At the Dentist

At the Dentist ver. 2.0

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After seeing this background by @astounded (found here: Backgrounds presented by Astounded (Mainly real) [Updated on 15.04.02]) I decided to create a dialogue based on this background. The scenario is that a dentist tells his patient that her oral health is less than satisfactory, and that his semen has antibacterial and whitening properties that will clean her mouth cumpletely (sorry, I couldn't resist). The girl in this dialogue has a blissfully naive, innocent, and perhaps "slutty" personality, but if requested, I can also write a version of this dialogue that is less consensual.
-The loader.
-The aforementioned background by @astounded.
-moremoods (the latest version) by @sby.
-Dialogueactions by @Pim_gd
If you run into any issues, or that I forgot to mention any other required mods, let me know. Otherwise, I hope you like it.
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