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Apolline Allura: Short Story II (better quality ryona)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by dyne9, Dec 20, 2010.

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    "Up early aren't we?"

    "Not now, Mona."

    "Someone's using the room."


    "Not Zaelia."

    "...then who?"

    "You don't know her."

    "Her? Mona. No."

    "Just see for yourself." said the A.I., sliding the door open.

    In the TR-9 (or training room nine), stood a girl grunting with effort as she struck the dented, splintering, and broken wooden post with her gloved fists. Apolline immediately could tell she was a martial artist; the one-piece leotard and the many bandages over her arms and legs indicated she did some serious training. Her blue eyes blazed with concentration as she reduced the post to a stump with lightning quick hands. Apolline had no idea how to approach her.

    But she did anyway.

    She walked up beside her as she picked up a water bottle to take a sip and said, "Hello."


    The response was abrupt and unexpected...not to mention a little rude. Not that Apolline minded, she simply decided that was a product of how serious she was about her training.

    "Um, will you be using this room for much longer?"


    Apolline cocked an eyebrow, this girl seemed rather disrespectful, "Well, I use this room at this time of the morning, and I wanted to--."

    "If you want to spot me, be quick about it."

    The pink eyed girl glared, she was now definitely sure that she didn't like this girl, or her monosyllabic responses. She picked a piece of lint from her black slacks and continued.

    "You misunderstand me Miss, I want to train in here--"

    "--Well what are you waiting for? There's the equipment, go on and get started. Start from the 5lb weights if you want to be a little less scrawny."

    Apolline was appalled to be belittled so callously, and it didn't stop.

    "What are you slouching for? Straighten up. You aren't depressed are you? If you are, then I don't know why you came to TR-9 instead of counseling."

    That was the final straw, and Apolline gave in to everything she was feeling when she threw one of her hardest kicks in the direction of the blonde.

    "Well why didn't you say you wanted to train with me?"

    Apolline was surprised once again; the blonde held her foot in one hand, just inches away from her face. Her toes wiggled vainly in an attempt to break free, but she was nearly rooted to the spot. This girl was nothing to be trifled with. She had reflexes and strength to match the base she managed to put in her voice when she spoke.

    "You'll want to be a little faster with your attack next time, a sloth could catch you moving like that." said the blonde, dropping Apolline's foot and raising her fists in a kickboxers stance.

    Growling and irritated, Apolline moved in immediately to throw a sweep kick that was easily jumped over before spinning the other way to confuse her opponent by swinging her leg out in another direction. That attack was blocked, as well as the several that followed it. Apolline was throwing barrage after barrage of kicks and none of them were even getting close. Exactly how far beyond her in skill was this girl, Apolline had yet to find out for she had yet to strike.

    That is, until her last failed spinning kick combination, when the blonde blocked the last one, simultaneously backhanding Apolline across her face and sending her back a few meters, knocking the pink tie about her neck askew. The girl's expression remained impassive, she watched Apolline straighten up with a bemused pity.

    "Are you done warming up? You did say you wanted to train."

    Apolline's hands clenched into fists and then unclenched because her style only involved her legs, and that is what she would beat this girl with one way or another. Her confidence wasn't to be shaken easily.

    "You're right." said Apolline, bouncing a few times on the balls of her feet and shaking off her frustrations, "Let me get serious."

    She ran forward and jumped in a twirling backflip that brought her over the blonde and she let off a kick with both feet that was blocked and pushed back. She didn't stop, and when she landed, she threw a simple kick that she knew would be blocked, and threw one with her other leg to be caught as well before closing the space between her ankles to grip her neck. Then she bent backward to throw the girl, which worked partially, She sailed through the air for a few seconds before her reflexes kicked in and got her a clear landing to immediately go back into her stance.

    The pink-eyed girl took a deep breath and unbuttoned her blouse by the first two buttons because of the increasing heat in the room before dashing at her opponent once again. She switched direction at the last second, leaping to take a short two-step dash across the wall to add momentum to the roundhouse she threw at her. The blonde merely held up both arms to block, and Apolline threw a kick to her unguarded midsection to flip off of her and gain some distance.

    She was glad to see the hit had enough power to push her back some, but it didn't do as much was she was hit because she still stood strong, and the look in her eyes was akin to that of a warning for Apolline.

    Apolline took a few seconds to regain her breath, but that was the worst time to choose recupuration in the midst of battle because suddenly the blonde was in her face, and she was throwning lefts and rights with no pause or deliberation on where she would strike next.

    All she could do to prevent being hit was to block, and sloppily at that. The blonde threw a hard jab that caused Apolline to stumble back, opening up her guard for a kick to the ribs, an uppercut to the chin, and a left hook to her stomach that made her drop to her knees like so many tons of bricks.

    Apolline gasped for air, not willing to end right here, to finish just because she took a few hard shots. But one thing was for sure, having trained with Zaelia for so long, she had no idea how to approach an opponent who outclassed her in nearly every way.

    "If you're this serious, then I think we're done here. I don't like fighting outclassed opponents, alright?" said the blonde, picking up Apolline with one hand on the scruff of her shirt and setting her upright before turning to walk away.

    "What's your name?"


    Apolline allowed her lips to curl upwards in a pause, "Good, because...I'm not done yet."

    Delphine craned her head back to look at Apolline and said, "Yes you are, I could have very well broken something of yours with any of those hits."

    "Don't patronize me by letting me not you can hit harder, that's disrespectful to a fellow combatant--"

    Her sentence was cut short because Delphine's fist had already connected with her cheek, and she hit Apolline about seven times across the face and three times in the stomach with a series of alternating lefts and rights and then hitting her with a roundhouse kick that threw her hard to the ground rolling until she hit the wall.

    "You're not a combatant, you're just a little girl who knows a few fancy kicks. Now stop before you get hurt." said Delphine harshly.

    Coughing painfully, Apolline rolled her to her side, holding her bashed in stomach with both arms. Her eyes were watering in agony, she tried to get at least one arm on the ground and then the other on the wall as a support. Delphine's blue eyes carried a weird glint in them for the infinitesimal second that she made eye contact with the girl struggling to her feet.

    "Hey.... Delphine..." said Apolline, panting through each word, still trying to get her bearings back.

    "Stay down." she said, walking away to pick up her water bottle.

    "Could I have some water, please?"

    Delphine looked at the bottle, and then back to Apolline for a few seconds before saying, "Tell me your name first."


    Delphine nodded and tossed the other girl the water bottle and she took a long sip before setting it down. Apolline went back into her stance and stared blankly back at the blonde.

    She sighed and said, "Listen, Apolline. If you--"


    Delphine staggered backwards to fall one knee and had to put a hand to her jaw, the serious sting that set in was certainly more serious than the one other time she had gotten hit in this fight. Apolline was dashed forward and hit her with a dropkick with both of her feet; the hit was hard enough to cause her head to make her whole body turn. The pink-eyed girl walked over to her to give her a hand, and she took it, only to pull herself up into a kick aimed at Apolline's side. She raised her right leg to block it, as well as the several follow-up strikes she threw.

    Taking on a more practical approach, Delphine went back to punching, her hands were quicker than her feet and Apolline noted this. She was able to weave through most of the blonde's attacks by using her capoeria movements to evade her. Delphine drove her fist forward in a hard straight and Apolline fell back to her hands like a crab, to which the blonde responded with another serious blow that narrowly missed the other girl's stomach as she rolled sideways to avoid it. Apolline somersaulted her way back up to meet a jab that made her head spin, but she capitalized on the momentum to drop to floor in her crab pose once more to throw one kick to block the hook that Delphine threw, another at the arm she hadn't used to open up her guard, and then raised both of her legs to twirl and smack the blonde hard across the jaw with her heel.

    Apolline let her body drop but only slight so that she could swing her legs around to flip herself into a standing position and then readjusting her tie, which was barely hanging onto her neck because it was so loose. Delphine looked the ground up to see Apolline quite animated, moving back and forth slightly, dancing in the same spot. The pink eyed girl had went into full-bore capoeria mode.

    Delphine let her lips curl downwards in a scowl for the briefest of seconds before simply standing up, and clenching her fists tightly. The blonde calmly eased herself into her stance while Apolline actually smiled, wide and happy.

    "My apologies Delphine, I was too serious earlier." she said, her dancing looking more energized by the second.

    "Hmph. It's about time."

    "Don't hold back, please."

    Those were all the words that the girls exchanged between one another before charging forward to meet the other in a flurry of punches and kicks that narrowly missed one another. Apolline cried out as she threw a spinning scissor kick that Delphine ducked under and returned with a spinning backhand that passed over her face as she ducked back and kicked out with both feet at Delphine's stomach to push herself into backwards roll that got her enough distance to leap at her opponent. Delphine struck her fist hard against the sole of Apolline's foot, blocking her attack and pushing her back before throwing another to combat the speedy counter that she'd already initiated.

    They collided like this several more times, each time with more intentsity than the last until they finally hit one another simultaneously and sent the other to the ground skidding across the floor.

    Immediately picking herself up Apolline wiped the blood from the side of her cheek and said to Delphine, "Your skill is incredible! Can you teach me your style?"

    "Only if you can tell me how managed to pull up the leg strength to master switching between Taekwondo, Capoeria and Wushu." responded Delphine, already standing up again, a small grin on her face.

    "Maybe after we'll find out who wins. But to tell the truth, I already think you've won."

    "Never call it before its over Apolline, it's never over until it's over."

    Delphine reared her right arm back as Apolline dashed at her in one last charge.

    (to be continued...)
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