Borderlands 2 - Tiny Tina, Crackwhore to Kid


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Apr 11, 2012
Yeah, that title got your attention, some of you probably already know what I am on about too. For those of you who don't, it's about how Tiny Tina, a 13 year old kid, looks like a 40 year old crackwhore. The creases in the face and the dark eyelids really make her look a lot older than she really is and kind of ugly too. The other female characters in the game don't have this problem, even Moxxi who is around 40 years old and wouldn't surprise anyone if she did a lot of drugs as well.

So I made a mod that aims to remove the features that age Tina. The creases are gone and the area around the eyes is no longer as dark. I'm certainly no texture artist so the best this is the best I could do, the normals map that handles the why light and shadow is done (I got that right, have I?) is untouched as I feel I would make a mess of things if I tried.

Anyway, this mod is pretty much for anyone who feels that Tina as she looks now is an eyesore and would rather something that looks better and more natural.


49520_2013-08-21_00002.png 49520_2013-08-21_00001.png 49520_2013-08-21_00003.png


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