1. Trigon

    [PC] RJ219794 DepraviA EgrigorI

    Hey everyone. Here's a little something for the guro H-game fans around here. It's called DepraviA EgrigorI, and it was released about 2 weeks ago. It is the sequel to the very good 2014/2015 game DepraviA, and basically improves upon the original in just about every way. These games are made by...
  2. ViktorBlack

    [PC] The Last Barbarian - Cultist Release

    Overview: "The Last Barbarian" — is a third-person action role-playing game. You are encouraged by the game to proceed with caution, learn from past mistakes, or find alternate areas to explore. If you are not careful, monsters will be able to rape you and you will have to start from the very...
  3. Hank East

    Final Fantasy XIV Backgrounds

    Here's some backgrounds I've made from screenshots I've taken in Final Fantasy XIV. I've divided them between the regions they were taken at. I'll add more backgrounds eventually, but for now here's a few. Enjoy! And here's some background previews, using my WoL and...
  4. Trigon

    [PC] RJ228433 Nekofuguri えろもんバトルアリーナ ~Eromon Battle Arena~

    It's been quite a while since I posted a game that I've discovered here, but this one is mildly interesting. It's called えろもんバトルアリーナ (Eromon Battle Arena). It was released today. It is created by Nekofuguri, the same guy who made Female Warrior Mancase, Pegasus Knight X, and Pegasus Knight X II...
  5. Dr Bees

    Teasing my next hair

    RAIZEX from Monster Hunter Generations gets it's very own monster girl.
  6. dantethedarkprince

    Troll 1.0

  7. dantethedarkprince

    Skeleton 1.0

  8. dantethedarkprince

    Minotaur 1.0

  9. dantethedarkprince

    Goliath 1.0

  10. dantethedarkprince

    DQ VIII - Bulk 2.0

  11. dantethedarkprince

    Big Bulk 1.0

  12. Dr Bees

    SDT Monster Hunter Teostra Static Hair. 2017-07-12

    gender-swap of Teostra from Monster Hunter, down below is her save data and backgrounds to use for her A...
  13. Dr Bees

    Hair request - Monster Hunter Lunastra.

    'Ello Blazers NFKRZ ere', a bit of an odd request I admit but I wonder if anyone would be willing to do it, I just want her flowing mane and horn crest done. Honestly I don't care if it's static or dynamic honestly, just as long as it's high quality. Drawing her ears is not required as SDT...
  14. Hank East

    Yu-Gi-Oh Elemental HERO Burstinatrix dialogue.

    So I've seriously fallen in love with @D-Oxygen 's Burstinatrix mod (Burstinatrix Static Hair), and after taking a few screenshots that's I've posted on the SDT screenshots post, I thought I'd make a silly little dialogue for her. It's nothing fancy and doesn't require any loader mods or...
  15. UndeadLick

    Hairstyle/Face request for Nurses from Silent Hill.

    Hi there I'm requesting Silent Hill Nurses face where they have no eyes just mouths thanks really appreciate it and thank you for your time.
  16. VulpineScream

    (WIP) Counter.culT - Modern Day Supernatural Depravity

    Hey everyone, I'm Riley, long time lurker, first time poster. Also a long time amateur game developer and artist, and semi-professional writer and porn star. I've never put my game dev stuff out for anyone to see before (besides friends), but I've been in a rut in life recently and really need...
  17. S

    [PC] Modern life new game 2016

    Info: The game will be about Lisa and her miserable life... BORING! The game will not be a story where the user will not receive any choices. I want to make a game with many optional paths/moments. Lisa has an ability to get herself into trouble and one day she travels to another dimension where...
  18. dantethedarkprince

    Snow monster from Frozen 2016-06-01

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