1. SKMB's Positions Pack

    SKMB's Positions Pack 4

    A set of custom positions for use with Animtools
  2. S

    Animtools Positions

    I am experiencing issues with some positions where "her" will get stuck and not be able to move or pull off of the penis. This seems to be different from a standard hold, as it also occurs in "self" auto mode. When not using auto mode, the position works fine. Any ideas on what could be causing...
  3. C

    Only oral positions working

    Just downloaded the loader and everything worked fine at first, but now only oral positions are working. Anybody know what would cause this and how to fix it? Thanks
  4. Preview GIFs for tickles's Animtools Positions Pack

    Preview GIFs for tickles's Animtools Positions Pack 1.8

    Animated preview images for most of the positions in the pack
  5. sorrowww

    Sorrowww's Sin City & Sex Positions

    Welcome to =-=-=Sorrowww's Kama Sutra!!=-=-= My archived collection of works, most if not all of which can be found in my game "Sin City". They are organized based on their location as well as position types. Note: the game itself has many many more positions than listed here but I selected...
  6. Deep Vaginal Fisting

    Deep Vaginal Fisting 2020-07-29

    Deep Vaginal Fisting position for Super Deepthroat
  7. Vaginal Fisting

    Vaginal Fisting 2020-07-29

    Vaginal Fisting position for Super Deepthroat
  8. Hanged

    Hanged 2020-07-29

    Hanged position for Super Deepthroat
  9. Wither's BDSM Positions

    Wither's BDSM Positions 1.0

    A small selection of BDSM-themed oral positions
  10. Leg Split Tied on Table

    Leg Split Tied on Table 1.0

    Legs split while tied back on table
  11. Legs Split Against Wall

    Legs Split Against Wall 1.0

    animtools position with legs split against wall
  12. Lamp's Animtool Positions

    Lamp's Animtool Positions 0.1

    Just some poses
  13. The Attendants Dialogue Pack

    The Attendants Dialogue Pack 1.2

    A heavenly dialogue pack for Super Deepthroat ready to be played with no installation required
  14. Billy's POS Pack

    Billy's POS Pack 1.1

    A pack of 10 subtle blowjob positions (previews included).
  15. W

    3 New Positions I wanted and couldn't find

    There are a couple positions and after screwing with Animtools for a bit I think I got them figured out enough to accomplish the goals. One is a frustration factor, girl on knees teasing and stroking with minimal/no mouth contact. HUGE turn on psychologically when the girl realizes her level...
  16. Couch Blowjob

    Couch Blowjob 2017-11-19

    Couch Bj from upcoming game "Sin City”
  17. Chair Mish

    Chair Mish 1.0

    Chair Mish
  18. Sorrowww's Animtools Positions Pack && Sin City Bundle

    Sorrowww's Animtools Positions Pack && Sin City Bundle 4.11

    Cars, Drugs, Guns, Sex, Gambling... It's your life. 50+ girls, 600+ Positions
  19. NoctSoul

    NoctSoul's Updated Dialogue Versions

    Hello there!!! This is the first dialogue thread I ever made, so be clement. I looked around the dialogue threads, and I tried to mix up with something good. Lonely Teacher v3 (multiple positions) Inspired by Delev dialogues and Samoth dialogues (which in case you don't know them, I suggest you...
  20. O

    A question about Animtools

    Okay so I've been using the animtools so I could have custom positions for a while now, but I'm curious if I can do this. Can I hide or get rid off the stats on the right side of the screen? I never use them and I'd like to see these positions in full screen.

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