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Bug Reporting Guidelines

Discussion in 'Loader' started by ModGuy, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. ModGuy

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    Feb 17, 2011
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    When reporting bugs in the loader, it can be really difficult to fix if you don't help us understand the issue.
    There are infinite possibilities for causing the bug so there should definitely be a standard when asking for a fix.
    To make things clearer, try to follow these guidelines:

    Describe the issue you're having clearly, add what you actually wanted to do and explain what happened instead.
    Don't add in extra details, this includes what you think might be the cause or who made what mod. Only explicitly declare these details if there is reason to do so.
    Make it easy for us to access the bugged files, this can mean linking to them or uploading a character folder.
    Clearly list the steps it took to cause the bug, and if possible how we might recreate it.
    If the bug is graphical, upload an image showing the problem.

    It is crucial that we're not wasting our time when trying to find the cause of the bug so to skip common causes, make sure you do the following:

    Use a standalone flash player when loading "Loader.swf", you can find links to the player on the loader download page.
    Read the guides included with the loader as these could include the answer you're looking for.
    Try contacting the modder who created the files to see if they can resolve the issue.
    Don't make multiple threads, it won't make the problem any easier to solve.

    By following these guidelines your input will be valued when fixing bugs and it'll make it easier for modders and other members to help out too.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.