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Nov 2, 2017
I wanted to see some DialogueActions triggers/variables for a combination of stuff already in the loader through Eyemakeupv1.0 and the 'non-stop tears' mod. (If somehow parts of this already exist please ignore those parts)

In particular;
- a variable for arithmatics to allow for some deficit before she first starts tearing up, preferably based on the amount of abuse her throat suffers, but it would also be nice to have a 'first kiss' trigger to 'ignore the intial deficit'-check for dialogue purposes. For taking those 'virgin' moments to another level. :)
- a variable for arithmatics to increase/decrease amount/volume of tears, and an additional % operator that can be raised/lowered thorugh DA, to create a more random feel and allow for breaks in the tears if cried too much).
- a trigger that starts non-stop tearing (and can end it). Basically to trigger using as a complement to other stuff like mood and passing out triggers etc.

I think I saw there was already a method to bind non-stop tearing to mood, and there is more than likely a method to change mood through DA scripting. Combined with that it would make for nice mood transitions, as well as allowing DialogueActions to overtime lower the amount of tearing up and create 'experience' immersion. (If I'm not mistaken 'reddening' of the eyes is already a thing, which would also be great addition to script for DA to be used to create some immersion for different types of charactertypes).

Mods mentioned;

P.S. Edit: I had to choose between 'Revision' and "requests'. Figured it's more of a revision of existing mods than making a new one, but I apologize for the grey areas I ignored in an attempt to keep everything tied together in one post and get the point behind my request across.

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