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Catwoman vs Harley Quinn (Deathmatch)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by meinteil, Aug 29, 2014.

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    Nov 3, 2012
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    (Both fighteres are wearing their costumes from the Arkham City game and they are fighting in the cemitery at Arkham asylum p.s. Harley Quinn and Catwoman are property of DC comics)

    Catwoman walks alluringly into the cemetery and says "I sharpened my claws just to finish you off with them" Catwomen licks one of the claws then smirks, Harley walks in from the oppisite side with a metal baseball bat and says "This aint my mallet but i'll still crush your fucking skull with it" then she breaks an old headstone with it. The fight begins as Catwoman makes the first move, slashing at Harly with her claws but Harley dodges and responds by swinging her bat at Catwomans head but cat woman dodges using her flexibility. Both women now circle each other trying to plan their next move "you're lucky i didn't want to kill you there Cat-bitch" Harley says angrily" "really now, do you really think you stand a chance" Catwoman replies" fallowed by a chuckle. Harley makes the next move, running full speed at Catwoman then suddenly sliding behind Catwoman from between her legs. Before Catwoman can even react Harley slams her bat into her oponnents ribs causing Catwoman to yell "SHIT" Catwoman stumbles away from Harley as she turns around holding her cracked ribs. Harley laughs and tries the same thing again, but Catwoman jumps over Harley as she slides. Harley stopes and gets to her feet with her back to Catwoman not expecting the theif to take advantage, Catwoman runs at Harley and stabs her claws into Harley's back. Catwoman the slashes at an upwar angle cutting off Harleys top an exposing her breasts.

    Then suddenly Harley turns around ans swings her bat, aiming for Catwoman's head and before she even realizes whats happening Harley's bat smashes into Catwoman's head. Dizzy with her vision blurred and her head bleeding Catwoman stumbles around, pretty much defenseless. Harley starts walking up to her and says "well well look at this, Cat-bitch is hurt, well I guess i better put You down" Harley slams her bat into Catwoman's knee, shattering her knee cap. Catwoman falls to one knee as she lets out a loud cry of pain thats interupted by Harley's bat hitting her in the head, knocking her face down on the ground. Using her foot Harley rolls the barley alive Catwoman on her back then with her bat over her shoulder and her foot on Catwomans chest says "well its ben fun Cat-bitch but I've gotta finish you off now" Harley blows her a kiss and says "bye, bye" then raises the bat over her head and smashes it into Catwoman's head shattering her skull. Catwomans body starts violently twitching as she makes a girggling sound, Harley then says "OH JUST FUCKING DIE ALREADY!" as she pulls out a revolver and puts two rounds in Catwoman's head finishing her off "looks like I win Cat-whore" says Harley as she walks away, leaving Catwoman's corpse blankly staring.