Max Breakage - A Life is Strange Dialogue

Max Breakage - A Life is Strange Dialogue ver. 1.0

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Hello, all! Here I am again with another loader dialogue. This one is for Max Caulfield, from Life is Strange, and it serves as a sequel to my dialogue for Chloe Price, Fathers, Freud, and Fuckery.

I've uploaded this dialogue as a character folder for you to add to your Mods folder in whatever loader pack you have, so once you move this to your Mods folder, go to your text file titled "CharacterFolders.txt" and enter the name of this folder twice such that it reads as:
Max 1.0 (public release):Max 1.0 (public release)

This folder has pretty much everything you need in terms of clothing and backgrounds; however, the other mods you'll need to run this dialogue are specified in the provided text file titled, Notes and Credits.

Also, I've uploaded two versions of this dialogue - one with light effects, and one without. This just means that the one with light effects has a sort of flashing light effect that plays at certain points. Feel free to play this version if you don't mind this effect. Otherwise, play the version without the flashing lights.

Now, keep in mind, this isn't the complete dialogue yet. I'm still in the process of adding more features. Consider this a preview for the time being.

All in all, let me know what you think, and feel free to message me about any feedback you have, or any issues you run into. Cheers!

P.S.: Another thing to keep in mind - this dialogue contains themes of rape and death. I, in no way, condone such actions in real life. These things are entirely just a part of the narrative, and are merely a way for me to tell a story I felt worth telling.

P.P.S: The lines for "Him" throughout the dialogue are not spoken by the guy in the game; rather, they're lines spoken by Mark Jefferson, who is off-screen taking the pictures and such. The guy, or *YOU*, serve as Jefferson's accomplice.
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