Petals Fiction Contest! Have your Fanfics be illustrated officially by one of NNin's artist!


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Greetings one and all!
In order to commemorate one of Ryona City's most famous inhabitant, as well as the upcoming 6th month's anniversary of Undertow's establishment...
Both NNin and I have decided to set up a competition with the Petals, Ryonani community's Mascot and Representative to make this place more lively and to give an opportunity for members of the public to participate!

This is how the contest works:
1) Go to this section of the website. Fiction
2) Post a fiction there beginning with " *Petal Contest* -INSERT STORY TITLE HERE- "
3) Any fiction that is good enough will be illustrated by one of NNin's own artist for FREE!

Illustrations drawn can be incorporated into the story, such as A story of Petal | Undertow or Petal vs. Nurse Mercenary.

Most of the information about Petals are already shared within this thread: Original Character: Petal
Hopefully this would be enough to get some of your ideas and juices running. There will be no restrictions as to the kinds of characters that you wish to include...whether it be from famous franchises and series, your own Original Characters, or even other characters in Ryona City (including NNin's). All of them are fair gain.

So come on and try! Share your Petal fanfics with the rest of Undertow and have a chance of seeing them come to life~


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You can use any info. in the thread to make a fiction. Also feel free to ask me any question about it.


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What is the deadline or other restriction(for example: length of article, guro & death, conflict against original design)? I am thinking about it but lack energy and time.
Deadline is not set yet.
But I think I will make it ends at around end of August. Stay tune.

Though the nurse mercenary story should be the standard length, length of article is not limited.

The reward will be 2-3 pics drawn, however. So you should put the scenes you want in around that numbers. But not let that restrict you too much.

I forgot about guro. My friends are not good in drawing it so avoid it if you can. Death is fine.

About conflict against original design, just let me know first. So I can think about it. XD


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Can we submit multiple entries (of course I'm assuming that only a few, if more than one will actually be illustrated)?


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I say go ahead. From my understanding, you can submit as many as you like. The more the merrier~
We can all enjoy a good story, more would certainly be better.
First come first serve I being the first ones to send the fictions and be 'liked' is always a good advantage!


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Ladies and Gentlemen! Here are the list of fictions for now~

*PETAL CONTEST* -Data Thieves-
By Giafuremu

*Petal Contest* -Petal Vs. Lilies-
By dinomoneyman

*Petal Contest* -Petals Versus Irises- (finished) (Alternate Ending posted)

*Petal Contest* -A Story Untold-
*Petal Contest* Recruitment Drive
By Furryona

Tales of Petals: Side F
*Petal Contest* Tales of Petal: Side J
By Akumart

*Petal Contest*-Disguised Raid-
By ran

*Petal Contest* -As the petals fall-
By Baku|Haku

Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for your entries~ Good luck for this cycle of winners so far!

Note: Don't worry about missing this cycle...there will be future cycles and opportunities when enough new submissions are accrued!~