Initial release. There are probably a few layering or physics errors ... but right now I'm tired of working on this thing.

Let me know about any errors that you find; I'll fix them in the next release.

This mod uses extended hair physics and therefore it requires Loader v5.45 or greater.
First release
Last update
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  • Dirty Body
    Dirty Body
    Patches of dirt, applied to the girl's skin like tattoos
  • Breath Hack
    Breath Hack
    Tweak SDT's math so that the girl will be more (or less) vulnerable to air deprivation
  • Him Sizer
    Him Sizer
    Adjust the size of the male character using an in-game slider
  • Extra Sticky
    Extra Sticky
    Allows semen strands to stick to additional objects, such as the male character's body
  • Dynamic Hair Extender
    Extends the SDT physics system to support fancy animated hairstyles and clothes

Latest updates

  1. Physics Library Update

    This is a minor patch, updating the internal physics library of the hairstyle to version 5.9...
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