Auto ahegao(pleasure) mood


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Aug 30, 2012
I've always enjoyed ahegao art but I've never liked ahegao mood in SDT. In art the look works perfect because its a static image but SDT is animated. I love seeing her eye move around and react. In ahegao mood her eye is permanently static. I also like being able to see her eye period. The right eye color on the right girl can be very sexy. In ahegao mood her eye is 90% obscured all the time.

I'm requesting a simple mod that automatically and temporarily switches from current mood too ahegao when his penis is at a customizable depth set in the mod's settings file. This gives the best of both mood states and creates a cool new animation.

If you would like a better idea of the way the mod would look, try this dialogue I made. The problem with using just a dialogue to achieve the effect I want is that it's inconsistent, imprecise, has a static duration, isn't customizable and displays an empty text box constantly obscuring her legs.

EDIT: after testing the dialogue some more I added a look down action before and after toggling moods. This increases the travel of the animation and should also be part of the mod.


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