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DrZombi's Sweet Treats 1.31 by DrZombi

My pre-packaged loader with dialogues

  1. DrZombi
    This is a pre-packaged Loader with some dialogues pre-configured for you. You just have to launch the character folders and enjoy them. Some are mine, some are from other people of the forum and just reworked a little bit. Have fun!

    I've finally finished the 1st version of my own package for the SDT Loader. It has been a long work but I'm proud to present you something which, while not being flawless, should still be able to provide you some good moments :smile:

    This is not a package designed to be your basic default Loader for testing dialogues and play the game normally by adding a lot of mods and load dialogues. Although you could do it, I would still recommend sby's Loader for this. It is very complete, up-to-date and somewhat agnostic with a moreclothing well stuffed while I only put in mine what I use in my dialogues to shorten the starting process.

    This package is designed to be launched, for you to open the character folders and have fun with the dialogues that I've pre-configured (How kind I am ! :wink:)

    Each Dialogue comes pre-configured in its own character folder, so unless I give you other information, you can just load them directly without having to bother about preparing something or load some mods yourself.
    Be careful if you want to load other mods in addition to those I already provide, If they are not included, I have not tested them and thus I can't be held responsible for not working dialogues (yep, I do have tested some mods which fucked some things up in some dialogues. It's been the case with CustomAutomation and Sharpshooter for example.)

    You'll find more information about the dialogues, and the updates included in the dedicated thread where you'll also be able to provide me with feedback. Tell me if you've loved it or hated it ! -> DrZombi's Sweet Treats

Recent Reviews

  1. Anon-kun
    Version: 1.1
    I do enjoy it and I'm very grateful. Everything Is well done but AVG keeps bothering me about It. Any Ideas why?
    1. DrZombi
      Author's Response
      My antivirus does not complain about any of the files in the package. I don't know AVG but I think you can open a detailed view of the warning message so that you're able to see which particular file bothers it, and what kind of threat it reports ?
  2. Hank East
    Hank East
    Version: 1.0
    I quite like the collection of dialogues you got goin in this bundle! Just one question though, is there a difference between running it with the flashplayer or the exe?
    1. DrZombi
      Author's Response
      Nope, my bundle is based on sby's. I just transformed the .bat into a .exe because I wanted to add the icon. But the only thing the .exe does, is launching the Loader.swf :)