1. Every_Tuesday

    Sasha (Alternate Look Episde 3) Static Hair 2017-07-20

    Static hair With earring
  2. Every_Tuesday

    Sasha (Alternate Look ) Static Hair 2017-07-20

    Static hair mod With earring
  3. Every_Tuesday

    Sasha Alternative Static Hair 2017-06-11

    Static hair mod without earring.
  4. sandman_2010

    Adult Sasha - Athena (Hair covering eyes) Static Hair 2017-05-19

    It's the same hair as adult Sasha, only with her eyes covered. You can check the normal version in my downloads.
  5. sandman_2010

    Loli Athena (Sasha) Long Static Hair 1.0

    Hair clips when her arms are "on legs".
  6. sandman_2010

    Loli Athena (Sasha) Short Static Hair 1.0