1. chainsawplayin

    Midori Kamiya static hair 2021-07-16

    Brown bun and ponytail hair of artist Zheng's OC, Midori Kamiya. Character code: charName:Midori...
  2. sclover13

    Penthesilea Dynamic Hair (Fate Grand Order) 1.0 V

    Penthesilea Dynamic Hair (Fate Grand Order) Request by @Hank East
  3. K

    Erza (Fairy Tail) Dynamic Hairs (Bobbed, Braided, Ponytails) 2015

    Erza (Fairy Tail) Dynamic Hairs by KIR (2015): Erza Scarlet 0 (Braided) Erza Scarlet Ponytail 1 Erza Scarlet Ponytail 2 Erza KnightWalker (Bobbed)
  4. mike

    Gwen Tennyson (Adult) v.M

    Gwen Tennyson (Adult) Cosplay Loader Mod by Mike. Mod does not include hair. Hair Resources listed on FAQ. FYI - This is an old mod (2013 or earlier).
  5. T

    Maria (Tennis Player) 2012-06-19

    Maria (Tennis Player) Static Hair and Char Code by TheCount. (Works well with the Nike Air Shoes Loader Mod by Mike).
  6. T

    Victoria (Tennis Player) 2012-06-19

    Victoria (Tennis Player) Static Hair and Char Code by TheCount. (Works well with the Nike Air Shoes Loader Mod by Mike).
  7. Hank East

    Genshin Impact - Sucrose 2021-02-04

  8. L

    Tyrande Whisperwind Static Hair 1.0

    This hair mod based on a Mineur's Young Tsunade Static Hair mod. Use this charcode to have skin and hair colors as on screenshot:
  9. Masterdragon

    Project Melody hair (dynamic) 1.0.0

    Melody from Project Melody (VR Streamer) Only the back of her hair is dynamic. Requested by @AniG
  10. Hank East

    Fate/Grand Order - Mordred static hair 2020-06-12

    I know there was already a Mordred hair, but I thought the FGO sprite would make for a good one too.
  11. Hank East

    Fate/Grand Order - Penthesilea static hairs 2.0

    Includes version with braid, similar to how she appears in the Shining Skyscrapers Craft Essence.
  12. T

    Leonie Pinelli Static Hair (War Phase) 2020-04-11

    Static hair for Leonie (War Phase).
  13. Perdition

    Folded Ponytail 1.1

    Static hair mod with a folded ponytail.
  14. Perdition

    Hilda Static Hair Hatless 2019-12-18

    Based on @Chance's 'Hilda Static Hairstyle' mod, this is an alteration of it without the hat.
  15. FauxNom

    Kanao Tsuyuri Static Hair 2019-11-29

  16. Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly

    Celtica Dire Hair Bangs Removal

    Hey fellas, I'd like to ask for the removal of the black bangs and metal headband underneath the bangs on the Celtica Dire Hair mod by dantethedarkprince. I've tried it myself, the bangs and headband can be removed, as they are separate layers. Unfortunately I am not versed enough in Adobe...
  17. R

    Kozue Takama (Lover-in-Law) hair 1.0

    Kozue Takama as she appears in Lover-in-Law aka Aniyome wa Ijippari Ponytail variant (I copy pasted the top of the head from this hair by @eastbayboy):
  18. R

    D.Va Alternate Skin (Overwatch) Hairs 1.0

    Here is alternate skin hairs for D.Va (Black Cat/Officer/Academy/Junker/Nano) Most of the recolors or slight edits are based on @D-Oxygen D.Va Static hair For the rest of the hairs I used the color scheme set by @D-Oxygen for consistency D.Va Officer D.Va Default (No headphones; I couldn't...
  19. R

    Brigitte (Overwatch) hair 2.0

    Brigitte as she appears in the video game Overwatch Default:
  20. Perdition

    Anko Hair No Headband 2019-04-20

    Based on @sclover13's 'Anko Static Hairstyle' mod, this mod removes the headband.


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