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  1. DigitalSmutExports

    The Attendants Dialogue Pack 1.2

    INTRODUCTION This is the first part of The Attendants - an all inclusive Super Deepthroat loader bundle ready to be played without any installation required. There's an Attendants thread found here. Please feel free to give feedback, ask questions etc. WHAT'S INCLUDED The main dialogue of...
  2. tickles

    tickles' Animtools Sex Positions Pack 1.70

    The pack contains over 200+ sex positions created using Animtools (As well as a few background images) bodyScale:1.04625;hisPenis:1,0.74875,0.74875;balls:1,0.734 Disclaimer: Some positions are not compatible with certain body-types (ex. small bodies, colossal sized penises, etc.) I recommend...
  3. tickles

    tickles' Animtools Sex Positions [UNDER RENOVATIONS - MOVING TO RESOURCES]

    <======= tickles' Animtools Sex Positions =======> Hello everyone, Welcome to my Animtools Thread!:grin: I've been working with Animtools for some time now, and... I think I've got the hang of it. Not sure if these are any "good" but... here they are. Enjoy. -===UPDATES===- THIS PAGE IS...
  4. sorrowww

    Chair Mish 1.0

    Missionary position in chair
  5. Xteam

    Xteam's Imports - Coming back soon...catching up with stuff [09.04.2017]

    Hello! I wanted to share with you some of my ideas. It's my first and pretty fresh start with mods. I'm not as much experience as others. There is a lot to be improved, which I'm hoping it will happen eventually. [no updates until days become lighter with work] Uploads since May.12.2015...
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