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Sep 2, 2017
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Hello, my fellow perverts of the internet! This is my first time doing this (and hopefully my only time doing this), but I would like for someone to help me finish this femdom dialogue I promised to write as part of a request from Ploopynation Ploopynation . Much of the first part of the dialogue is done now (i.e., the blowjob part), and the rest that's needed is the penetration part, and an ending to the dialogue (though, this is optional). Attached below is the draft so far and the required animtools position for the blowjob part. Everything else is up to you, from other mods you might need/want, lines you'll want to add, to animtools positions to really give it that femdom feel. Of course, you'll need dialogueactions, animtools, and moremoods. Feel free to let me know if I failed to mention something. Otherwise, have fun finishing this one. I may or may not return to this one day to finally finish it, but we'll see...

P.S.: Although this is not required, crediting me would be greatly appreciated once you upload your finished product.
P.P.S.: I named this dialogue after the Marilyn Manson song of the same name. I think it fits quite nicely.


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