arcade mode consists of 8 battles, and you must win 2 out of 3 battles.
- Time attack mode with same battle specs as Arcade.
- Survival mode where you have to battle thru 100 opponents with 1 life bar.
- Training mode.

Here's a couple of additional goodies that might interest ryona lovers.
- As the girl gets thrown against the ground, her clothes and skin get dirtied which visibly shows.
- If your girl happens to lose, she is shown lying / sitting on the ground, breathing heavily, and sweatdrops fall off her cheek / slide down her boob.

Collecting costumes is done in following ways:
- Beat story mode to get 2 Kasumi-specific costumes.
- Beat Arcade / Time attack / Survival mode couple of times (but if you beat Arcade on rookie difficulty, you have to choose higher difficulty for next costume).
- Getting skimpy swimsuits is done a bit differently. Play Survival on Legend difficulty to face Lisa as final opponent - defeat her for her swimsuit. Play Solo Time Attack on Legend to face Christie as final opponent - beat her for the swimsuit. Play Arcade on Legend to face Tina as final opponent - defeat her for the swimsuit.

In order to save a replay, play a Versus Match. After it's done, you have the option to "Save Replay". Do so, and then enter the Spectator menu, choose which replay you want to view and there you go. As I said, camera controls are waaaay better than DOA4. Camera does not move at all, and you can take many desired angles you dreamed of, but could never get right.

Here's a sample of what I want to do with the game's content.

Video showcasing all girls' in-game costumes!


Video showcasing all 170 costumes you can get so far.

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Ryonani Teamster
May 29, 2011
The locked charas are:
- Akira (unlocked by kicking his ass in story mode)
- Sarah (unlocked by kicking her ass in story mode)
- Pai (haven't got her yet)
- Gen Fu (unlocked by kicking his ass in story mode)
- Alpha152 (haven't got her yet, but I suppose you have to get lots of titles)


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May 29, 2011
I have both PS3 and XBOX360. I can't stand exclusivity of some games so it's why I picked up both systems.


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May 29, 2011
The skimpy swimsuits for Tina, Lisa and Christie are unlocked by clearing Legend difficulty Arcade or Time Attack. Your final opponent will very likely be one of the three girls mentioned in their swimsuits. Defeat the girl and there's a chance you may get her swimsuit. I cleared Legend at least 30 times already and no other girls appeared as 8th opponent. I'm gonna try out that save you provided and see how many titles the person unlocked.

Edit - So I checked the save. The dude has 35% mission completion rate and no Alpha unlocked yet.>_< Oh well, I'm certain that during the weekend someone will wizard up an editor to unlock all missions. Mwhahajaaaaa
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May 29, 2011
Ohohohoh, I just found out that you can circle the camera around the defeated girl when she's breathing on the ground. Niiiice.


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Dec 15, 2009
In trouble
Major thanks for the article Split! Once you get more info, just post here so either you or us can update the article to have all information.
And yes, I'm very very happy for the new camera. It looks awesome for making ryona videos :)


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May 29, 2011
Nnin, that Ayane's costume didn't make it in DOA5.=(

It has been confirmed that you need to obtain ALL titles in order to unlock Alpha152. BUT GREAT NEWS! I have a watchful eye on a topic where a person says he'll upload the save with unlocked Alpha 152 in about 7 hours from now.


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Dec 1, 2010
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Nnin, that Ayane's costume didn't make it in DOA5.=(
So sad.... :(
I thought they bring many old costumes back after seeing Lei Fang's black dress. But not Ayane 2nd of DOA4.
Well, at least she has the classic. And hope she will has one I like after seeing all of her costumes.


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Mar 1, 2010
I'm glad the hacked save came so soon. Team Ninja must have lost their gourd thinking anyone would get all of the titles. 3000 wins online with each character? Yeah right.
Now to try that save and get Alpha :)
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