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*Petal Contest* -A Story Untold-

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Furryona, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Furryona

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    Jan 15, 2015
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    A thick fog had gradually settled throughout the slums of the large city. Normally bustling, the now-empty streets emanated an air of mystery and shadow, as if every corner hid a dark secret. The silence of the unsettling location was broken as rapid footsteps echoed down the pavement, the sound belonging to a fleeing woman.

    Panting from desperate exertion, she clutched a small satchel attached to a belt to her chest. She had to escape. No matter what, she had to reach her superiors. If she could expose this secret, then perhaps--

    The sound of her boots was soon followed by the clacking sound of heels. They were after her, a trio of women wearing matching outfits and each determined to catch her. The woman had managed to gain some distance, but she needed to stop and catch her breath. It felt as though she had been running for hours, and her skin had begun to glisten with sweat in the light cast by the nearby street lamps.

    She paused to look around, brushing some of her unkempt blonde hair behind her ear, green eyes darting about to scan for any signs of movement. She couldn't help but inwardly curse herself for choosing pocketless black bike shorts, and her sleeveless white button-up shirt was similarly lacking. With a sigh, she clasped the belt around her hips, noticing the slightly oversized leather strap sage on one side from the size.

    Hearing the clacking approach once more, the blonde woman raised her fists and moved her boots apart, taking a wide stance. She had some muay thai and MMA training, and she intended to do whatever she could to survive. If it meant fighting Petals, capable fighters and assassins, to do so... Then she would. Besides, if she ran any further, she could be potentially chased to her drop off point.

    Two figures moved through the fog, appearing as young women in revealing chinese attire. Matching red short qipaos, red high heels, and black thigh-high socks... There was no doubt, these two women were Petals. They appeared rather petite, but misjudging their abilities would be a fatal mistake.

    The long-haired Petal spoke first, demanding the blonde woman to return the parcel and submit to questioning. They had discovered her real name as Rin, and they were not pleased with her lies and deceit. It was true. Rin had been spying on them for quite some time, but after discovering a certain object, she had to flee and turn it over to her organization. However, she underestimated how quickly the Petals were able to respond to her action.

    Now here she stood, facing two skilled martial artists. Seeing that Rin had no desire to turn herself in, the short-haired Petal promptly rushed at her, aiming a leaping knee strike at her face. Rin quickly moved forward, ducking under the first attacker and throwing an uppercut at the second Petal. She dodged, and continued to move around and away from multiple punches and kicks. Rin was a bit winded from her running earlier, but she still had some fight in her.

    Rin heard the first Petal approaching her from behind, and quickly turned around to swing a roundhouse kick, landing the blow across the Chinese woman's face. She fell to the ground roughly, holding her head and trying to shake the cobwebs from it. Rin grunted as the back of her shirt's neckline was seized, followed by a fist ramming into her lower back.

    Lashing back with a kick, Rin managed to force the attacker away, but her attention changed to the recovered Petal. It was as if her attacks, regardless of the power she applied, were simply being shrugged off by these women. Rin avoided more flowing martial arts from the smaller woman, looking for any opening she could find. Eventually the opening presented itself in a dodged upward palm thrust, enabling Rin to ram her knee into the Chinese woman's belly with enough force to stop her entirely.

    Hearing her cough up some saliva, Rin lifted an arm up before driving her elbow down into the woman's lower spine, crushing her between the knee and elbow. The woman let out a pained gasp before seeming to pass out from the attack. Rin let her collapse to the ground, turning her attention to the other woman, who kept a safe distance. Rin and the Petal kept their eyes locked, Rin soon lifting her fists in the signature stance of a muay thai fighter.

    She was tired and winded, but she could keep going.

    Absolutely nothing could stop her now--

    Rin's world suddenly blurred as a surge of agony swept from the back of her skull, forcing her to her knees in seconds. Rubbing the back of her head tenderly with one hand, Rin soon felt her arm hooked over her head as part of a choke hold, feeling someone's breath on her... And a Chinese accent as Rin was informed that her efforts have proven useless.

    A third Petal. Rin had forgotten that there were three all along, and one had moved to attack her by surprise after she had stopped to face the other two. Rin began to inwardly panic as she saw the one Petal she had managed to defeat was already beginning to recover, being helped to her feet by her partner. She needed to think of something, and fast.

    Rin forced herself up to her feet and reached back with her free arm, grabbing the woman behind her by a handful of hair. Physically she was fairly strong, so maybe she could throw this Petal at the other two? Before she could enact her plan, two legs swung deep into her gut, forcing what little air she still had in her lungs out in an agonizing gasp.

    Her hand continued to grip the Petal's hair, since Rin had no other plan to speak of, as the other two women launched another team attack, this time driving their heels into the same place. This was all it took to beat the fight out of her, causing Rin to go limp in the headlock. She was pushed to the ground between the women, who gave her a moment to recover.

    Palms placed against the ground, Rin forced herself up onto her knees, eventually managing to sit upright. With one last defiant smirk, Rin's head was soon snapped from side to side by palm thrusts and swinging knees, her body bobbing back and forth between her two attackers as if a rag doll. Eventually an upward kick to the chin forced Rin to snap backwards, but before she could finish falling to the ground, the third Petal who had remained idle until this point unleashed a devastating axe kick to Rin's face, smashing her head into the ground.

    Removing her heel, the Petal noticed Rin's nose was broken, blood now soaking part of her face. She grabbed a handful of Rin's shirt, pulling the barely-conscious woman up to her feet, knowing that her unsteady legs alone would not support her. Taking a moment to glare at her, the Petal unfastened her belt and took the satchel, looking it over. She released Rin, letting her fall into the waiting arms of the other two, who seized her arms and held her in place.

    The red-clad woman opened the satchel, confirming the contents. With a nodding smirk, she approached Rin. Informing her that they had some questions for her, Rin's eyes weakly opened as she felt her shirt being unbuttoned. She was not wearing a bra, but thankfully the woman left the top few buttons in place. Rin's exposed navel was badly bruised, her skin quivering as she anticipated a further beating.

    However, the Petal instead placed her palm against the skin above her belly button, sliding it around to her side. Rin couldn't figure out what was happening until a blinding pain surged through her, feeling that same hand clutch her rib cage tightly enough to break a rib or two. She couldn't tell how much damage this simple gesture did, all she could fathom was the unbelievable pain.

    Everything promptly went black, mercifully dumping Rin into a state of unconsciousness. The two Petals holding Rin hooked her arms around the back of their necks with one arm, their free hands gripping the back of her shorts and pulling up to keep from having to drag her. As one walked away with the satchel in hand, the other two following behind with Rin's unconscious form.

    It was mere moments before all of them vanished into the thick, all-enshrouding fog that had surrounded them. The item Rin had stolen, or even Rin's fate entirely, went completely unknown to all.
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    Zako's gang attack is also a good sight to see :D
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    I like it. Good to see more of these, and you did really well. :tongue::tongue::tongue:

    That makes only three of these published so far, huh? I know this is a small community, but I am kind of surprised not many people have tried this yet.
  4. ran

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    Maybe because writing is a challenging job, one has to put quite a lot of effort and time to do it while others can hardly enjoy it as easy as pictures. I sensed it personally.
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