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*Petal Contest*-Disguised Raid-

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by ran, Jun 8, 2016.

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    Since I am too busy and lazy, I decide to create an empty thread first, to urge myself to finish it.
    Also since I am too busy and lazy, the story will be completed with the help of my friend.

    Sorry for being late because of my finger injury. Upload is completed. I am editing details gradually.

    Introduction-Queen Mira Julietta Vespaland

    I stop at the front door, wait until maids finally dress me up before getting on the limo to press conference. The convoy left heavy guarded palace. Heavy sunshine drops on the ruins nearby, only roads can indicate the once well constructed capital. Sporadic gun shooting and explosion can still be heard, even in the armoured car. Under the rules of my ancestors, this city survived invasion of Ottoman and conflict between Nazi and Soviet, but now has been destroyed in my term.

    Rebellion overwhelmed the whole country in no time. The “international community” offer rebels political and media support in succession, goods, personnel and training support underneath as well.

    For the reason of “revolution”, some rebel factions claim to overthrow monarchy dictatorship, some say women in power violate religious law and others say I am an incompetent and corrupt ruler. These are all excuses.

    S mineral, is the real reason. This type of ore brought by aerolite can bring “absolute stealth” by isolating all known detection and guidance method such as thermal, laser and acoustics. With proper impact or electric power, it can also generate EMP in wide area, disabling all electronic equipment. In one word, S minerals beneath my country’s territory are subversive to current military form. In order to avoid foreign contest and environment damage, my mother queen prohibited all exploration and mining of S mineral, which policy took her and many royal members’ lives. Of course, foreign powers will not spare me, the survivor and successor of my mother’s will.

    Convoy passes what used to be National Library garden. I still remember the first evening rebels shelling Palace from here. When they were sieging my palace, no one believes I would last a month.

    I did it, I did it well. I have not only survived from fierce attack of rebels and strict sanction from international community, but also managed to gain Russia’s military support, China’s interest-free loan and Japan’s diplomatic lobby to the rebel supporters. Government forces have gain advantage.

    However, while my enemies have unlimited human resources from religious fanatics to high-tech elite mercenaries, my forces’ manpower is nearly depleted. After all, Vespania is a small country of fewer than 10,000,000 population.

    I can’t be worn down.

    1-Petal Gan

    Watching the long queue of journalists in front of press conference room, I hear Jing repeating in earphone: “Our informant has confirmed object has left palace for here, ETA 11 minutes.”

    Jing: “Queen Mira is the last government leader which can unite government forces. The 2 days ago suicide explosion in Central Command already wounded Count Keith. Her death will bring collapse of regime immediately.”

    I: “That is why she chooses here to hold press conference?”

    Jing: “Yes, resistance remnants are still operating in urban area while Central Command is already boomed, so Sakura Luxury Hotel can be said to be the only safe place in the capital, beside the palace. For the queen who is urgent to make public appearance to reassure her subjects, here is her only choice.”

    That is why Miss Bai always likes to let Jing coordinate Petals’ operation, she not only collects intelligence, but also makes quick analysis and decisions.

    “What opponents shall we encounter, please?” Hui’s graceful voice, she and Lang already entered conference room.

    “If operating according to plan, Mira’s bodyguards shall be first, they armed with pistols and sub-machine guns. Then is the hotel’s female security details. They are in large numbers and well-trained, filling the whole hotel in groups.” Jing pauses, “For you, as long as combine your strength and activate Chi armour, there should not be casualties.”

    “What about Mira herself?” I ask.

    Po’s titter comes out of ear phone: “Gan is flapping about again!” Followed by other Petals’ laughter.

    I am always fancying about.

    “Queen Mira was a reputable troubled girl before ascending the throne. She was wandering throughout European streets for years. Although no obvious proof about training, she might know about some street fights.” Serious content, but I feel Jing’s voice is with smile, “Failure is not an option.”

    “Speaking of bad girls, our You is more outstanding.” It is Lang’s energetic voice.

    I no longer pay attention to my sisters’ banter in ear phone, instead, I turn my focus to the journalists in long queue. They all belong to media from Russia, Japan and China, countries that are friendly to Queen Mira.

    Regime’s first mistake is, governments may like Mira, companies may not.

    Tanks are stationed in the street, heavily armed soldiers are guarding outside the hotel, royal bodyguards scan every reporter’s body and equipment in case of bringing in weapons. No one is allowed to carry weapons in the hotel, except Queen Mira's bodyguards.

    These are all useless and it is their second mistake. I passed security check smoothly, the air in hotel is really cool.

    Because our own bodies are our weapons.

    2-Petal Jie

    The host passes me voice tube.

    Jing: “Action.”

    I step on his shoulder, rolling over the bullet proof glass wall and throwing away journalist suit. Exposing arms, legs and upper balls makes me feel freshing.

    Bodyguards open fire, but they only hit my suit.

    In the air, my gesture switches to flying kick.

    My kick reaches Mira’s chest,

    She leans back on her chair to the ground. This hit may not kill her but definitely seriously wound her.

    She told a lot of public secrets but never expected the “main rebel supporter” is just on site.

    Bodyguards aim at me while I have activated my Chi armor.

    Bullets stop around me and fall.

    Before they could show surprise, I have passed them, beating them to the ground.

    Except three coming to pick Mira up.

    Three red agile figures enter my corner of eyes – Lang, Hui and Gan, having stripped their own reporter cover, showing their kung fu qipao inside. Now they are climbing over that bulletproof wall between speaker and press box.

    They will finish the bodyguards on the ground while the glass wall and escaping journalists will isolate the bulky soldiers outside.

    I see those three bodyguards hold Mira leave via back door.


    3-Petal Jing

    As expected, MP7 sub-machine gun and UCP pistol used by bodyguards all load with 4.6*30mm bullet, which unable to penetrate Chi armour. While they all dress in bulletproof vest, their heads and fours are not covered.

    Lang: “Done! All 3 taken out.”

    I: “Monitoring system shows Mira is going to Level 2 via East Wing fire exit.”

    You: “So you finally hack into security system.”

    I keep typing and staring at screens in front of me. On one screen, Gan acquires a sub-machine gun from the corpse of one bodyguard, Hui get a pistols from another. On another screen, Mira running on emergency exit stairs.

    I: “Yes, I already connect with all hotel cameras, cracking elevator and automatic door control.”

    Explosion sound is heard outside my van.

    I: “Resistance hiding in capital already operate as planned. They just demolished the hotel main entrance and will do their best to impede government forces from enforcing the hotel-Mira arrives at Level 3. Quicker than expected.”

    Jie: “Roger that, chasing now.”

    I: “Mira is on Level 4 now, leaving fire exit and heading towards Western banquet hall via main corridor. Resistance can hold only about 40 minutes.”

    “Enough time!” Hui laughed, her judgement fits mine.

    By then, 4 hotel security appear in front of the door to Level 4 fire exit stairs. They have blonde or brown hair, athletic body and sizable chest, wearing black tailored suit vest, black trousers and black leather shoes, some wear fingerless fighting gloves.



    I: “Attention, Jie. Head towards Level 5 immediately. 4 enemies are entering stairs, flank them when they come in.”

    Jie: “Got it.”

    When the 4 girls are getting ready to fight Lang et al. coming from downstairs, Jie flies down from Level 5, kicks the last one from her back, who falls out of railings, sprawling on her drop to Level 1. The remaining 3 turn around at once when other Petals strike them dead from downstairs.

    I: “Enemy already gather in east wing main corridor, break through ASAP or Mira may get far.”

    Hui: “Mira’s status?”

    I: “Entering banquet front hall.”

    Lang: “It is time for action, I take the lead. Everybody watch out!”

    These female security are numerous. There has been over 60 countering Lang et al. If the battle cannot be finished in short time, Mira will escape and Petals may take casualties.

    I: “Zhuang, Shan, Po, You, do it.”

    It is time to mobilise other Petals on standby in hotel rooms.

    3.5-Queen Mira Julietta Vespaland

    Darkness surrounds me and my chest pains like hell. Between breasts and clothes, my hand can still feel my heart beating heavily. Explosion and collapse outside enter my ears. It must be rebel remnants in the capital. I won’t let Bai Bi have it.

    4-Petal Shan

    “Level 4.”

    Once elevator door opens, I cuddle the female security charging in and throw out with her face up. Her body is thrown to the elevator wall with head down. Zhuang already comes out with an uppercut on a female security’s jaw, followed by a jaw into her navel. The poor girl flies out with a trace of blood flying out of her mouth, knocking down several female security behind her. These should be ones turn around to deal with us when they heard the elevator’s voice.

    The corridor next to us is crowding with female security. On the other side of the crowd, a female guard flies up like losing gravity, hitting onto the ceiling heavily. The bounce undoes all her vest buttons before she falls back into the crowd with her large mammies exposed. It must be sister Lang’s job. Soon I see Gan bounce on the wall, punching a female security guard’s face, making her head turn around. Next is Jie, attempting to run through the crowd. However, she has to pull back after suffer several punches from the dense female security. Although female security are defeated and killed continuously by them, they can hardly proceed further. It is up to us now. I wink at Zhuang.


    Zhuang strides forward, never dodge or block female security’s attack, instead, she just gives out her fists on these girls’ bodies. None of the first 3 survive more than 2 attacks. The next 2 strike together from both sides. Zhuang palms blood out of the mouth and nose of the right one in glasses, by then palm becomes backhand fist, knocking over the tailored left one.

    I: “Look out!”

    These two’s springy breasts vibrate simultaneously with Zhuang’s attack and their bodies fall down to either sides, making room for a jumping female security behind them. This one’s knee targets Zhuang’s face directly but Zhuang grasp it one-handed. That female security is thrown to me before she could react and I already jump up, clamping her head with my leg ends, dropping it to the floor. I sense the sexy body below me trembles and soon quiets.

    Nice teamwork for both sides. I was going to just choke her, but how dare you bite my pubes?

    Before long, female security’s bodies circle Zhuang. Even Russians cannot take her power.
    A knocked down female security tries to jump up for an ambush but gets interrupted by me. After few rounds, I circle kick down another female security who attacking Zhuang from behind, making use of this momentum to cuddle her from back. My hands slip into her suit vest along her mild belly skin, rubbing her generous mammies without shimmy. She loses her power immediately and begins to groan in small voice.

    “Ly down and be a good girl, I will spare you.” My nails are inserting her nipples and turning.

    She seems to understand me, having closed her eyes and relaxed her own body. By then I land her on the ground.

    After a few steps with Zhuang, I notice this one is still crawling with us.

    Are these Russian women insane? Have no idea what is good for them.

    “Not honest.” My high heel lands harshly on her head.

    “Surprise!” I rise my head and see Po jumping out of vent, falling into female securities. Two of which cooperate to attack from above and below but their punches all fall on the vent shutter kicked up by Po’s foot. Other female security have to turn around again to face the new enemy. Po is almost dancing with that shutter, ahead of chest, below rib, on the back making female security’s punches and kicks mostly fall on that shutter, sound like drum. Suddenly a female security with silver long braids restrains Po’s waist with her hands support. Po’s butt lands and her shutter drops aside.

    Female security take this opportunity to hit her. I cannot see clearly due to long distance. “We need to hurry.” Zhuang shakes her head and points ahead. Petal You also jumps out of vent, holding a thick tube. The first reactor is the first victim. You leans to dodge her stamp and the tube smashes her exposed belly firmly. PENG! A long trace of saliva drops from that girl’s mouth, she falls down gradually with hands pressing the wounds.

    At this moment, You already waves her tube to the rear brain of female security beating Po. The tube punches two abreast female security’s rear brains first, later crashes the nose of one turning around, then cut into the mouth of the silver brad one, finally inserts into vest belt of the charging one. Po holds both, pulling back to press the enemy’s mamma and turning around to use the enemy as shield.

    Female security’s formation crumbles completely. I and Zhuang on one side, Lang et al on the other, Po and You in the middle, Russian girls cannot focus to deal with any one. The battle is one-sided now.


    The last one in sunglasses is running towards us, her legs bend and fist coming for my knee. Still, her fist paused before going out since my right foot embeds into her firm chest, quite elastic, I should have stepped on barefooted. Her body is still charging while her arms cannot move any more. I keep trampling on her breasts, the red blanket under her sliding knees is torn. Her eyes behind skewed sunglasses already lose sight of life. With my foot swinging back, the female security slide a little further, finally sleep with her comrades. I proudly watch my high heel, which has no sign with blood-just now I killed her with nothing but my foot’s strength!

    Female security are now piling up in the corridor. Only we Petals are still standing.

    5-Petal Po

    “All finished!” I cheer.

    “Idiot, why don’t you activate Chi armour?” Shan pats my head.

    I: “Only real injury can attract them to attack me!”

    I should have a feint. That silver hair brat massaged my waist quite well.

    Hui: “Thanks to Po, we can finish the battle so soon. What about applying such awesome technique to stronger enemy next time?”

    I: “OK!” I always enjoy Hui's appreciation!

    You shakes her slightly deformed and bloody pipe: “Jing, where is our princess?”

    Jing: “Western banquet front hall, Behind the second pillar from northeast.”

    Lang: “She does not keep fleeing, wants to hide from us?”

    Hui: “It is possible. Jing, what about enemy movement?”

    Jing: “You already eliminated all security that can arrive in short times. 4 plus enemy squads are heading towards here via east wing fire stairs and remaining are still regrouping. No movement in west wing yet. Hui and Lang guard here, take out anyone who enters this area.”

    Hui: “Got it, any other information?”

    Jing: “I have controlled electronic door system and locked the door between front hall to the main hall so Mira cannot run to north. That is why I need two people to cooperate with me-I will put several simulated images in surveillance system to misguide their actions and stop them from save Mira from west wing. I am still working on elevator system, before I could finish operation you will keep an eye on it as well.”

    Lang: “No problem! Leave it to Hui and me. Good luck!” Then they leave quickly.

    We six turn to the front banquet hall door instead.

    Only Mira is left.

    I take the point, open the door with my kick. There is a pond in the centre of the front hall and a horse riding knight statue in the middle of the pond. Nameplate by the side says the old guy in Byzantium armour was the founder of Vespania Kingdom. Now he will witness the end of his last descendent. I exchanged glances with Jie before blanking the pillar Jing mentioned.

    As expected, a girl nearly 20 is leaning on the back of it. Slim body, brown long hair, delicate face, blue big eyes, fine light yellow skin, in dark green Vespania army admiral uniform-it is Queen Mira. She is folding her arms, seems to be a little scared.

    European-Middle East mixed blood is really pretty, I will observe it carefully once taking her out.

    I and Jie charge towards Mira successively, we will finish mission by cutting her neck together with our palms.

    Then it is my neck that is cut by palm. In my inclined view, Jie’s lower body stumbles as well, probably gets beaten like me. Mira runs away quickly and stops quickly. I recover and see she has been surrounded by Petals by the pond.

    Do not think you can run away so easily.

    I: “Little princess~ hide-and-seek is over~”

    Rather than saying a thing, she just looks around watchfully. The situation freezes for a moment.

    Mira suddenly acts, she bends over and sweeps down Zhuang first. Then she revolves to the front of Gan and You, two elbows hit their lower abdomen simultaneously while Jie’s kicking reaches her stomach as well. She is not influenced and instead graspes Jie’s right foot, forcing Jie to do splits on the ground, followed by a kick in Jie’s face. Shan rides on her when Mira just gets up. When she is being entangled by Shan, my fists hit her breasts, which is not well built.

    Heavy bullet proof vest, it explains the matter, I understand at the moment I touch her. “Ya ah!” Mira’s suplex throws Shan onto me.

    Having seen we both lying on the floor, Mira physically walks away before recovered Jie’s kick grazes the right face of Mira, who fails to avoid this movement completely. Mira turns around and steps backward, feeling the bleeding wounds on her face with somewhat surprised expression.

    We have all gotten up.

    You are surprised, you are bleeding. I thought you are robot for a moment! Your skills are quite good for either a spoiled princess or a trained fighter, but not good enough to bring down us Petals!

    6-Petal Zhuang

    I signal others to stand back and walk towards Mira with my fists ready. One punch…I sense a strong force, she knocks away my fist? Two, three…my later attacks are all blocked as well, the counterforce makes me stand back. I see her glance suddenly becomes sharp, definitely ready to fight back. When I am going to defend, she quickly slips aside.

    Meanwhile, Gan’s sub-machine gun fires, producing a series of bullet holes behind fleeing Mira but just cut a little Mira’s hair.

    “Do not shoot body, she has bullet proof vest!” Shan shouts.

    Po blinks her left eye twice to me naughty.

    Use “that”?

    I am roaring, facing Mira with Jie and start kicking. Mira returns with her kick as well.

    3 thighs cross together. Mira’s movement is always quick and able to hold my leg. However, Jie, tough even quicker and hits Mira few times, is significantly less powerful than Mira. She will stagger once her attack is countered buy Mira, which reduces her attack frequency, making her unable to do decisive movement. Soon, I can hear hard breath of mine and Jie, our Chi armour is down. On the other side, Mira, looks still to have force to spare. She can fight us with observing surrounding, watch out surprise attack from others.

    “Ya!” Mira pokes Jie’s bruised thigh with light roaring, already tired Jie can no longer hold, sitting down with her sweat flying. When I takes my attention back, Mira’s leather shoe bottom has been in front of my sight. My face also experiences a heavy kick, letting me sit down like Jie.

    Fool. I clean blood on my lips and smile.

    Po: “Now!”

    Mira’s left foot is grasped by Po when finishes kicking me. Shan also presses Mira’s right hand and twists it. Mira’s tender right leg lashes dramatically but unable to make her stand up.

    “Make way, Po.”Gan approaches with sub-machine gun in hand, aiming Mira’s hand and pulls the trigger. Plan works, bullets will not hurt us due to Chi armour.

    Death suddenly appears in Mira’s eyes and her teeth are set, body vibrated. Her right hand grapes Shan’s qipao neckband from inside, lifting Shan in front of herself. Most You’s bullets hit Shan and merely two reaches Mira’s bullet proof vest. Jie and I lose no time to help falling Shan, luckily, she remains unharmed thanks to her Chi armour. Still, Mira’s movement was clearly quite mighty-Shan’s neck is surrounded by red marks and her neckband is broken, now her most breasts are exposed with ups and downs.

    There, You reacts first via lifting steel pipe towards Mira on the floor. Mira’s hands on the floor, right foot kicks Po who is still pressing her left foot. Her sliding makes You’s tube fractures a Marble tile heavily. Po’s neck undertakes the full-power kick of Mira but Po’s head just sways a little and turns back with another naught smile.

    This brat activates her Chi armour for this.

    Before You hammers again, Mira lifts her up with her right foot in her breast. In return, You swings her legs, throwing a high heel on her foot into the space between Mira’s separating legs. “Oh~” a soft call, Mira’s originally straight right leg declines immediately, You falls on Mira’s body. Reluctantly recovered Shan laps on my back, I exchange look with Jie and step forward together.

    “Hell!” Mira gives a heavy punch in the face of You who is choking her neck. You flies over the boundary of pond and falls into it. Then her legs keep spinning so Po is thrown out to a pillar. She finally jumps next to Gan, kick her sub-machine gun into pieces before she could open fire.

    In the meantime, You’s red high heel, which has been wet and sticky, slides down Mira’s uniform dress. Although facing me, she cannot help red faced, closes her eyes and moans slightly. Then her teeth bite her tongue-Jie’s heel pounds her forehead, she keeps stepping back and her walking is releasing Jie's impact! I do not hesitate to go on attacking.

    “Ya ah~” Another roar from just stabilised Mira. My full might fist and hers hit together, this clash generates an air blast. Hems of Jie’s and my qipao are completely blown up, showing our panties underwear. “Ya ah!” Another roar comes from Mira when I thought it will pause a while. She is flushing with shame now.

    “Danger! Zhuang!” Shan pushes away countering me. Mira’s palm all hits her stomach. Her eyes closed, lips smiling, body falling down gradually. Gan hurries to check her status immediately: “Shan, Shan is dead!”

    What! I should be the frontline one!

    Mira is standing in front of me with fighting stance. Her right forefinger is bleeding, presumably hurt when lifting Shan up with brutal force. To me, it is Shan’s blood, you shall pay with your own blood!

    “One, two, three, four…nine, ten…fifty four, fifty five!” Ignoring how many rounds Mira and I exchanged, I just focus one punching out! I am never exhausted!

    My left fist meets Mira’s flying side kick, I see Mira’s blouse waving ahead of me.

    You send your weakness all by yourself!

    My right uppercut strikes directly towards Mira’s lower body. You inexperienced bitch! I will break your vagina, womb, hipbone and-

    I hear fracture of bones. I see Mira’s knee immerse between my boobs. I feel chest distress. I see a lot of dots in my eyes, more dots.

    I…can still fight…where…Mira?

    Darkness covers my sight.

    7-Petal You

    I am leaning in the pool, flowing water makes me feel cold. I pretend to pass out. Man needs to show pussy when necessary.

    Just now Zhuang gave her best shot. Mira jumped and kicked away her fist and then directly changed gesture in the air to launch another knee to her boobs! Such a strong Zhuang, leant and passed out so easily!

    Fuck! Even the 3-day life brittle plastic plate of the small bar I just went to in my childhood is tougher than you Zhuang! Wait, I spent my childhood in slam, when have I even seen such fucking kind of “street fight”? Mira the whore must have very formal training! Even smart guy like Jing makes mistakes?! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

    This asshole is a monster. I will play tricks to get her. Now I have a handful of sand from pond and will take opportunity to waste Mira’s eyes. Man needs to revenge when necessary!

    Mira is not as terrible as she was, Po, Jie and Gan are still fighting her but they do not look good as well. I feel their Chi armour is depleted. Suddenly, Mira rolls to the side of pond to dodge Gan’s waving pipe.

    It is time! I raise my hand, sand hit Mira’s face. Her head wiggles soon and eyes locked.

    It is chance! Jie jumps up, thigh tightens, her right foot flies strictly towards Mira’s neck!

    Mira’s right eye opens and witness flying kick Jie! Her fist in face of Jie’s vagina!

    Jie is too fast to hold hack! She full speed flies onto Mira’s punch in my sight! I see her well built thigh’s muscle vibrates like wave. Jie screams loudly and falls onto the ground heavy with eyes glazing over.

    No time for downed Jie, I treads Mira’s right knee to the ground but her incoming hook beats my mammies out of qipao, shaking in the cold air.

    Sharp pain comes from my breast. Do you fucking believe I care about showing my tits? I am doing this for a long time! It is not over, chick! My neck shakes so the metal ring on my braid goes towards Mira’s left eye. Your eyes cannot be made from steel!

    I believe I hit it.

    Mira looks uncomfortable, she turns her head, she bites her teeth, she covers her left eye.

    I am hit as well. Her sweep kick throws me to the ground. I cannot get up but I feel good! She is doing self-defence! I know, she is already tired!

    Po flanks Mira’s left side, waving the steel pipe like waving a sword. It is the time that Mira uses her hand as sword. Two “swords” cross and Po’s is cut down! Man. That is high strength steel!

    Mira’s left eye opens, some chips fall on my breasts. Lense! I look up to the girl standing by me, her left eye filled with anger, is black!

    We all know Mira’s eyes are blue.

    She is not Mira!
    8-Petal Hui

    “Good night~”

    I flip on the forehand of the female security in front of me, already black eyed and hardly breathing her falls back into the elevator, on to the body pile of her companions. The elevator door is closed.

    Lang: “Another wave is finished.”

    I: “Please take over elevator system ASAP, Enemy keep sending reinforcements via lifts.”

    Lang: “And what about Mira? About 20 minutes have passed.”

    Jing: “I have some situation here. Enemy may generate EMP by S mineral. My connection to hotel surveillance system is down. I am unable to acquire the status of Western banquet front hall personnel.”

    I and Lang exchange glances, “We are going!”

    Jing: “Roger that.”

    Lang and I open the door of Western banquet front hall, lying Petals fill our sights-all sisters entering front hall are defeated, blood and cracks everywhere inform us of the intensity of battle.

    Lang: “Hui…this…”

    I: “Jing, be advised, all personnel besides Lang and I are down! All down!”

    Grovelling Po momently moves, Lang rushes there and crouches, “Po, are you all right? Hang on!”

    I walk and witness around, Gan, Jie, Shan, Po, Zhuang and You are all here.

    Gan is inlayed into the pillar, her arms extended and legs closed, a big pit behind her, just like being crucified.

    Jie lies down in the middle of hall, her expression is painful and excited, hands stay between the roots of legs.

    Po is grovelling near the door, anklet socks are worn, seems to be kicked here.

    Zhuang is leaning on the wall, a big bruise between her boobs, she still keeps a fighting stance.

    You is lying by the side of pond, her breast with healthy skin is exposed, both high heels are gone.

    Po: “…Sister Lang…and Hui…”

    I am always smiling, but I am not now.

    Lang: “Hey, what happens? I am treating you!”

    I was going to check any other survivor before a dark green uniform gets my attention.

    Po: “Mi…ra…”

    This admiral uniform was dressed by Mira on the press conference. There are bullet holes on it but no blood. Mira may wear bullet proof vest inside. There is a little split brown hair near the uniform. Must be Mira’s. We petals’ hair is all black.

    Lang: “Po? Hey!”

    En? The cross section of hair is black? The comparison is significant if observed carefully.

    Lang eases Po site onto the ground. She sits in meditation, getting ready to transfer life energy to Po via two palms on Po’s exposed back.

    This Queen Mira is likely to be fake! Jing does not inform her departure from this hall, so she is possibly, still, here?! Where is she? No sign of her in the whole front hall. Wait, I remember the pillars are all decorative, do not link the rooftop, and pendant lamp is swaying!

    I: “Watch out!”

    I rush and push away Lang, who is transferring Chi to Po. At the same time, a figure strikes down from above. His kick directly injects Po into the floor, the marble near Po cracks like spider web. Blood gushes out of Po’s mouth like a fountain, soon covers the fresh footprint on Po’s breast. Having seen Lang and I standing up by carrying each other, Po closes her eyes with a smile.

    Lang: “Po!”

    We watch the one charging down. Brown hair, blue right eye, hands grip, blooded and dirty white shirt covered by heavy bullet proof vest, uniform skirt and leather shoes. Injury can be seen on her exposed legs.

    She seems to regret, “Shall we stop since now? Both sides lose too many lives today.” Government helicopter’s raking can be heard from outside.

    Lang: “Mira, you b-”

    She shuts up, since this girl faces around and her left eye is black!

    I: “It makes sense.”

    Lang: “This one is a double, This is a trap.”

    Trap? Maybe, still, this double can concentrate hotel security forces before fighting us instead of facing us alone all by one single injured and exhausted woman. No time to think further since Lang already points at her with tears in the eyes, “No matter who you are. We will not retreat or surrender, you are down today!”

    Her word is right, since real Mira hides herself now, such a resemblant body can still hit government forces morale badly, we can also report back to Miss Bai, and most importantly, for my fallen sisters!

    I load my pistol, ”You are up, I will cover you.”

    Lang: “Got it!”

    Her stares at the enemy and expression turns to be focused. However, according to her quickly heaving chest and disordered breath, I know the Chi inside her body is in chaos because her energy transfer was just interrupted. She relies on me.

    Both girls step up, no block or doge, their fists punch each other’s side face. Then both ones are knocked into air, ‘Mira’ recovers when I shoots at her. The bullet skims over the face of still flying Lang, whose Chi armour is not reactivated yet, goes towards ‘Mira’ but ‘Mira’ turns around to dodge this bullet.

    So fast? I am more or less surprised to see the Mira’s substitute who is crossing arms and legs against Lang. Although Lang has not adjusted Chin inside her body yet, this girl fighting on-bar with her has approved her power. Yet, not agile as I thought, because of consumption in previous battle against other Petals?

    Is Queen Mira having exchanged identity with this one in the limo to press conference or…Jing or the informant having provided the fake message?

    Theoretically Jing and informant are all well trusted by Miss Bai Meihua so limo trick is more likely. Still, failing to inform us on time after contacting with Jie et al.. for such a long time, Jing is quite suspicious.

    Watching Lang who is fighting fake Mira fiercely, I had better not tell her this doubt.

    Lang sweeps ‘Mira’’s right foot before she could pull back, the falling Mira double holds with her right hand on floor and kick Lang’s lower stomach with both feet, forcing Lang to step back.

    Distance is guaranteed, I suddenly lift my pistol, shoot without aiming. This ‘Mira’ pauses a moment before she gets over. Apparently she is not as quick as expected, she dodges bullets via excellent observation on aiming and trigger pulling action.

    Easier for me.

    Ahead of me, Lang keeps circle kicking, pushing just recovered Mira double back. Lang’s offence power is depleted as well. She finally gets her ass kicked, leaving a footprint on her arse and lean forward.

    I take the shot, two bullets left in magazine. Both go to the direction ‘Mira’ charging towards Lang in order to stop her attack. ‘Mira’ notices muzzle and jumps back, succeeds in avoiding my shots.

    Meanwhile, I put my pistol holding right hand behind my left back and open fire. One bullet was left in bore.


    Momently, her left shoulder shakes like taking an electricity shock, her long hair spins like a pretty spiral, blood spreads on skirt on her left upper arm like a rose. “Ya ah!!” ‘Mira’ shouts like a hurt beast and runs towards me. Lang stands between ‘Mira’ and me while ‘Mira’’s wounded left arm strike out, knife hands Lang’s forehand. Taking advantage of enemy’s ignorance, our double opponent still keeps her sanity. Lang, does not seem to take heavy damage, also makes use of this momentum by grasping fake Mira’s left arm and twists it at the wounds. “Eee!!” She closes her eyes and bite her teeth, expressing her intense pain. “This is payback, for me!” Lang also kicks her ass, leaving a high heel footprint on fake Mira’s panty under her uniform skirt, pushing her body far away.

    I throw away emptied pistol, calmly cross my arms in front of my chest: “I run out of ammo. Now it is your show time.”

    Lang: ‘Leave it to me! I will finish with her quickly!’

    Hope to be quick enough when I still can hold on.

    9-Petal Lang

    “Ya ah!” You yell again, I know you will put more strength this time.

    ‘Mira’ attacks again.

    Your strength is high but your speed is low, and your move is undiversified!

    I hold my breath, block with right palm and sticks her fist with left palm. Then I pull her closer with left palm and make right palm available!

    A palm on your forehead! She shakes like electric shock. This is for Gan!

    A palm on your left face! Saliva flies out of her mouth. This is for Shan!

    A palm on your right face! Blood flies out of her mouth. This is for You!

    A fist on your nose! Blood pours around her whole face. This is for Zhuang!

    When all blood sprays around her, I have jumped away. Blood covers her head. She stumbles a few steps, and possesses a counter strike stance. She furrows her arch eyebrows, narrowly opens her eyes, which are all black now, to search for my sight. You cannot find me now! The trap you set today will bury yourself!

    I am jumping and cartwheeling between pillars while she can only look around destructively. This is no use. When her sight finally picks me, my palms already beat her bullet proof vest outside her lower belly.

    Do you think this can protect you? Do you think Chi can only protect us? I will show you the unltimate level of Chi!

    Having mobelised all my Chi, I inject it into her body through my palms.

    This is for Po!
    The Chi penetrates her vest, her shirt and her skin, finally enter her organs. Air explodes in front of me, blowing my braids and her hair. She is blown far away with painful screaming. Her vest is broken by my power at its belts, falling down in middle air. ‘Mira’’s body smashes west door of front hall.

    When dirt is clear, her figure is lost, merely some chips of her white shirt are left.

    I turn around to pull the hands of Hui, who is still standing where she was gracefully, “She escaped, let’s go-”

    With my pulling movement, Hui’s smiling face suddenly is destroyed by pain-her left leg is bent outside to a strange angle and her whole body drops on the floor. I did not see her light red silk qipao is wet through with her sweat, showing her whole stature inside.

    Hui: “Lang…go…”

    I: “Doesn’t mean, when ambushed!”

    Hui: “Yes, she broke my left leg at the very beginning…I cannot distract you…”

    I bear her up, “Come on, let’s go after her together!”

    Hui: “…So how do you fight? Pick me later.”

    Before I could response, Hui gives me a short but hard kiss, ‘You are the best of Petals, you can make it!’

    East door is branched, a big number of female security enter the front hall.

    Hui: “Early to early back!”

    She puts me off gently and graciously turns around with one leg on foot, “Ladies, may I have you a minute?”

    Hui, wait when I come back!

    I rush out with no hesitation. Screech of female security comes from my back.

    The double’s blood is not obvious due to red blanket but heavily injured her cannot get far. Since the corridor in front of me has no sign of her, she must turn left or right.

    Jing: “Lang, back left wall now!”

    I stand by the left wall immediately, Jing must find she plan to ambush me on right corner.

    I may have heard a roar, like the type fake Mira always does before powerful attack? At this moment, the wall with pretty Bohemian pattern suddenly cracks and falls down in a whole piece.

    No! I dodge as fast as I can but still got pressed by the wall, only my head can move around.

    A familiar figure appears in my sight, that Mira-looking but quite powerful girl stands stably in the guest room behind the cracked wall, holding a kicking stance.

    Next moment, she falls down, long hair waves for a while. She crawls on the fallen wall, blood flows out of her mouth, blooded and worn white shirts shakes with her sizable breast.

    She is already dying, the kick just now was her last strength. If I was not trapped by the wall, I could defeat her! If I did not listen to Jing…

    Wait, Jing has not contacted us for a long time. Why did she come out just now?

    Before Hui and I encountering fake Mira, if enemy really used EMP, Jing should be not only unable to see screens, but also unable to contact us.

    I should have known!

    Jing lies, cheats us, and betrays Bai Bi!

    Why did she do so? We Petals are close sisters! We grow together, train together and fight together, like a family. We do trust each other!

    Why? Why?

    Sensed steps heard from ground, I know that is the sound of female security guards’ customised leather shoes walking on blanket.

    Frustration, anger and sadness fill my heart, I am eager to move but the thick wall is still on me.

    “I am sorry, I do not mean to hurt your sisters, I understand your mood quite well and I really did not want to be so cruel…”

    I am surprised to see this strong and cunning opponent cry for shame. Her tears wet out the wall.

    End-Queen Mira Julietta Vespaland

    Royal maids help treated “me” sit in front of me and leave quietly.

    “Are you all right?” Artificial voice speaks out my typed words. The wound caused by explosion makes me still unable to speak clearly.

    “I am fine, this is not my first time after all.” She smiles peacefully and raises her healed left arm.

    “Can you remove your voice changer? It is really weird to see a same face speaking in the same voice.”

    “Sorry, I forgot.” Having loosened her tie, her voice becomes brighter.

    “You are too aggressive. The opponents are so strong. Without protection gear and reinforcements, you are already a dead woman. You should act according to plan: wait until our little friend locate and replace their coordinator so you will only deal with separated enemy.”

    “I know.” She nods, “but the security casualties will be much higher. I do not want that.”

    “Kind hearted as always, to both friendlies and foes, still, saving the millions sustained in war is the largest humanity-but that’s why we can be good friends.” I smile, “Tell you a good thing, when announcing this assassination to the press later, we will display only 8 assassins, dead and alive.”

    “Exclude the coordinator? She did not show up in the hotel.”

    “No, exclude the last one you captured. If all doubtful points guide to single one, Bai Bi will figure it out quickly while I want them confused. Then I 'happen to’ let that informant know the 'truth' that it is the betrayal inside assassins that brings the failure of their operation.”

    “I see, as thus, Bai Bi will question the loyalty of these beautiful assassins. Therefore, their concentration turns to internal interrogation and purification and that is the time you eradicate rebels.”

    “Exactly, that is how, I, end this war.”
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    Here is some motivation to write it. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    lol, seriously though, good luck with the story.
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    Thanks for dinomoneyman's video. I finally finish it. Because of hand injury it is way later than schedule.
    Also many thanks to my friend's pictures and character design.

    I may add and edit some details but that is how the main story is.

    This story tries to tell NNin's main story line: how Petal Lang becomes rogue petal.
    Because she is framed in a failed mission. She is released later but Bai Bi already treats her as a traitor. With all other Petals involved in this mission dead or captured, she has no evidence to clear her name and is forced to flee.

    Besides, a few other Petals are purposed. They are:
    Petal Gan(感): Sensitive and thoughtful in battle.
    Petal Jie(捷): Cool and agile.
    Petal Jing(静): Calm and skilled in IT
    Petal Shan(善): Caring, profession in grasp movement.
    Petal Po(泼): Always optimistic, high HP.
    Petal Zhuang(壮): Silent and strong, only use hands.
    Petal You(由): A little rude, good at small tricks.

    I also make reverse of NNin's previous story type: last minion manages to defeat strong heroine. This story tells weaker heroine defeating strong Petals.
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    Many nice scenes here and there is emotional one :D
    Sisterhood is good to have, isn't it?
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    Exactly, and that is the destiny of elite zako like Petals.
    On one hand, they are well trained and treated, making they live well and long enough to be able to build up friendship and sisterhood with other members. Their team life would be their precious memory.
    On the other hand, their identity as minions and high combat skills always put them into dangerous situation so their sisterhood is frequently tested and improved, sometimes endangered. Fighters surviving from battle field are quite easy to rely on and trust companions.
    Of course, this is on the basis of their loyalty and will to fight. Free will is most important for emotion.

    In addition, I am curious about more profile about Petals.
    What is Bai Bi's and Bai Meihua's attitude to Petals? Do they treat them as expendable cannon fodders, expensive weapons, core forces or irreplaceable members?
    How many Petals are totally trained? Is there only one term of Petals or many substitute ones?
    How are Petals personal lives like? Controlled living and activity space like barracks, personal accommodation and social networking like normal people or limited out opportunities in groups like middle school?
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    I see. Yes. That is life of zako.

    And about your questions, though there is someone disagree, Bai Bi treat them as expensive weapon. Ms.Bai truely cares about them as person.

    Bai Bi has other fighting units but they are not as effective as Petals. And Petals are around hundred, though there is a plan to train more.
    They live a normal life, because it is good to be normal if you must work in infiltration.
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    This is a good story filled with lots of action. It's even better that you added art and photographs as reference.
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    Thanks. Personally I also prefer a hot blooded and happy ending fighting story.