Concocktions ver. 1.6

So, here's my first dialogue in quite a while. It's still somewhat of a work-in-progress, but it should be functional nonetheless when you use it. This one is part of a request by @Hank East , and basically, a witch doctor decides to test out her upcoming aphrodisiac potion on some friend of hers. One thing leads to another and, well, you'll see when you play it.
I uploaded this dialogue as a character folder, so you should have everything needed to play this dialogue. All you need to do unzip this and move it to the "Mods" folder of your loader pack, and enter the name of this folder as follows into your "CharacterFolders.txt" file:
Next, open the folder, and move all the text files with the word "settings" in their names to the "Settings" folder of your loader pack. And that's all. Of course, let me know if you need help, or if you run into any issues. Happy belated Halloween!
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