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  1. Antimatter42

    One Dedickated Model ver. 1.0

    This is part of a request from @yosiema77 . Basically, the scenario behind this dialogue is that a model is required by her manager to suck him off that way he'll pay for her tickets to the Paris fashion show so that she can really advance her career. Not much is needed for this dialogue; just...
  2. Antimatter42

    Concocktions ver. 1.6

    So, here's my first dialogue in quite a while. It's still somewhat of a work-in-progress, but it should be functional nonetheless when you use it. This one is part of a request by @Hank East , and basically, a witch doctor decides to test out her upcoming aphrodisiac potion on some friend of...
  3. Hank East

    The Love Goddess' Priestess (SDT Dialogue) 2020-10-15

    I based this on how some ancient civilizations had 'temple whores', prostitutes who saw their services as a divine duty. As such, this stars a young, inexperienced, naïve and innocent such priestess, isolated since an early age, performing her sacred duties for the first time to a 'pious'...
  4. Antimatter42

    Fathers, Freud, and Fuckery - A Life is Strange Dialogue Ver. 1.0

    I'm back with a vengeance...at least for now. Anyway, here's a Life is Strange dialogue featuring Chloe Price. It takes place during our present (and rather chaotic) times. And with Chloe left alone in Max's dorm room, her step-father (you) decides to pay her a visit. Now, with that said...
  5. Antimatter42

    Workplace Affairs ver. 1.1

    This is a non-consensual themed loader dialogue written as per a request from @yosiema77 . Make sure you have moremoods and dialogueactions to run the dialogue. I also recommend my basement background. But, overall, these are the only mods you'll need. -Antimatter42
  6. Antimatter42

    Unfinished Dialogue Project

    Hello, my fellow perverts of the internet! This is my first time doing this (and hopefully my only time doing this), but I would like for someone to help me finish this femdom dialogue I promised to write as part of a request from @Ploopynation. Much of the first part of the dialogue is done now...
  7. Antimatter42

    Pro Boner ver. 2.0

    Heh! Excuse me for my choice of title. I couldn't resist. Anyway, this is the lawyer-themed dialogue I mentioned back on my dialogue thread. The scenario goes as follows: I also designed an O.C. for this dialogue. I'll post some screenshots of her on the screenshots thread, and perhaps make a...
  8. Antimatter42

    Revy Dialogue (blowjob only) ver. 1.0

    Here's first version of my upcoming Revy dialogue. This one's a blowjob-only version for those who want to save space or are only interested in this part of the dialogue. However, it will still require the loader, dialogueactions, animtools, and moremoods. I will be posting the full version of...
  9. Antimatter42

    Hot Rods & Bratty Broads ver. 3.0

    This is a mechanic-themed dialogue I wrote as per a request by @Daedalus30185 . While requests to me are closed, I thought this would be fun to write, and I felt like filling a request anyway. All of the required mods are in this folder. Just download the loader, make sure you have animtools...
  10. Antimatter42

    At the Dentist ver. 2.0

    After seeing this background by @astounded (found here: Backgrounds presented by Astounded (Mainly real) [Updated on 15.04.02]) I decided to create a dialogue based on this background. The scenario is that a dentist tells his patient that her oral health is less than satisfactory, and that his...
  11. Antimatter42

    Hana's Revenge ver. 2.5

    This is my attempt at a dialogue based on Hana and Kiyoshi in episode twelve of the anime of Prison School. It takes place after their aggressive, sloppy kiss. Based on the Bullies Suck dialogue. Update: This dialogue is completely rewritten. Now with penetration!
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