1. V

    Angel Wings 2019-08-22

    These are the wings from @dantethedarkprince's Serra Angel and Morrighan mods isolated and changed to top clothing mods rather than body mods so they won't change color with skin hue.
  2. Perdition

    Morgana Wings 2019-04-01

    Based on @dantehtedarkprince's 'LOL - Morgana' mod, this mod isolates the the wings.
  3. DigitalSmutExports

    The Attendants Dialogue Pack 1.2

    INTRODUCTION This is the first part of The Attendants - an all inclusive Super Deepthroat loader bundle ready to be played without any installation required. There's an Attendants thread found here. Please feel free to give feedback, ask questions etc. WHAT'S INCLUDED The main dialogue of...
  4. Trigon

    [PC] RJ219794 DepraviA EgrigorI

    Hey everyone. Here's a little something for the guro H-game fans around here. It's called DepraviA EgrigorI, and it was released about 2 weeks ago. It is the sequel to the very good 2014/2015 game DepraviA, and basically improves upon the original in just about every way. These games are made by...
  5. Perdition

    Devil & Angel Wings Tattoo 2018-09-09

    RGB adjustable tattoo of devil and angel wings on her upper back. Uses the bra slot and secondary RGB slider.
  6. Perdition

    Feathered Head Wings 2018-05-06

    Based on @kylters 'Angel' mod, this mod isolates the wings, makes them RGB adjustable and places them on her head.
  7. El Grillo

    Hachiel Static Hair 1.0

  8. dantethedarkprince

    Swordsman Angel 1.0

  9. dantethedarkprince

    Archer Angel 1.0

  10. dantethedarkprince

    Arch-Angel 1.0

  11. dantethedarkprince

    Him Angel 1.0

  12. dantethedarkprince

    Angel Halo 1.0

  13. dantethedarkprince

    Wings 1.0

  14. dark_knight17

    Urutorii - Utawarerumono 2017-01-08

    Original Thread here...
  15. K

    Angel 1.0

    This is an all inclusive SWF file which loads a backgound, RGB adjustable wings, and RGB adjustable halo. The file also loads a char code, but depending on the response I can upload a seperate file without the char code added. The Wings use the second Top RGB slider, and the Halo uses the...
  16. Samoth

    Mercy Outfit 2016-06-13

    This mod requires the Loader and Template Extension to run. Note that this mod is only Mercy's outfit. Her hair can be found here: Mercy Static Hair (Alternate hair can be found here, this one is a .png file) A combination .swf (which has both the hair and costume in 1 file) can be found here...
  17. Mineur

    Angel Static Hair 1.0

    charName:Angel (long...
  18. Mineur

    Angel Static Hair 1.0

  19. Ah P

    Stocking Angel Costume 1.0

  20. Ah P

    Panty Angel Costume 1.0