Hot Rods & Bratty Broads

Hot Rods & Bratty Broads ver. 3.0

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This is a mechanic-themed dialogue I wrote as per a request by @ D Daedalus30185 . While requests to me are closed, I thought this would be fun to write, and I felt like filling a request anyway. All of the required mods are in this folder. Just download the loader, make sure you have animtools loaded, place the animtools positions in your animtools_positions folder (found in the loader's "Settings" folder), add this folder to your Mods folder and type in the title of this folder twice in your CharacterFolders.txt file with a colon in between the names, and voila, you're done. I tried to write this as gender-neutral as possible to maximize player-choice, but it is assumed that the character you play is a girl, so take care to modify some lines as you see fit. Nonetheless, enough of my rambling. Let me know if you run into any issues.
As you can guess by the title, this is a dialogue that involves cars and a very bratty girl. She has a father who pays for everything for her, but on one unfortunate day, she simply doesn't have the money and thus pays through other means. The mechanic, on the other hand, makes full use of her payment.
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The dialogue is great, but I am also having issues with the mod's positions.
Great dialogue but when the folder unzipped, it created a subfolder inside the positions page with the content which seems to be inhibiting changing of positions. Gonna re-try and see if it's fixed.
It did? I just downloaded the dialogue right now and unzipped it. What I got was the character folder with all of the needed mods and animtools positions. You just have to move the animtools positions and the moremoods settings file to their respective places.