Fathers, Freud, and Fuckery - A Life is Strange Dialogue

Fathers, Freud, and Fuckery - A Life is Strange Dialogue Ver. 1.0

I'm back with a vengeance...at least for now. Anyway, here's a Life is Strange dialogue featuring Chloe Price. It takes place during our present (and rather chaotic) times. And with Chloe left alone in Max's dorm room, her step-father (you) decides to pay her a visit.

Now, with that said, here's the thing about this dialogue - it's a mini loader pack, and has my copy of the loader, and everything else you'll need to play this. There may be some issues with the [INSTANT_FLASH] trigger, and if that's the case, simply choose another button when you're at the penetration part, or restart it altogether by choosing one of the default in-game characters, such as SD chan. Furthermore, I wrote the ending to be much darker and more suspenseful than what I usually put out. If darker stuff is not what you're into, do not download this. Otherwise, I hope you'll enjoy. As always, constructive criticism is welcomed. Let me know if you run into any issues by sending me a PM.

P.S.: Here's to two years of making content here on Undertow, and another happy two more!
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