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Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by tonyh5144, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Dec 7, 2011
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    Did you ever meet a girl who just couldn't stop talking? Here's a girl who will keep talking for ages if you let her. She knows about dirty talk, and she's thought of some good things to say - the only problem is, she does tend to go on... and on, and on!

    Never mind - I'm sure you can think of a way to keep her quiet for a while. The more inventive of you may even be able to think of two...

    Technical note ("how's he done that, then?"):
    This uses custom dialogue types quite heavily. There are 5 custom types, each on a different subject; most of the lines in the custom types lead to another custom type, so she usually says several things for one event. The standard types are mostly just token endearments that lead on to the custom types.

    Of course, SDT picks a custom line at random-ish; so whether she stops talking or says something else is random-ish too. I think you should get an average of about 3 utterances to each event - but she could stop after 1 or 2, or go on ad infinitum!

    The БББ make the dialogue pause for a little before going on to the next bit. SDT knows it ought to be printing something for a Б, but it doesn't actually have a Б character. So putting a Б pauses the dialogue for a short time without printing anything. (It doesn't have to be a Б - I think any Cyrillic character will work, and probably some of the other international characters too. I could have used %01, but Б takes up less space!)
    Full text:


    set1:"Your cock is so big, *YOU, *it's almost bigger than my mouth! I don't know how I get it all the way into my mouth, never mind down my throat. БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"
    set1:"You're going to choke me* YOU*, your dick's so big! I've never sucked anything so big and thick before."
    set1:"Are you sure you're human* YOU*? Your dick's so massive, you could be a troll or a werewolf. If you are a troll, it would explain why your cock's so hard too! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    set1:"You're so big*, YOU*... I couldn't believe it when I first saw your cock. Such a nice helmet, too... just the right size to make me really slurp!"
    set1:"I never thought anyone could have this long a cock - till I met you! I'm surprised nobody's asked you to act in a porn movie! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set3]"
    set1:"I bet my throat's bulging when you put your cock in... you've got such a big rod, you'd make any girl gag!"
    set1:"How can you put your huge rod right down the throat of a little girl like me*, YOU*? You stretch me so wide, I sometimes think it'll damage me! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"

    set2:"I really love sucking your cock, you know that, don't you*, YOU*? Even when you make me gag I love it, and normally that just grosses me out!"
    set2:"Somehow I can take your cock deeper than anything else. I've tried with hot dogs and dildos, but I can never get them all the way in... It must be because it's your cock* YOU*! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set1]"
    set2:"I get so excited when I can really get down to a good facefuck... and drink your cum too. It makes me feel so full! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set3]"
    set2:"It's amazing - I didn't think I'd like deepthroating you, but it feels great! I can feel your cock stimulating every inch of my mouth and throat, and when it twitches it feels divine!"
    set2:"*YOU, *I think your cock must have something really delicious on it, it tastes so great. I could lick and suck it all day - would you stay hard that long? БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    set2:"I just love to lick and suck your cock - and I especially love the look on your face when I lick along the ridge at the bottom!"
    set2:"Oooh, you make me so horny when you fuck my face... up and down your dick, faster and faster.. can you press the accelerator even further? БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"

    set3:"Your cum is so creamy and thick* YOU*, I wonder how you keep making such thick cream. Isn't it supposed to get thinner when you've cum a lot? БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    set3:"Mmm, *YOU, *I love drinking your cream. It's so warm when you shoot it straight from your balls into my mouth, or down my throat! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"
    set3:"Your man-milk goes down my throat so easily* YOU*. Even when you haven't cum for days and it's really thick, it always slips down without me having to gulp more than twice... БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set1]"
    set3:"Can you think of anywhere else to shoot your cum*, YOU*? Put it anywhere and I'll love it - just because it's yours!"
    set3:"*YOU... *How many times do you think you can cum today? I'd really love two or three loads on my face as well as enough cream in my mouth to make up for missing breakfast. Can you do that for me? БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    set3:"I really want some cum on my face today*, YOU*... you can make me your bukkake babe. Cum all over my face!"
    set3:"I love the taste of your cum* YOU*. It's so rich and salty, I could eat it for breakfast and not need anything else!"

    set4:"You should feel my cunt* YOU*, it's soaking wet already. If we do this much longer I'm going to have to bring myself off as well as making you cum! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    set4:"Sucking your cock makes me feel so sexy... as if I'm a princess, pleasuring her prince. You certainly have a big sceptre* YOU*! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"
    set4:"I feel so naughty, *YOU, *and my whole body is getting super-sensitive. I really think I could make myself cum just by kissing the tip of your cock! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set3]"
    set4:"You know the greatest thing about deepthroating you? I get so turned on... if you really do it well my pussy twitches so hard, and it feels as good as when we fuck!"
    set4:"When you put it down my throat I get a thrill right down from my throat to my pussy! I bet you could make me cum just by fucking my mouth - wanna try?"
    set4:"This is such a wonderful feeling*, YOU*... everything you do to me right now sends more pleasure through my body. Even the gagging and coughing feels divine! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set1]"
    set4:"It makes me feel so sexy to know how much you love fucking my mouth - as if I'm a really practised seductress. I certainly seem to have the ability to make you cum - and I'm so glad I do!"

    set5:"You know, *YOU, *before I met you I'd never have done anything like this. You've really corrupted me, you wicked seducer!"
    set5:"My sisters would be shocked if they knew what I'm doing now - they're probably in church right now, and I'm sucking you off! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set1]"
    set5:"Everyone at work thinks I'm really prudish - but they haven't seen me swallowing spunk, or with cum all over my face!"
    set5:"I don't look like a slut when we go out, do I* YOU*? But when I'm alone with you I feel so horny, I just have to do this!"
    set5:"Nobody who knows me would believe me if I told them how many of your loads I've swallowed - or how thick your cock is! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set3]"
    set5:"If I make too much noise the people next door might come in thinking I'm ill... wouldn't they be surprised to see what's really happening to me! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    set5:"Ooohh*, YOU* - I just thought of something... wouldn't it be fun to go out in public with your cum on my face and see the looks on people's faces as they realise what we've been doing! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"

    intro:"Wow, you're really big today* YOU*! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    general:"I love to give you pleasure* YOU* - and to see the look in your eyes when I do... БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    general:"Mmm, can't wait to suck this even deeper! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set3]"
    resistance:"OK, I'll try that again... and maybe get further! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"
    resistance:"Fuck, that's good! Gimme more* YOU*! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    resistance:"Wow,* YOU,* you're really making me hot... I'm lathering up already! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    first_throat:"Ooh, that stretched me! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    first_throat:"Can't wait to make you cum* YOU*. БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set3]"
    first_throat:"Do you like that? I hope so - I'm not going to stop now! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    first_throat:"Oh yeah, make me all yours*, YOU*! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"
    first_dt:"Ohh yes, that's it*, YOU*, put it right in there! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set1]"
    first_dt:"So deep... filling my throat... БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    first_dt:"Oh, I'm such a dirty girl... this is almost making me cum already, and you've hardly got it in! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    pull_off:"Hang on a minute... I need to breathe!"
    pull_off:"I get so excited sucking your cock, it makes me pant... БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    pull_off:"Gotta have a break, you're wearing me out... БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set1]"
    held:"You're making me run out of breath*, YOU*! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set1]"
    held:"*YOU! *How can you just force that down my throat? Let me lick it at least! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"
    held:"Ooohh... my head's spinning*, YOU*! Don't hold me down so long!"
    held:"Your cock's so big*, YOU*, it's too easy to make me run out of breath... be careful! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set1]"
    wake:"ohh... *YOU... *what..."
    wake:"Wha- *YOU! *You made me faint with your big rod! I didn't know that could happen... БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set1]"
    wake:"Now that's got to be the sluttiest thing I've done yet... passing out with *YOUR *cock right down my throat! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    vigorous:"Oh, *YOU, *you do it to me so fast and hard. БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set3]"
    vigorous:"I should hate this... but I love it*, YOU*! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    vigorous:"Aakh! So hard, right down my throat... БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"
    vigorous:"Oww! I think you caught the wrong place that time - it's getting sore. ББББББББББББББББББББOh, well, who cares... go on, try again!"
    pre_cum:"You're actually twitching, you're so horny* YOU*! Cum for me, and put it wherever you like! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set3]"
    pre_cum:"Your cock's getting thicker all the time... and I'm getting hotter! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    pre_cum:"You're gonna cum, aren't you? Goody! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"
    cum_in_mouth:"Oh yes, *YOU, *that tastes amazing. БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set3]"
    cum_in_mouth:"You make me feel so good when you do that to me! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"
    cum_in_mouth:"Mmmm, that's delicious - and the taste makes me so horny! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    cum_on_face:"Wow, you sprayed it all over from your big hose! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set1]"
    cum_on_face:"All over my face... I look like a real slut now! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    cum_on_face:"You're marking your territory*, YOU*! I'm so happy I'm your girl... БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"
    cum_in_throat:"Oh wow, I felt that load run right down my throat to my stomach! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"
    cum_in_throat:"*YOU, *I love how your cock moves in my throat as you cum! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    cum_in_throat:"Now THAT is what I've been longing for all week! Seven days go by so slowly when you're not there to fuck me... БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    cum_in_eye:"Owww! Don't do that* YOU*!"
    cum_in_eye:"Ooohh, *YOU, *that stings! But I'll forgive you if you put some more cum in my mouth. БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set3]"
    cum_in_nose:"You're so dirty*, YOU*! Who else would squirt their cum right out of my nose? БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    cum_in_nose:"Yeuk! What do you want to put it there for?"
    swallow:"Mmmm, what a lovely big load! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set3]"
    swallow:"I'm surprised I can still swallow after you've fucked my throat so hard! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set1]"
    drool:"Oh no! I lost some of your cum... Will you make me some more* YOU* - please? БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    drool:"If I drool some cum onto my tits, will you fuck them later? БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"
    restart:"Hey* YOU*, you're really making a night of it tonight! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set5]"
    restart:"I think you're the biggest you've ever been today*, YOU*! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set1]"
    restart:"Again? What a man I've landed! OK then, but I want it right down my throat this time! БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set4]"
    restart:"Wow... *FINISHES* cumshots and you're still going! This is the best night ever... БББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББББ[set2]"

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  2. Edward Foster

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    Re: Chatterbox: Thanks A lot

    Wow this goes Great With the Goo Mod, Thanks, Also, Do Dialogues Work better with the Auto Function or if you just do it yourself?[attachimg=1]

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  3. tonyh5144

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    Dec 7, 2011
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    Thanks! I find they work better doing it yourself - in the auto mode she tends to start moving again before the dialogue line ends, which seems a bit unrealistic (except maybe for some sort of possession scene?).

    I did wonder about writing a dialogue designed for auto mode, with utterances of the right length for the pause. It needs a bit of research to find out how long the pauses are and how many characters can be printed in that time! ::) And I suspect I write long lines better than short ones.
  4. evilmoers

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    Interesting creation !-)
  5. Edward Foster

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    Mar 9, 2012
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    OF COURSE! as M. Bison would say, since I've started writing Dialogues Now, you'll have to tell me how your research goes and report some of your findings to me, i'll keep in touch Sir.