animtools positions

  1. F

    need help with dialogue (Animtools position based lines)

    i am working on a dialogue for my first time after hours of being unable to find one that i like how do i set lines to only trigger in certain positions all the lines ive written so far i only want to trigger in the default position as it doesnt make sense to say an oral like during anal. any...
  2. C

    chainsawplayin's positions 1

    Includes positions like ass eating, fisting HIM, zoomed-out reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, and some everyday life poses
  3. D

    Animtool Reverse Assjobs + Breeding Press Positions 2020-09-19

    Three quick animtool positions I thought I'd share. The reverse assjob positions are essentially revisions of Tickle's version found @ tickles' Animtools Sex Positions Pack and Vonhizzle's version found @ Reverse Cowgirl
  4. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Head on Pole Facefuck 2020-09-04

    Edited and improved version of one of the default positions from latest animtools release.
  5. G

    Animtools Position - paizuri_look_down 2020-07-21

    My first post (test)
  6. S

    A Few Things...

    I've been having a few issues, and while they're ways around them it's tedious and would be much easier if I asked for expert help so they won't happen anymore. 1. Sometimes the Loader won't load any of the mods and will say "Mod Loading Failed" on startup. This sometimes happens after long...
  7. Wither

    Wither's BDSM Positions 1.0

    My personal selection of 7 BDSM and bondage themed oral positions, perfect for folks who want to have their submissive tied up, suspended or otherwise restrained while you shove a cock down their throat. REQUIRED MODS: - SDT Loader - Animtools V27 RECCOMENDED MODS: - Moreclothes V7_1 Feel...
  8. S

    Animtools Small body positions 2019-12-01

    Several positions for use with the Anysizeher1_4 mod. Please read the Notes text before using. The Anysizeher1_4 mod can be found here. AnySizeHer
  9. kcbm

    Animtools "Thigh Fuck" Positions (SEE WEBMS) 1.0

    I've included a .7z including just the positions, and one with pre-made character folders. NOTE:Remove male characters' white shirt for these positions to look right. Not sure if swf mod shirts will work. Full .webm Album w/ filenames: (Use left/right arrows to browse)
  10. V

    Blowjob Animtools Positions v2

  11. kcbm

    Animtools "In The Backseat" Positions + Backgrounds (SEE WEBMS) 1.0

    Some of the positions work with "inthebackseatbackground2.png", and some do not. Some of the positions work fine without the background as well. I've included a .7z with all the positions + both backgrounds, and a .7z with pre-made Character Folders for easier loading. Full .webm Album w/...
  12. kcbm

    Animtools "Hole In Wall" Positions + Backgrounds (SEE WEBMS) 1.1

    5 Position Variations, 1 Background Variation (1.1) I've included the positions+background files(manual load), and a character folder with both included. (easy load) Full .webm Album w/ filenames: (Use left/right arrows to browse)
  13. kcbm

    Animtools "Footfuck, Footjob, & Wheelbarrow" Positions (SEE WEBMS) 1.1

    Hope y'all like them ^^. !!NOTE!! To get his cum to stick to her leg in some positions, use stuntcock's extra sticky mod, and put "her.torso.rightCalfContainer.calf,her.leftLegContainer.leg.thigh" at the end of extrastickyV1settings.txt (thx stuntcock ur the best <3) -> Extra Sticky Slight...
  14. kcbm

    Animtools "Bed Downthrust Throatfuck" Positions (SEE WEBMS) 1.2

    Completely remade animation, recreated all variations, and added some new ones. (1.2) Full .webm Album w/ filenames: (Use left/right arrows to browse)
  15. kcbm

    Animtools "Sitting Against Wall" Positions (SEE WEBMS) 1.3

    I've included a .7z with just the positions, and a .7z with pre-made Character Folders. Full .webm Album w/ filenames: (Use left/right arrows to browse)
  16. kcbm

    Animtools "Downward Facefuck" Positions (SEE WEBMS) 1.3

    4 Position Variations, On Couch & On Stairs.(1.3) Made 4 position variations (on couch, on stairs), put all positions into a CharacterFolders .7z (for easy loading) and another .7z with just the positions. Created .webm album instead of gifs (better filesize, better quality.) Full .webm Album w/...
  17. kcbm

    Animtools "Under Table" Positions (SEE WEBMS) 1.5

    Don't know if anyone's made a position like this before, but hope y'all like it. Some new positions, made a character folders .7z & a positions .7z(1.5) Full .webm Album w/ filenames: (Use left/right arrows to browse)
  18. kcbm

    Animtools "Titfuck" Positions (SEE WEBMS) 1.9

    Remade animation, made a bunch of variations. (1.9) (If anyone knows a mod or animtools command to make her left hand go behind his cock automatically, please let me know and I'll update it! Thanks.) Full .webm Album w/ filenames: (Use left/right arrows to browse)
  19. V

    Paizuri Pack v5

    Six positions, they are all very similar, three different breast sizes with an alt version for each. One is an upgraded version of this position: Combination Paizuri Blowjob Handjob Animtools Position Since I was adding more positions I decided to make a new post. Chloe Hair Chloe Outfit...
  20. check6

    Leg Split Tied on Table 1.0

    Another leg split, this time with the arms tied back and his arm holding one of her legs up. Note: Like the last one, it's slightly zoomed out so you can see the whole scene. Let me know what you think! Enjoy! -check6