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Petal vs. Bunny Mercenary

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Mystral Kiss, May 15, 2014.

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    May 14, 2014
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    Hello all,

    Happy to be a part of the Ryonani community. I'm a big fan of zako, and I fell in love with NNin's character concept Petal (and Bunny Mercenary!), so I had to write my own contribution.

    Below is a story inspired by NNin's creations here. I tried to stay faithful to the core concept while applying my own spin on things. You'll likely get a bit more out of it if you're familiar with Petal.

    Hopefully, I was not too harsh on poor Petal Lang. I truly like her a lot :)

    Story elements/highlights, hidden in case the reader enjoys being surprised:
    • Heroine somehow loses to nameless, low-rank enemy
    • Choking gas
    • Belly assault KO
    • Humiliation/degradation
    • Mind control/truth serum
    • Exploitation of heroine weakness
    • Complete, embarrassing heroine defeat; overwhelming enemy win


    "I'm approaching my target now."

    Petal Lang stands hidden atop a balcony of the Spring Towers, a high-class hotel that caters to upscale business clientele. Fifty-seven floors high and crouched against the wall, she is invisible from the ground. She peers into a small, hand-held mirror, peeking through the balcony glass door to the hotel room within.

    Inside, a lone figure in bunnygirl apparel is sifting through a bag. From the long ears sprouting from her silver hair to her distinctive blue high heels, the girl's appearance betrays her identity.

    In a hushed yet decisive tone, Lang continues speaking. "Target confirmed as a member of Bunny Mercenary Group. Confirm objective."

    A voice from her earpiece responds. "The Bunny Mercenary is in possession of the stolen chemical technology. Extract the parcel and escape undetected. Your target has minimal fighting experience. No threat."

    Petal Lang nods softly to herself. Bunny Mercenaries are generally well-trained fighters known for their exotic, signature kicking skill. In an attempt to obscure the location of the stolen technology before it reaches its final destination, the chemical has been passed off to an unknown weakling, a low-priority target. It is a ruse that Petal Team easily detects.

    Lang's hand drifts to her thigh where her holster would normally hang, reminding her that she is unarmed. In order to reach this level of the tower without raising suspicion, she was forced to make do without her weapons.

    It is no matter to her. Petals are accustomed to battling elite forces; a single, unarmed bunny is nothing. A typical Bunny Mercenary has no chance against the masterful, deadly expertise of a Petal.

    "Understood," whispers Lang. "Engaging target."

    With silent grace, she slowly slides the balcony door open and slips inside. To her surprise, the Bunny Mercenary notices her entrance.

    "Hey!" The bunny flinches, removing her hands from her bag. "What are you doing in my room? Oh no . . ." She takes a step backward when she realizes she's dealing with an elite Petal.

    "If you surrender, I will not hurt you." Petal Lang assumes an aggressive stance and takes a few steps forward. "Return the stolen technology to me, or I will take it by force!"

    "Stop! Please, don't!" The bunny raises her hands innocently in surrender. "I don't want to fight, okay?"

    Lang smiles softly. "Then do as I say and give it to me."

    "Yes! What-whatever you say." Biting her lip, the bunny reaches back into her bag and nervously pulls out a small, nozzled canister.

    "That's it," says Lang, holding out her palm. She feels a slight twinge of guilt; the poor girl is apparently overwhelmed by emotion.

    The bunny hesitates for a moment, visibly shaking. She timidly holds the canister out toward Lang. "H-Here, take it."

    As soon as Lang approaches, the bunny suddenly turns the nozzle toward her and sprays its gas directly into her face.

    "What are you-" is all Lang can say before coughing. She immediately staggers backward, clutching her throat.

    The bunny stares at her, wide-eyed, then erupts in laughter. "Ha ha ha! What's wrong, Petal? Can't breathe?"

    A flash of anger streaks across Lang's face, but before she can act, the bunny sprays her once more. Lang falls to her knees, coughing and sputtering, trying to regain her senses.

    "Wow, it really works!" The bunny saunters up to defenseless Lang. She grins widely, then kneels down to her level and gives her another healthy dose, this time mere inches from her face. "Do you like it?" she coos while spraying the gas. "It was designed just for you Petals. They say your chi, or something, gets disrupted when you can't breathe, right?"

    Lang manages to shake her head between coughs. The gas is dominating her senses; she can barely move.

    "I don't know anything about chi, but you definitely look messed up to me. Hey, don't worry. Let me take good care of you, Petal." The bunny reaches a gentle hand toward Lang's face. Wearing a wicked smile, she lightly caresses her cheek, then wraps her hand around the back of her head to hold Lang's face still. With her other hand, she mercilessly sprays her from point-blank.

    Petal Lang can't understand why the bunny keeps gassing her; she is already disabled. A few more sprays later, Lang finds it difficult to think much of anything at all. Her head is swimming, a thick dizziness taking hold of her. The coughing has stopped, her throat nearly numb at this point. When the bunny lets go of her head, she slumps to the ground, incapacitated. A trickle of drool escapes her lips.

    "What a pathetic Petal . . ." says the bunny, giggling.

    Petal Lang, drained of strength by the enervating gas, groans in response.

    The bunny strokes Lang's face, pushing aside a few strands of hair. As she admires her handiwork, she spies an odd device in Lang's ear. Gingerly picking it out, she dangles it in front of Lang's face with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Hmm, hmm. What have we here?"

    Before she can respond, the bunny crushes it beneath her heel. Lang closes her eyes, wincing as it is destroyed.

    After brushing away the broken remains of the device with her feet, the bunny reads something off of the gas canister's label. "Oh, this is perfect!" she exclaims.

    A pang of fright jolts through Lang. Something in her doesn't feel right . . .

    "Now, my little Petal, you're going to tell me everything I want to know."

    Lang weakly shakes her head; the bunny responds by spraying her face once more.

    "Yes you are. According to this drug, you will, anyway. You're going to give me all of your secrets. Everything you Petals don't want Bunny Mercenaries to know . . ."

    Petal Lang stares at her, glossy-eyed.

    "Be a good little Petal and tell me your weakness," the bunny whispers.

    "-elly," says Lang meekly. A knot ties itself in her stomach; why is she complying?

    The bunny's eyebrows perk up. "Hmm?"

    "M-My belly . . ."

    Seemingly every fiber of her being is alight with fury, yet Petal Lang finds herself uncontrollably and shamefully confessing everything to her bunny captor. She explains how their chi is generated and how it can be disabled with a strike to the solar plexus. She reveals her Petal teammates' tactics and fighting styles. She surrenders the location of Petal Team's hidden headquarters. She relinquishes access codes to Petal technology databases. With each bit of information Lang yields, she is rewarded with yet another mind-altering spray to the face.

    Petal Lang wants to stop, but the heady gas makes the bunny's soothing words sound absolute. Secret after secret is stolen from her, each one widening the smile on the Bunny Mercenary's face. When there doesn't seem to be anything left to say, her captor leans in very closely for one final interrogation.

    After a thoughtful look, the bunny calmly says, "That cute earpiece you had on, who were you talking to?"

    "My partner. Petal Hui."

    The bunny beams in delight. "Is your pretty little Petal friend going to try and save you?"

    Lang swallows hard and shakes her head, but her voice betrays her body's attempt to remain silent. "Y-Yes. She will come looking for me soon. We were working together."

    "Aww, that's so sweet." The bunny stands up over Lang's body, hands on her hips. "Too bad you failed your mission so miserably."

    Silence from Lang.

    "Come on." The bunny taps the side of Lang's face with her foot. "Say it! Say you failed. I wanna hear an elite Petal say it."

    "I f-failed my mission . . ."

    The bunny can't help but laugh. "Ha ha ha, that's right. I beat you!" After the last of her confessions, she leans down and kisses her gently, eliciting a scowl from Lang. "You've been such a good girl, answering all my questions so diligently. I almost don't want to tie you up, but Bunny Mercenary Group likes their presents wrapped."

    Petal Lang offers futile resistance as the bunny winds rope around her body, tightly binding her hands and feet together. She is gagged and dragged to a corner of the room, hogtied and left as bait.

    Minutes later, just as Lang had told, her companion enters through the balcony window. Petal Hui, consumed by vengelust and desperate to save her Petal sister, bursts into the room and finds her propped up against the wall, fully bound. "Lang!"

    Just as she cries out to her, a fine mist is sprayed toward Hui's face-the Bunny Mercenary emerges from her hiding spot wielding the gas canister. Petal Hui's body flows like water, evading the chemical spray with a swift somersault to the side and countering with a lunging jump kick. The attack easily catches the inexperienced bunny off-guard, connecting with her arm and knocking the canister out of her grasp.

    "Your trick won't work twice, mercenary!" Hui lashes out with a lightning-fast palm strike to the bunny's shoulder, causing her to stagger. With burning eyes, she launches her signature finishing move-a fierce butterfly kick to the face-but to her surprise, the bunny anticipates the move and dodges it perfectly.

    In that small moment, the bunny takes advantage of Petal Hui's shock to launch a spinning heel kick of her own, directly into her belly. The full force of her heel sinks into Hui's gut, and a soundless gasp seems to escape from her lips. The strike on her weak point shatters her chi, leaving her stunned. Incredulous, she stares at the bunny with eyes both confused and frightened. Even the bunny herself was not expecting such a sharp reaction from a single kick.

    "Aww, what's wrong, Petal? Did that hurt?" The bunny laughs as she watches her dazed opponent struggle to recover. She steps forward, delivering a second spin kick to her abdomen that pushes Hui against the wall. Arms dangling at her sides, Petal Hui is unable to summon the strength to even attempt to guard her vulnerable stomach. Slouched against the wall, all she can do is watch helplessly as the bunny winds her body up for a third and final spin kick. The impact crushes her belly and instantly knocks her out cold.

    After Petal Hui's unconscious body collapses onto the floor, the bunny casually walks over and nudges the side of her face with her heel. "Hey. That's it? That's all it takes?"

    No response.

    The Bunny Mercenary smirks. "That's what I thought."


    "Yeah. Yeah, I got two of them."

    . . .

    "I don't know either! They practically gave themselves to me, it was so easy. These Petals are such losers."

    . . .

    "Of course, they're all yours. After I've had my fun . . ."

    The bunny ends her call and looks down upon her two little captive Petals. Her mission was somehow an incredible success, and she got much more than she bargained for.

    It's a very good day for Bunny Mercenary Group.
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  2. NNin

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    Dec 1, 2010
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    Feedback from Petals

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Lang: We failed like losers.
    Hui: I think. Those kicks can't be underestimated, indeed.
    Lang: A spray designed to deal with us, huh? Now I know how Superman feels when a thug suddenly brings out a Kryptonite.
    Hui: Sadly, we are far from being Superman. I wonder who invented it though.
    Lang: Hard to guess, there are many.... It's our false that didn't checked if the bunny may ally with someone possessing our information.
    Hui: You should have rushed in and beat her senseless instead of talk.
    Lang: Oh Hui, this is a good unexpected peril scene. And NNin likes it, such as that coughing moment. Other members may like it too.
    Hui: *sighs* This is ryonani after all....
    Lang: If we can entertain the reader, that's good. Great writing Mystral Kiss! Feel free to use us again in the future!
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