Hello, all! So, considering the current situation surrounding this site's uncertain future, I am bequeathing to you everything I have uploaded here, plus some bonus content that was unreleased until now; it's basically all my backgrounds, and all my dialogues. Included in this final upload of mine is a folder containing all the short stories I posted on the fiction forum (titled "Antimatter42's library"). Of course, these uploads won't be lost forever, as I have my backups, but get it here while you can!

Also, the enclosed text file titled "Mod Manifest" explains everything you need to know about the dialogues in this pack, along with the backgrounds.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me on my discord server. I will continue to update and upload my stuff there.

All in all, it's been a fantastic three years working with you guys on this site. And I must admit, without you guys, my creative writing skills likely would have never developed like they have now. And so, you have my utmost gratitude. Nevertheless, the work never ends, and the show goes on. With our continued efforts to improve this game, this community will never die.

Cheers, and have a lovely day!

"Happy throating, YOU SUCK! Have a nice day!"
dantethedarkprince dantethedarkprince

P.S.: The work continues, and so does the existence of this site. Long live Undertow Club!
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