Hello everyone,
started over a year ago - yeah... it's been a long time, @DrZombi and @Slingerbult (if he ever comes back) will tell you :grin: - I am happy to finally release this dialog.

School Rumble Underground isn't meant to be played, it's mostly a story, you almost don't have to do anything, and it's about 2h45 !
It involves 4 different female characters, rely on more than a hundred positions, provides dozen of new clothing and dynamic hair mods, and - I believe - offer some original things that have not been proposed before.
It also involves
extensive obscene situations and taboos (don't worry, no underage or law breaking things, if any moderator wonder :grin:).
There are so many files included that this dialog is delivered as a bundle that you just have to launch as your usual SDT loader. The base is sby loader pack, but it's much easier for you if I provide a full functionnal bundle.

Before I go any further, I want to thank @DrZombi and @Slingerbult who helped me when I started to write dialogs and gave me some valuable feedback, and @Pim_gd and @sby who were very supportive, providing features and answering requests in a way I'll never thank enough. Thank you guys!

As a story, School Rumble Underground uses extensively the CustomAutomation mod. All those who used it know that it can behave differently depending on your system performance. It means that I cannot foresee every behavior on any kind of PC, despite I tried to make something as reliable as possible. If you encounter any issue that I did not covered in my troubleshooting guide, I'll do my best to help you fix it :wink:

To help you understand the background of this story, there is a file named SRU_background.pdf in the READ ME folder of the bundle. I strongly advise you to read it, it's not long.
There is also a troubleshooting guide in the same folder, named SRU_troubleshooting.pdf that
you MUST read. I will answer every message requesting help about an issue that is covered in this guide by forwarding you to it. I will do everything I can to fix everyting else :smile:

You can post your feedback or help request on this thread.
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10/10 Learned a lot from it. CustomAutomation mod is my new favorite mod
One of the best and thoughtful mods i've seen on this website. The amount of love and effort but into this is HUGE. Thank you for that
Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you liked it :)