This is the first part of The Attendants - an all inclusive Super Deepthroat loader bundle ready to be played without any installation required.

There's an Attendants thread found here. Please feel free to give feedback, ask questions etc.



The main dialogue of the pack is a story with a beginning and an end. It begins with your death. Soon you'll find out how Heaven really rewards you for a life well lived. By the end of it you'll know if it's true or not that nice guys finish last.
There are also three bonus dialogues. One of them takes place in the same universe as the Attendants and serves as a continuation of the main story (assuming you get the happy ending).
One also takes place within the same Universe but with another character. In it you'll learn a little more about Heaven. There's some deepthroating too I'm pretty sure.
The last one is called First Porn Shoot. There you get to follow the beautiful Karen on her first day shooting porn.

Animtools positions, backgrounds, swf mods etc are all included.


There's a readme included which I recommend reading. I'll include the essential stuff here as well.

- No installation is needed. Just place the folder ”The Attendants” anywhere you want
- If this is your first time playing Super Deepthroat you may not have a Standalone Flash Player. This is required to play the game.

- Open Loader.swf in the ”The Attendants” folder.
- Wait until the game has loaded all of the assets and the game has started.
- Press ”Y”. Click on the portrait and ALWAYS BEGIN BY LOADING ANIMTOOLS, then select the dialogue of your choice. This bundle contains:

Attendants Part 1: The first part of the Attendants.

Alt versions: Includes a version w/o prologue for better replayability. By request there's also a futa version included.

Attendants Part 1 Bonus: For playing after you’ve completed part 1.

First Porn Shoot: A bonus dialogue unrelated to the Attendants.

Orientation: Who knew blowjobs and lectures were a combo?

Tutorial: Teaches you how to use a mechanic in this dialogue. It’s very much recommended you start with this. It’s very short.

- Don’t change Free/Holding manually. Use the ingame mechanic described in the tutorial.

I hope you'll like it!

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    Minor update this time - Changed/replaced some of the mods used. Big thanks to @Huitznahua who...
  2. Version 1.1

    - Added actual dialogue to Part 1 Extra and made some other changes as well. It's now almost as...

Latest reviews

Wow! This is impressive. Very, very well done. Everything looks so polished. Thanks for making and sharing this.
Easily the best Scenario/Story Pack I've found so far.

Easy setup, creative scenario, excellent Dialogue and surprisingly long and polished! (I also recommend taking a look at the Bonus section, since there's even more content in there!)
It's clear the author has put a ton of work and creativity into this, and it's become my gold standard for SDT mods.

(Also, I laughed out loud at the lyrics of the outro song, and that alone deserves a sixth star in my eyes.)
Thank you so very much for those kind words. Rave reviews are the best kind!
I made an account for the site just to give this rating. This was really great - it mixes the absurdity of the premise with an execution that doesn't take itself too seriously while still feeling earnest. This is everything you could hope for out of a mod for this game, and it presents no difficulty in usage in the way that many games and mods do. Also, the epilogue's music choice is just, so perfect. Six stars, three thumbs way up.
This has to be my favourite among reviews I've gotten. Thank you for taking the time!
I forgot to leave a rating before. I did enjoy this dialogue, and I love that you keep improving it! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to more updates!
it defiantly stands out compared to other mods
though if you can plz make the intro skippable
You haven't been paying attention! That's OK though. I have good news for you. There's a folder under the Scene menu called Alt Versions. You'll find what you're looking for there. Thanks for the 5/5 and I'm happy to learn you want to replay it. There are easter eggs you know...
Thanks for considering my input, look forward to the next update. Keep up the good work
<Long boring exposé redacted> Sure thing. PM me if I missed something.
It's great to see a dialog in story format, all placed within a bundle so you can just load and run. Nicely done.
A review from the Federer/Jordan/Pelé of dialogues! That's something. Thank you!
Really, really wish there was more content like this. A+.
Thank you very much. Getting good feedback motivates me to get started on part 2.
AMAZING! Hot, funny, all around a great time ;D
Thanks DSE!