Characters request - Sabrith and Tayelle Ebonclaw - Final Fantasy XIV (1 Viewer)


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May 10, 2022
Hey! First message in here. I have recently gotten more into SDT and I thought I would look for something about this characters, but as I thought there is nothing about them. They are a personal favourite of mine so I thought I would make a request here and wish myself some luck!

I was looking for some hair and clothing if possible. Dynamic hair would be great but just static would me more than enough too.

It has been hard to find side-view images but I think I got a few useful, at least for the hair. The first four images are the ones that are ptobably most useful, I tried to provide as many as possible as some have more complex colouring and others are easier to see the hair. The last 3 images are to give more general detail and, if possible, for clothing, even though I know they are not side-view, but just leaving them there in case its possible!


Note: This thread has been made again since the previous one disappeared all of a sudden and, as I didnt get notified, I guess I deleted it by accident (Or did something that wasn't allowed). Its the same request and it should be fine now, thanks for your time!


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Apr 16, 2012
Hello. I remember seeing your original post. There was nothing wrong with it. I checked the site moderator logs and it did not show as being mover or deleted.
I then looked at your account activity for posts you made. It showed two posts with similar titles. One was the post you made on Friday. Since you have two posts with the same subject I've deleted the older one.
Very respectfully,
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