Queen of Fighters: Petal Vs. Mai Shiranui


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Location: Manazuru Peninsula, near the Kanagawa Prefecture. Tokyo, Japan.

Outside a luxurious mansion, the Petals surveyed the scene, eyeing various mobster rivals as they exited their limousines.

A week ago, a truce had been called between the Hong Kong based Red Dragon Triads, the Japanese Yakuza, and the Italian crime family known as the Marina Family. Once competing for territory and control of the international market, the groups decided violence could be avoided if they negotiated a treaty instead. Thus, they accepted one another's terms and agreed to meet in a neutral area in Japan, where the crime rate was much lower.

Representing the Hong Kong based Red Dragons was Madam Wu, a Chinese woman with a scowl on her face that expressed displeasure at everything. Once an acquaintance of Bai Bi, the Petal's corporation, she turned to a life of crime instead of continuing to be a mercenary. Otherwise, she was dressed in an elegant cheongsam that showed off her shapely legs. Accompanying her were the Petals. Also with her were various mid ranking members of the Red Dragon Triads. Tonight, her goal was to expand her branch of the Triads and show they would be a force to be reckoned with.


Representing the Japanese Yakuza was Nakano Kagura, a stern faced Japanese woman dressed in a white kimono that hugged her figure and gave her a traditional feminine appearance. Accompanying her were several Yakuza, all stoic and dressed in expensive suits. Though, her main bodyguards were women who carried samurai swords and wore black masks covering their eyes. They were known to the Petals as the Crazy 77s.


Representing the Italian mafia was Giulietta Marina, a sultry woman dressed in a fashionable golden business dress that showed off her bulging cleavage. She was the richest of the three groups, having come from an old and powerful crime family (they were "la prima...the very first," she claimed). Unlike the others, she arrived with no other personnel except for herself. Giulietta had preferred it this way, hoping for men to fall for her seductive charms and cling to her influence rather than the other female bosses.


Moving through the elegant modern design of the mansion and its expensive Japanese garden courtyard, the mobsters finally made their way into a traditional Japanese styled room complete with paper walls and tatami mats.

Food and drink was provided immediately.

"Oops," the Italian seductively popped open the cork of an expensive wine bottle only for drops of wine to drop on the floor and the cork fall into her cleavage, "Che macello (what a mess)!" She pulled the cork out and tossed it towards the Yakuza men. Then, the mafiosa bent over as she began to pour wine into three glasses, revealing her large chest.

Kagura was silent, simply staring stoically at the Italian seductress as she handed over the wine glasses to her counterparts. Meanwhile, Wu continued to frown.

"Are you finished?" asked Madam Wu, certainly not amused.

Giulietta smirked.

"Naturalmente (Naturally). May our alliance prove worthy," stated Giulietta with a purr as she offered her counterparts a toast, which the Red Dragon and Yakuza bosses accepted, neither wanting to offend nor show weakness in front of their rival. Despite their agreement to meet, there was still an awkward tension in the room. Nonetheless, the three women shared their drinks before a servant opened the Japanese room divider to reveal a group of Geishas.

"We will provide tonight's entertainment. We hope you will enjoy," stated a low ranking Yakuza spokesperson.

As a gesture from the Yakuza, the Geishas had been ordered to provide entertainment for the night, slowly dancing and stripping off their brightly colored kimonos in front of the men. The tension became more relaxed, though many were still alert in the case of a betrayal.

The Petals eyed the Japanese courtesans cautiously. Though the women seemed harmless, they could easily take the opportunity now to lash out with hidden knives or use their hairpins to assassinate the Red Dragon's leader. Thus, they remained attentive to every detail and movement from the Japanese women.

Of course, nothing eventful happened and the striptease began as it ended, with the Geishas redressing themselves into their ornately designed kimonos and disappearing back through the door.

The mobsters sat in silence and awkwardly waited for the next move from their counterparts.

"I hope that is not all," stated Madam Wu, with an ounce of disappointment in her voice.

Just then, the lights turned off and several candles lit up.

The paper divider opened and from the shadows, another Japanese woman clad in a blossom-like kimono appeared. Covering her face with a fan, she slowly moved through the room towards the gangsters, her curvy silhouette illuminated by the dim candlelight. She slowly began to sway her hips back and forth like a metronome. The more she did, the more her legs revealed themselves. Soon, her thighs were beginning to receive exposure. And finally, the men all saw glimpses of her red thong hidden beneath. If the previous Geisha entertainers hadn't caught any of the mobster's attentions, this woman did. Every male was entranced.

Giulietta turned to see that the men was no longer paying attention to her but to this new Geisha instead. Kagura's stern and serious eyes expressed awe and surprise at the mysterious Geisha, who put her own Geishas appearances to shame. And Madam Wu, not easily impressed, was struck at the seductive dance.

Next, the kimono clad woman slowly closed her fan to reveal a stunning, beautiful face, much in line with the concept of an ideal Japanese beauty. All the men to drop their jaws. The woman playfully smiled and snapped the fan open with one arm. Through her dress, one could make out an enormous chest bouncing through the silky fabric. Many of the men tried to shift their angle to see the movement (or adjust their pants).

Meanwhile, the three female bosses could only stare in contempt and jealousy as the show went on.

The Petals remained attentive.

By now, the Japanese beauty covered her face with her fan once again, moving closer towards the crowd of ogling mobsters. She swayedfrom side to side and smiled from behind her fan. With each movement, her skin began to reveal itself more and more. It was almost like a magical tease.

Just then, the lights flashed back on and....all the candles erupted into giant flames!

The Geisha spun her dress in a full circle until most of it flew off her body, only to twist the entire dress into a kind of knotted ribbon behind her back and above her loin cloth, revealing a red kunoichi outfit. As she snapped her fan open once again, her breasts bounced up and down in a motion that made everyone in the room glance multiple times.

"By the Shiranui School, evildoers must be punished! And I will teach you all a lesson!"


The red clad kunoichi inserted the fan into her mouth and began to spin her dress tail against the candlelight until it was lit on fire. Then, she whirled over and over until she created a haze of fire that spread through the room and onto the mobsters.

The mobsters all fought to put out the flames on or around them, scattering to and fro over one another.

All the while, the Petals moved in to engage the attacker, cartwheeling to dodge the flame attacks. They encircled and closed in around Mai, who simply smirked and spun her dress around. On the tail end was a heavy ball which slammed into one of the Petal's faces and sent her flying into the ground. From behind, a Petal threw a knife at Mai only for the kunoichi to utilize her lightning fast reflexes and catch the knife with her fan before it could harm her.

Mai pulled the knife out from her fan and threw it at the Red Dragon boss, only for Petal Hui to kick it away just in time. The Petal rushed the mob boss away to safety.

At this moment, another Petal rushed in towards Mai only to be greeted with a lightning fast palm technique in the gut and a low kick in the ankles which sent her tripping and then, falling forward toward's Mai. The Petal's face landed in Mai's massive chest. The ninja simply smiled and bounced her chest upwards which smashed into the Petal's jaw and sent her reeling backward onto the downed Petal on the floor, knocking them both down for the count.

Two Petals tried to attack at once. The first received a high kick to the jaw and the second received a slap to the face by Mai's fan. The kunoichi began slapping the second Petal with her fan, her heavy chest swaying as it did so.

"Mo takusan desuka (Had enough)?" asked Mai before she slammed her knee into the Petal, sending the Petal crashing through the paper thin walls.

From the sides, two more Petals erupted only for Mai to do a mid-air splits type move that knocked down the Petals onto the floor.

With the Petals in the room defeated, Mai jumped through the hole in the wall and began to pursue the fleeing mobsters in the mansion's courtyard garden.

Swords drawn out, the Crazy 77s arrived to engage Mai as she moved for the Yakuza leader. They were all standing on a wooden floor that overlooked the garden, making it look like a scene out of a samurai film.


Mai moved to and fro, dodging and spinning and flipping from side to side to dodge the 77's swords. All the while, she deflected the blades with her twin fans.

By the time the kunoichi made it onto the other side of the 77s, the Yakuza bodyguard's clothing simply shred apart in mid-air while they fell over limp.


Awaiting Mai was the 77 leader, Koko Yaburai, a sadistic schoolgirl who was armed with a ball chain with spikes on it. She swung her her ball chain, intending to hit Mai with it. Instead, the ninja simply dodged and spun around causing the the red ball on her dress to slash away Yoko's weapon. Mai moved her knee over Koko's chain and nabbed at the weapon, so that the schoolgirl clad assassin could not use it. She also began to spin so that the chain weapon became stuck with her rather than was used against her.

Koko tried to pull herself free from Mai's swinging. Unfortunately for the Crazy 77, Mai accompanied her swinging with several roundhouse kicks, a few spinning kicks, and a jump kick to Koko's jaw. The strength of Mai's kicks shattered the chains on Koko's weapon, freeing the ninja up in the process.

The Crazy 77 leader simply rolled her eyes and slowly fell over unconscious next to her fellow 77s.

Watching from across the garden was Kagura, who expressed fear on her face rather than her typical stoicism. She simply tried to run but tripped over a tree root instead.

"C-choto Matte (W-wait a minute)! S-stay back! Yamete (Stop)! " pleaded the Japanese mobster toward the approaching kunoichi.

"Dou shita no (What's wrong)?" Mai's chest bounced as she walked closer.


A scream pierced through the mansion from outside.

Her heels rapidly clicking across the floor, Giulietta ran through the empty mansion halls, looking for help. She turned hear head to look back but there was no one behind her. Still, she was paranoid at the thought of an attacker lunging at her from the shadows.

Soon enough, she came across a group of Petals.

"Ehi! Tutti voi (Hey! All of you)! Defend me, I command you!" ordered Giulietta toward the Petals.

"We don't have orders to defend you," stated the Petal.

"Basta (enough)! I will pay you! Sono più ricco di altre donne nella casa!" Giulietta motioned with her hands in stereotypical Italian fashion, "I am far richer than the other bosses here. Ti prego (I beg you)!"


Before the Petals had a chance to respond, an elevator popped open next to them. Inside were several Crazy 77s, piled on top of one another and naked. At the top was the Crazy 77 leader, Koko Yaburai, whose Hello Kitty thong was stabbed into the elevator wall with a katana, forcing her to hang unconscious around the waist by a wedgy. And in the middle of the elevator was Kagura, the Yakuza leader, blindfolded with a white cloth and tied up in an "x" shape with Japanese writing and drawings all over her nude tattooed body.

"I-impossibile!" Giulietta fearfully leapt away, knowing Mai was near by.

Armed with pistols, two Petals approached the elevator for inspection. As they entered the elevator, a pair of legs jumped from the elevator roof and kicked the two Petals to the ground.

"Shiranui Mai, mairi masu (Mai Shiranui has appeared)!" stated the busty ninja with a bounce as she made her entrance.

Several Petals rushed at her from multiple sides. Mai simply smiled at the challengers.

One of the Petals signaled to another and made the first move. Mai blocked a punch from the first Petal and swung around to dodge a palm strike from the second Petal before swinging back (as if retracing her steps backwards) to send an elbow into the second Petal's face. Then, she wrapped her legs around the first Petal and swung her into a column, causing a crack to appear. Such power and precision negated the Petal's chi armor. It was also apparent Mai's ninjutsu training likely infused her with ki in almost every physical strike.

A third and a fourth Petal rushed in only for Mai to cartwheel to the side. As the Petals tried to chop and kick at Mai, the busty ninja pulled out not just one fan but two fans and spun in a full circle, as if drilling upward into the heavans. The fans whirled and twirled with speed and strength which sent the two Petals twirling in motion together until landing on the ground, unconscious. Meanwhile, their dresses fell apart from Mai's fans.

The fifth Petal attacked with a spear strike of her finger tips, hoping to attack some pressure points. However, Mai blocked the attack with her fan. Then, she attacked twice with two karate jabs before kicking the Petal in the gut.

The sixth and last Petal nervously tried to distance herself, adopting a protective stance rather than an offensive one. Mai simply bounced back and forth in her step, almost as if waiting. Just as the Petal hesitated, Mai jumped over her opponent and sent a backward's elbow fist into the Petal's back before spin kicking her into the wall, rendering her unconscious.

The kunoichi simply flicked her hair and turned to the defeated Petals, smiling, as she said, "Kono teido dana, ne (That all you can do)?" She looked around the room.

By now, Giulietta had run off, much to Mai's disappointment. The kunoichi braced herself and began moving forward at ninja speed. A brief moment later, she appeared in front of a group of armed Petals, who began to fire pistols and submachineguns at her.

"Kakatte rasshai (Bring it on)!" yelled the ninja to her opponents.


The ninja flipped through the air multiple times before throwing her fan at one of the Petals, which knocked the gun out of her hand and sent the Petal backward. As the others fired or reloaded their weapons, the kunoichi jumped from wall to wall to wall until she got close enough to send a devastating spin kick into one of the Petal's face, who then stumbled into the other Petals. They all fought to get up but Mai simply landed on top of them, piling them together.

The last Petal nervously aimed her weapon at Mai only for the ninja to drop to the ground and push herself up with one arm and fire both her legs into the Petal's chest and face, which sent the gun shooting into the ceiling and the Petal flying backward.

Then, with her hand still on the ground, Mai did a twisting handstand type spin move that sent her legs twirling in several full circles, knocking out the few Petals who dared try to pick themselves off the ground.

The kunoichi flipped backward and landed upright all in one motion before turning to the defeated Petals. She kicked her fan up off the ground and caught it before shoving it down into her massive cleavage.

The Japanese ninja turned towards the end of the hall, where Giulietta was nervously standing against the wall. In her hand was a Beretta pistol pointed at Mai.

"Do you think you can shoot that gun?" asked Mai. The Japanese woman's incredible chest heaved and bounced with every step, "How about you try to handle my guns?"

With incredible speed, the kunoichi moved up to Giulietta. Before the Italian woman could fire off a shot, Mai's breasts connected against Giulietta's own chest, shoving her back against the wall and causing Giulietta to drop her pistol right as the bullet left the chamber.

Their bosoms were now deadlocked in a duel. Mai stared down at Giulietta's boobs, comparing it to her own. Giulietta did the same but with more of an expression of shock and surprise across her face.

"Mine are better," stated Mai, unimpressed with the Italian mafiaosa's big chest.

"Schifosa puttana (Rotten whore)! You are wrong!" Giulietta struggled and pushed back with fierce determination at the Japanese woman.

Both women leveraged for control, their bulky chests likened to sumo wrestlers attempting to force their opponent across the line. There was much shaking, vibrating and jiggling as the twotitanic chests clashed and mashed against one another in competition.

The much taller Giulietta shoved back at her opponent, trying to use her height and weight advantage. Her breasts appeared to be larger than the Japanese woman's, she thought, especially since her chest started to cover up over Mai's.

Mai responded by rebounding her very buoyantly bouncy chest back at the Italian woman's bosoms. Again and again, she fired back.

The two women were like two warships firing their cannons at one another. Yet, Mai appeared to be calm and take pleasure in the whole ordeal. In fact, her personality seemed to match her breasts, which bounced with delight, as if they were hungry puppies trying to bite back at something just because it was fun.

Soon, the Japanese woman's huge chest slowly began to overpower Giulietta's breasts, flattening them and smashing them before slowly blocking them off completely. It was almost as if Mai's boobs were absorbing Giulietta's chest, devouring them with ever satisfying hunger.

Giulietta lashed out, furiously trying to shove back with her breasts. She screamed, "I miei seni sono l'orgoglio di tutti Italia (My chest is the pride of all Italy)!"

"Yo! NIPPON ICHI!! (I'm Japan's best!)" Mai retorted, her breasts appearing larger ever than before as they pushed up against Giulietta, crushing the Italian woman's chest for good.

Due to Mai's busty impact, the buttons flew off of Giulietta's business dress and the cleavage portion of her suit popped open, causing her breasts to flop out in the air. Meanwhile, from the ninja's cleavage, Mai's fan bounced up into the air. In one motion, Mai caught the fan and slashed it sideways in her classic 'Nippon Ichi!' pose, her breasts bouncing in defiance at the laws of physics.

As the ultimate insult, Mai's bouncing breasts slammed into Giulietta's jaw, sending her head backward into the wall, while the ninja fan shredded the Italian's expensive gold dress suit into a hundred different pieces.

An embarrassed Giulietta tried desperately to cover herself but Mai simply backed up and shoved again and again, almost like a battering ram trying to bring down a castle wall during a medieval siege. In fact, as Mai shoved her opponent backwards, the wall behind Giulietta shook and began to develop tiny cracks itself, which drew a huge "GASP" from the Italian woman as her breasts were crushed.

But before the Italian mafiosa could plead for Mai to stop, she saw the ninja's breasts approach her face, "Sayanora (good bye)."

Giulietta tried to signal but it was too late. The mafiosa could do nothing but struggle until she was unconscious. Her nude body slumped down the wall, completely humiliated and devastated.

"Hmph," Mai simply turned away with an attitude, "Don't even compete with me if you can't handle me". And with hands on her hips and her big chest bouncing, Mai stared at the downed opponents, taunting them, "Kyō wa kongurai de yurushita wa (that's the lesson for today)!"

Indeed, the Japanese beauty had taught them a lesson, having taken out Nakano Kagura, Giulietta Marina, the Crazy 77s, and over a dozen Petal guards in less than five minutes. And soon, she would take them all down!


Down below several floors, Petal Hui and a few other Petals hurried the Red Dragon leader into an emergency tunnel. Instead of exiting into the courtyard where they could potentially be exposed to gunfire or traps, Petal Hui made sure to head downstairs into a dimly lit bunker area full of pipes and concrete walls. This ensured that an attacker could not penetrate through with explosives, projectiles, or any conventional weaponry. The thick walls and pipes also ensured that an attacker could not use the air ducts to hide in or even sonar to detect them.

"Where is Lang?" asked Hui to one of the Petals.

"I didn't see her. Do you think she was beaten by-"

"No," Hui shook her head, "Don't even think such a thing."

Madam Wu walked up to them, "We shouldn't worry too much about finding her. We need to get out."

Hui nodded, "Let's move on."

The Petal drew a kung fu sword and moved in front of the group, trying to scout ahead. They made their way for about 30 meters until they came across a sight that made them stop.

Tied up against the pipes and walls were twelve completely naked women, six on each side of the hall. They had been tied up, blindfolded, and gagged with scraps of their own clothing. Beneath them, on the ground, were several automatic rifles, pistols, and submachine guns. The bullet casings on the floor suggested that they had fired all of their bullets but were unable to take out whoever it was that attacked them. Otherwise, their tall, curvy, and athletic bodies suggested they were physically capable fighters of some sort.

"What are they doing down here?" asked Madam Wu.

Hui shook her head again, "I'm not sure. Perhaps I should interrogate them."

The Petal walked over to one of the mercenaries, a tall brunette with messy hair, and removed the gag from her mouth. Hui slapped the unconscious brunette, "Hey. Wake up."

A few more slaps woke the woman up.

"W-who's there?" asked the woman, shivering with fear and breathing short panicked breaths.

"That's none of your concern," stated Hui, "I want to know what happened here. Who are you and why are you here?"

"Y-yes, ma'am. I'm Tech Sergeant Ashley Roberts, with the International Reconnaissance &Infiltration Services."

"IRIS," stated Hui, familiar with the all-women mercenary group.

The IRIS mercenary continued, "We were awaiting orders when we were attacked."

"Orders for what?" asked Petal Hui.

There was no response.

Hui pushed the blunt end of her sword against the naked mercenary's large chest, where there were very apparent signs of battle damage inflicted against it. In fact, every member of the IRIS squad had a similar appearance on their busts, almost as if they had been flattened against something.

The mercenary flinched from the pain on her chest, "O-our orders were to take the elevator upwards and then, infiltrate and attack the other crime bosses and get them to fall under the command of Giulietta Farina. But before we could, we were ambushed down here instead."

Hui pushed her sword even further down on the Irises's tits, "Ambushed by whom?"

The mercenary hesitated for a moment before summoning the courage to speak. "T-t-there was only one person. A woman dressed in red. S-she dodged all of our bullets and picked us off one by one. M-my boobs....she attacked-"

"-Enough!" said Madam Wu as she stuffed the gag back into the IRIS mercenary's mouth and slapped the Iris until she was unconscious again, "I should've known this whole thing was a trap. Giulietta will pay for this when I find her!"

For a brief moment, Hui tried to imagine fighting against someone that strong. For one, she grew worried that Lang had been taken out by the red clad woman. Secondly, she felt that she would not be able to defend Madam Wu from such a powerful threat. And even worse, the the safest place Petal Hui could find was, in fact, the same area that the attacker made her first mark.

"We need to get out of here immediately," stated Hui to Madam Wu.

"Why don't we fight this attacker now and be done with it?" declared Madam Wu, still angry from hearing that she was to be targeted by a rival mob boss, "Then, we can line her up with Giulietta and dispose of them together!"


But before Hui could say anything else, an elevator opened up at the end of the hall, revealing Giulietta.

The mafiosa was down on all fours beneath Kagura, with a wad of cash in her mouth. Standing on top of her was Mai, arms crossed over her chest. Noticeable on Giulietta's chest was the same battle damage inflicted upon her IRIS mercenaries, suggesting they had all shared the similar bosomy fates at the bobbing busts of Mai Shiranui.

"Ora ora (Hey you!)!" stated Mai to the Petals, signalling a desire to fight.

Hui cautiously moved forward, pointing her sword at the busty ninja. Following her were five other Petals.

The ninja launched off of Giulietta, causing the mafiosa to fall flat to the ground. Mai flipped through the air and threw her twin fans at the Petals. The Petals easily dodged the attack but much to their misfortune, it was aimed at Madam Wu.

The ninja fans caught the Red Dragon Triad leader by the shoulder straps of her dress and flung her against the concrete wall, pinning her. Wu tried to free herself but the fans had already penetrated deep into the concrete and could not be removed.

Hui threw a slash with her sword but Mai dodged by leaning backward and then, countering with a kick to the Petal's jaw.

"Ichi! (one!)" stated Mai. Another Petal attacked with a swinging fist only for the kunoichi to block the attack and counter with a fist into the Petal's eye socket.

"Ni (two)!" stated Mai again, counting, as another Petal rushed in with a jumping kick. The kunoichi countered by spinning to dodge the attack and firing a kick while spinning, which sent the Petal into the pipes, "San (three)!"

Two more Petals attacked at once, one swinging high and the other swinging low. Mai blocked the lower one with her left fist and grabbed the higher one's attack with her other hand. The kunoichi agilely kicked herself off the wall and grabbed the high attacker with both hands before tossing her into the lower Petal in an aikido-like throw move.

"Shi! Go! (four! five!)" Mai declared as she swung her leg up and swept it through the air like a hammer, slamming it down on the two defeated Petals as they tried to get up.

The last Petal tried to charge in only for Mai to leap up into the air in an uppercut, "ROKU (SIX)!"

Mai turned to the downed Petals, wagging her finger at them, "Anata niwa kunfu ga tarinai wa (Your kung fu is not good enough)."

Seeing her opponents beaten on the floor, Mai relaxed for a moment, adjusting her hair and costume, "Yoosh! Watashi wa tsukarete imasu (I'm exhausted)! Mou genkai da (I'm really at my limit)!"

Still, the ninja continued to walk towards Madam Wu, her final target.

"Daijōbu desuka (Are you alright)?" smugly asked the curvy kunoichi to the Triad, who struggled with all her might to free herself. Mai pulled out one of the fans from the wall and laughed as she lightly and playfully slapped her fan on the Chinese gangster's cheeks a few times.

But just then, from behind, Hui struck at the ninja with her sword.

Mai dodged just in time.

"Nani (what)?!" The kunoichi scrambled her for ponytail, making sure it was intact, which it was. But she quickly noticed that she lost a bit of her hair due to the surprise attack from Petal Hui.

A bit of wild fury filled the busty ninja. She responded by kicking Madam Wu in the head, knocking her unconscious, before grabbing the other fan out of the wall. Mai screamed as she rushed towards Petal Hui.

"Ikuzo (let's go)!"

The Petal deflected and blocked all of the fan strikes as she moved backwards. Mai was swinging wildly enough that her attacks destroyed some of the pipes and caused steam to leak out. This allowed Petal to kick at Mai as the steam blocked the ninja's view. The first kick missed but the second struck Mai in the thigh and brought her downward.

Hui tried to slash with her sword but Mai brought her twin fans up to block it. Hui tried to back up and counter but by then, it was too late, as Mai slashed one of the pipes to cause it to break. The steam blew into Hui's face and sent her falling backward.

By the time the steam ran out, Mai moved over to Hui, who tried picking up her sword. Mai simply kicked the weapon away and pointed her fan at Hui.

"Ima sugu akiramete (Surrender now!)" stated Mai.

But Hui did not intend on giving up. She grabbed her sword and cut a nearby pipe, causing steam to fly into Mai's face as well.

Mai flew back from the sneaky attack but Hui pursued her, throwing a powerful kick to the chest while following with a second mid-air kick to the same region. The two kicks caused Mai to fall backward and slam her head into the concrete wall, having been hurt for the first time that night.

In reverse order, Petal Hui pointed her sword at Mai, "You surrender to me."

Mai kicked the sword away and spun her tail ball, which Hui dodged. But the kunoichi used some combination of ki and fireworks to light up her dress once again, spinning until the flaming embers flew into Hui's face. The ninja, then, slammed the ball into Hui's face before utilizing multiple spin kicks.

Hui fell to the ground, in pain. She tried to grab her sword once more but Mai shoved it away again before slapping Hui with one of her ninja fans.

SLAP! SLAP! "Sore (take that)!" SLAP! SLAP! "Kurea (eat that!)!"

But just before Mai delivered her final slap, someone jumped out from the shadows and kicked her in the back, sending her stumbling forward until she tripped and fell flat on her boobs.

It was Petal Lang.

"Sorry, I'm late," said Petal Lang to Hui, as she picked her fellow Petal up off the ground. Arriving with Lang were a few other Petals.

"She's strong," said Hui.

"We'll see just how strong," said Lang.

Mai backed off a bit, clutching her wounded areas. She made a hand sign and appeared to be gathering ki, as purple energy surrounded her. Lang and the other Petals responded by moving in.

Mai blocked the Petal's attacks with her forearms before flipping backward to avoid a swift kick from Lang. It was clear to Mai that Lang was stronger than the average Petal.

Retreating back, Mai blocked two of the Petals attacks. In that brief moment, Lang was able to jumpkick from behind one of the Petals and hit Mai in her big chest, catching the kunoichi off guard. This kick sent Mai flailing until she fell backwards into the elevator.

Lang pursued her by running into the elevator as well. inside, the two fighters fought in the cramped space, blocking one another's attacks and countering with kicks and punches of their own.


A missed kick by Lang sent Giulietta slamming into the elevator panel, mashing her breasts against the buttons. The door closed and soon the two fighters were moving upward.

"We need to follow them," stated Hui.

The Petals moved began heading up the stairs....


Meanwhile, in the elevator, Lang sent a palm into Mai's jaw, who countered with a knee into Lang's stomach.

DING! The elevator opened in front of a food deliveryman, stunned at the sight of all the naked or almost naked women, before closing back again.

Lang pushed herself off the wall and grabbed the katana which held Koko on the wall. In doing so, the katana shredded Crazy 77 leader's thong and caused her legs to fall on top of Kagura's head.

Lang lunged toward's Mai with the sword but the busty ninja easily blocked it with one fan while the other fan snapped the weapon in half, sending it in between Kagura's legs.

DING! The door opened and men from the Yakuza and the Red Dragon Triads all stared at the naked women before eyeing at the dangerous kunoichi. They fearfully ran off as the elevator closed.

The elevator ride continued.....

....Soon enough, the other Petals made it onto the floor where Lang and Mai's elevator made another stop.


Lang was the unfortunate one to be kicked out of the elevator, having been hurled several meters onto the floor, with Mai in pursuit.

The ninja sent a low kick but Lang flipped herself off the floor in time.

CLANG! A kick by Lang aimed at Mai's head broke a glass vase.

THWACK! One of Mai's punches knocked the head off of a porcelain statue of a naked woman while the ninja's breasts inadvertently slammed into the statues breasts, crushing them.

Lang and Mai cartwheeled away from one another, breathing heavily.

At this moment, Hui gave the signal and the other Petals charged in at Mai.

The ninja punched the first Petal in the gut and sent her flying into the nearby wall, causing a dent in it. The second Petal was just as unlucky as she was flipped on her head and before she fell down, was kicked into the wall as well. Finally, the third Petal received a spinning back kick while moving in which sent her flying until she landed on a wooden table, breaking it completely.

Hui ran in with her sword but Mai spun the ball on her tail once more and slapped the Petal across the face with it. Then, the kunoichi fired off a few jabs at the Petal. Still, Hui was able to dodge Mai's retaliating punches and move backward.

Lang approached with a defensive stance. But Mai easily broke this apart when she threw a powerful jump kick at the Petal, of which broke her guard and sent her reeling backwards. The Petal lost her balance and stumbled backwards, almost falling onto floor but not before Mai performed grabbed Lang's twin braids and brought her to the ground with her hair.


"Lang!" Hui jumped in to help. But Mai was already prepared for the attack.

With her fan, Mai slashed at Hui's sword and twirled the weapon until it swung out from the Petal's hand. Then, she kicked Hui in the stomach and sent her into the wall as well.

"Onushitowa kakugogachigauwa! Ima sugu akiramemasu (you're not good enough to face me! Give up now)!" taunted Mai at the downed fighters.

At this moment, Lang realized this opponent was far more dangerous than she had come to realize. In order to defeat her, Lang would need to summon more than just brute strength. The Petal raised herself from the ground, not intent on giving up.


"I'm going to beat you!" stated Petal Lang, defiantly.

Mai covered her face with her fan and began to laugh at the idea of losing. She was the fighting prodigy in her family. She was one of the few who could keep up with Andy and Terry. She had won tournaments before. She had already beaten every other fighter in the mansion. She was the 'Queen of Fighters'. Who was this unknown Chinese kung fu girl to challenge her rule?

"Kakatte koi yo! (Come on)!" stated the ninja, pridefully bouncing her boobs.

The two jumped at one another.

When Mai attacked with a spinning kick, Lang blocked the attack by grabbing the ninja's leg and attempting to counter with a palm strike to her chest, only for the ninja to flip herself over and kick Petal in the face.

When Lang pursued with three acrobatic spin kicks, Mai simply backed away and ducked each time before countering with several high roundhouse kicks that Lang blocked.

Punch-kick-block-punch-punch-kick-spin kick-block-block----they continued to trade blows back and forth.

Mai smirked as she threw another high kick that spun Lang in circles. As Lang tried to get up, Mai sent out a low kick that tripped her back to the floor again.

The Petal sent a kick upwards but the ninja easily dodged and spun around, causing the tail ball to hit Lang in the chest.

"Ack!" Lang struggled to breathe, having felt the wind knocked out of her chest.

Standing over the Petal, Mai put her hands on her hips, "Watashi-no ho-ga tsuyokatta-mitai-ne (Looks like I'm stronger than you)."

From nearby, Lang noticed Hui's sword and tried to grab it in an attempt to stab Mai but the kunoichi pulled out her twin fans and blocked it so it couldn't reach her. Then, the ninja extended the fans and twirled the sword away.

Still, Lang was able to use this moment to pick herself off the floor and kick Mai in the chest. Since her hands were holding the fans, the kunoichi couldn't properly block the attack and instead, was sent backward several paces.

Her boobs bounced for several seconds before falling out of Mai's skimpy red outfit.

Mai clutched her chest in pain, attempting to catch her breath. The kick had knocked the wind out of her not unlike what she did to Petal just a moment earlier.

"Kuso (damn it)!" stated the busty ninja angrily, as she covered herself and readjusted her boobs back into her outfit.

Lang simply smiled. The Petal breathed deeply and extended her palms, gathering chi to protect herself, as she swirled her arms and readied herself into another fighting stance.

The ninja moved in slowly, utilizing her typical low fighting stance. One hand held onto a fan and the other hand formed a fist. Meanwhile, her second fan was in her mouth.

They kept an eye on one another. Outside in the garden, a single leaf fell from the tree. By the time it reached the garden pond, the two fighters made their moves.

Mai charged in by first throwing the fan to distract the Petal.

But Lang dodged the fan by kicking it to the side. This allowed Mai to move in and swipe with her second fan, causing Lang to receive a cut to the shoulder. The Petal dodged several more swipes before being kneed in the gut and thrown to the floor.

In her usual stance once again, Mai approached her downed opponent cautiously, expecting a counter attack. Lang did exactly that as she leaped off the floor with a kick that was easily blocked by Mai. However, Mai did not notice Lang's other foot which swept the ninja by the ankle and sent her to the floor, as indicated by her large breasts becoming flattened across the floor.

"Argh!" The kunoichi grunted. It wasn't the strongest attack but it caught her off guard.

Petal stood over the kunoichi. "You're too slow. You won't win against me, Ms. Big Boobs."

"Kisama (Why you)?!" stated Mai as she flipped herself off the floor and began to throw more swipes at the Petal. Each attack was blocked or dodged by Petal as she cartwheeled backwards, causing Mai to respond with a double high-low kick that sent Petal stumbling back. A spinning jump by the ninja allowed her to throw a powerful fan swipe, which Lang blocked just in time. Unfortunately for the Petal, she was brought down to her knees.

With Petal down on her knees, Mai sent a powerful push kick into Lang's solar plexus, once again knocking the wind out of her as she flew back several meters.

And yet, again, Lang picked herself off the floor and began to breathe and extend her palm forward, not intent on giving up.

"Come on, you old lady!" yelled Petal to her opponent as she charged in.

Mai charged as well, angry at the insults and taunting. She pulled out one of her fans from her cleavage and threw it at Lang, who dodged by moving to the side. The fan struck the nearby wall.

Next, the ninja began jumping from wall to wall, hoping to confuse Lang. Just as she jumped off the wall in front of Lang, the ninja threw the other fan towards the Petal before attacking with a Shiranui styled dropkick.

But she did not see that Lang had flipped backward and bounced off the wall into the air which allowed her to dodge the second fan.....and fly with both legs extended in mid-air.

"Masaka! (No way?!)" yelled Mai as she saw a flash of white panty fly into her face, blinding her sight.

The Petal's crotch soon wrapped itself around Mai's face, effectively choking the ninja with her thin but powerful thighs. Mai's attack had been cancelled.

Soon, the grip tightened more and more as they both continued to fall in mid-air until they landed on the floor. Mai struggled to breathe as she spun and moved across the room, only seeing the white panty in her face and nothing else. The ninja was blinded.

"Mmmphffff!" muffled Mai. She struck upwards with her fists and nails but Petal simply blocked the attacks. The lack of oxygen soon caused her to roll her eyes, especially as Petal tightened her legs. The kunoichi was shocked and confused.

And yet, the Petal flipped forward and forced Mai to flip with her.

SLAM! Mai smashed into the ground with all of her weight slamming into her head and chest, flattening her breasts into the floor. The rest of her body fell over like a limp rag doll.

The kunoichi was dazed, her eyes wide open as the pain shot through her body.


Lang gracefully picked herself off the floor and readied herself back into another Changquan stance.

Though, she could have taken Mai out now, the Petal's pride took over. She wanted to finish the fight by proving that she was the superior fighter and martial artist, not Mai.

Hesitating, Mai slowly picked herself off the ground, wiping blood from her mouth. For the first time in the battle, she was demonstrating fear and uncertainty. But the ninja knew she couldn't give up just yet.

Mai angrily pulled a fan off the wall and inserted it into her mouth before taking a few steps backwards. She pulled the other fan out of the wall and pulled herself back into her stance once again.

Mai threw the first fan at Petal, who dodged the sharp blades within the fan, and then ran forward, swiping her second fan at the Petal.


Lang dodged in perfect melody, having perfected her Changquan style so that she could maintain her distance before countering with a double fist technique that smashed into Mai's boobs, flattening them and sending the ninja backwards. But just as they were flattened, Lang's fists soon turned into claws that latched onto the two breasts.

"Hanase (Let go of me)!" screamed Mai.

"Tiger Claw Twister!" yelled Lang playfully as she tore through the breasts before twisting them like a wrench twisting a bolt.

Mai screamed and tried to unlatch herself before Lang finally loosened her grip. The Petal simply gave a double palm shove into the kunoichi's breasts, flattening them.

Mai fell backward onto her butt.

The Chinese fighter made it a point to make a mocking finger twisting gesture at Mai as the ninja picked herself off the floor. There was fear in her eyes as she stared at the twisting gestures.

The kuinoichi furiously charged in and threw another kick that Lang dodged before kicking again, only for Lang to block the attack. The busty ninja flipped backward and threw a spin kick, pulling all of her momentum with her (as indicated by her wobbling breasts).

In response, Lang simply and gracefully leaned backward and extended one leg into the air. By the time Mai's kick had passed, the kunoichi's groin landed right on Lang's extended foot.


Mai screamed in horror before falling to the floor, clutching her crotch in pain. The kunoichi slammed the ground with one hand. She stammered, quivered, and awkwardly tried to move her hips to get rid of the pain but it was too much. From her position, she noticed Lang standing in front of her.

Mai stared up at the smiling Petal, who still held her leg up in the air before slowly bringing the leg down, as if demonstrating her flexible kung fu skills.

The Japanese ninja raised her hand up in the air towards Lang, almost as if begging for another few seconds to rest.

Lang complied, taking satisfaction in her well timed kick.

But just then, Mai shot up off the floor with a type of drop kick technique, aimed at the Petal's chest in what was clearly a dirty tactic.

Lang flipped backwards and up into the air so that the deceptively timed kick missed her just in time. When she completed the flip, she found her knee landing into Mai's crotch once again.

Mai howled in pain once again as her own dirty tactic was turned against her. The ninja held onto her crotch with both hands this time, refusing to let go to defend or even attack Lang as she got off the floor.

"Doesn't that hurt?" asked Lang with her arms up, feeling satisfaction as the smug, arrogant expression was wiped off Mai's face.

Mai did not answer. Instead, she slowly picked herself off the ground, refusing to give up. Yet, the shaking in her legs and the way her body was awkwardly contorted suggested she was still in pain from the double cunt bust, the frankensteiner neck twist, and the tiger claw twister.

"Makeru monka! (I'll never give up!)" declared the kunoichi. Though, there was a bit of exhaustion and hesitation in her voice.

"So be it," stated Lang.

Lang fired off a roundhouse kick that Mai blocked, only to switch immediately to the other leg with another roundhouse kick that smacked Mai in her pretty face. With Mai stumbling backward, Petal responded by spinning sideways like a drill before releasing an explosive kick toward's Mai's neck and shoulder area.

Mai fell to the floor on her butt only for Lang to jerk her back up by her long ponytail. The Petal threw a palm in Mai's chest before simultaneously firing a kick upward into Mai's jaw, dazing the ninja even further.

The kunoichi fired a few punches that Lang easily dodged. In response, the Petal shot several fingertip spear strikes into Mai's pressure points, causing the ninja to lose her balance and fall down to the floor. At this point, her boobs popped out of her outfit as well.

Mai tried to escape by crawling away only for Lang to grab her by her thong and drag her around the room. The ninja screamed in pain and discomfort.

Soon enough, Lang carried Mai up a staircase by grabbing her thong. Mai did not fight back but she grunted and breathed in an effort to stay awake.

By the time they reached the top of the staircase, Lang simply jumped on top of Mai like a horse. The force was enough to make Mai fall to the ground, her boobs flattening against the stairs. Soon, Mai began to tip forward. Like a sled going down a hill, Mai's boobs bumped up and down as she slid down the stairs.

"Aiiiiiiiieeeeeee!" screamed Mai.

"How do you even move with those boobs?" Lang stared down at the defeated ninja.

The gasping ninja grabbed her painful boobs and tried to crawl away once again, hoping to counterattack somehow.

In the corner of her eye, the ninja spotted one of her fans on the floor. The ninja reached for it and swung it to try to cut Lang apart.

Lang easily dodged by gracefully shifting to the side.

In an act of desperation, Mai rose up and began swinging her fan wildly so that Lang could not get to her. No longer was she the skilled and coordinated kunoichi from earlier. Instead, she was like a wild, rambling drunkard, scrambling to try to win at any cost.

The tactic worked for some time as it forced Lang to back off.

Yet, in the corner of her eye, Lang spotted Hui's sword. With precise timing, the Petal kicked the sword off the ground and up into the air before snatching it. Before Mai could reach her with the sharp blades of the fan, Lang blocked the strike by stabbing into the fan, much to Mai's horror.

The Petal began spinning and spinning the fan in circles until it flew straight out of Mai's hand and up into the air, where Lang simply caught it with her other hand. Then, she pointed her sword at the busty ninja with a satisfied smile on her face.

"How do you like that, kunoichi?" asked Petal.

A RIIIIIPPING sound of was the only response.

A red faced Mai looked down in terror and realized she was completely naked except for a few scraps of clothing still clinging to her body. When Petal Lang swung her sword to deflect the fan, she had also made it a point to shred apart Mai's outfit. The sword and even her own fan had been used against her.

Lang pointed the sword at Mai's neck, who displayed fear in her eyes as if pleading for mercy. Still, the Petal did not want to end it this way. Instead, she lowered the blade and closing Mai's fan, she began smacking the ninja with her own fan.


Every time Mai tried to punch back, she found herself smacked in the face, boobs, neck, shoulders, and ribs. When she tried to kick or run, she found herself smacked in the buttocks, hips, thighs, calves, and back.


No matter what Mai did, she was unable to make contact with Petal. She was spun, twisted, trapped, and pushed backwards. A simple kick to the crotch forced her to stop only for the fan to smack her face again, which shifted her backward so that her butt was facing Lang.


Mai's buttocks vibrated as the fan punished her from behind, causing her to tear up and cry.

"Mikake taoshi ya na (You're all show)," stated Lang in Japanese to her opponent. Dropping the fan and sword, she put her hands on her hips with full satisfaction.

With several marks on her body, Mai slowly turned around and tried to face the Petal. The ninja was completely unsure if she wanted to try to attack or surrender. Tears in her eyes, she hesitated and threw a weak punch that barely even touched Lang. The Petal simply shrugged it off.

"M-matte!" pleaded Mai, realizing the Petal soon focused her attention back at her, ""Ima sugu akiramemasu (I will surrender now)"

The Petal did not comply. Lang took a deep breath and fired a powerful chi palm strike into Mai's chest. "YAAAAH!"

In slow motion, the chi flew from Lang's palm into Mai's body, sending vibrations that shook her before lifting her off the ground and sending flying backwards all the way to the wall. The ninja was plastered on the wall for a brief moment before falling down, revealing several cracks and dents where her body crashed.

Lang walked towards the ninja, lifting her opponent's chin up with her foot. The ninja was dazed, groggily trying to move before simply dropping her head to the ground.


The powerful kunoichi had been defeated. By a Petal of Bai Bi.


When Mai awoke, she was naked and tied up on a wooden signpost near the outskirts of some random village. She was cold and her body was bruised from the beating she had received from the Petal.


In front of her was Petal Lang and several other Petals, who were busy tying up the naked and defeated Crazy 77s, IRIS mercenaries, Boss Kagura, and Giulietta Farina. Many of them were wedgied onto bamboo sticks like a delicious meal being cooked over a fire while others were tied arm-to-arm and hip-to-hip. Madame Wu was there as well, surveying the scene with a satisfied scowl on her face.

Much to Mai Shiranui's horror, Lang noticed she had awakened and began walking up to her.

"Tell all your friends this is what happens when you fight the Petals." Petal shoved the leftover scraps of Mai's thong into Mai's mouth.

The ninja quietly nodded before she began sobbing and crying, having been humiliated and bested by an opponent superior to her. She no longer felt like a great ninja prodigy or the most beautiful fighter around. She no longer felt like she could fight anyone and win. And she most certainly no longer felt like the Queen of Fighters.

That title now belonged to Petal Lang.
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This is nice piece. I thank you for making this.
Beside action, I like the sexy part which is also somewhat comedic XD


Lang: "The title is just a intimidation though. It is not suited to someone who came late to beat an opponent that was worn down by her sisters."


Hui: "We won because of your impressive skills anyway. Still I wonder where had you been at the first place?"


Lang: "Oh? I just found an arcade machine. This mansion is amazing. It has a showroom of classic items and lets a guest use it."


Hui: "Eh? Weren't you supposed to watch..."


Lang: "Sorry, that Super #ario Bros distracted me a bit so..."


Hui: "....Lang, we have something to talk."


Lang: "WAIT! Hui, no!"
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Nicely done Leeroycrane the action was not only well paced but also very descriptive and amusing without bogging down the flow of the story and the artwork is well done, thanks for sharing this fine story with us.

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