short hair

  1. SyntaxTerror

    You 1.0

  2. Doolie

    Feather Cut Hair 1.0

    Feather Cut Haircut worn by British skinhead women in the 70s Works well with HSL and you can cum on it pretty seamlessly. Supports all skin tones as the shaved part in the back is a bit transparent. EnjOi. Love, Doolie. Until now I only made original clothes / hair, this is my first one...
  3. Doolie

    Overgrown Bangs 1.1

    Overgrown Bangs An idea I had. Thought it's interesting. Enjoy. Love, Doolie Oh, yeah and check out my other... things
  4. Y

    Shuten Douji static hair 1.1

    Will need to play around with skin and/or hair tints to get the horns to match skin color
  5. Hank East

    Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Bernadetta static hair.

    I tried making something myself out of this reference, alas I couldn't do it so here I come hoping someone would succeed where I have not. EDIT: Filled; see next post for link
  6. FauxNom

    Kanao Tsuyuri Static Hair 2019-11-29

  7. feels like`HEAVEN'

    Fubuki static hair-One Punch Man 2019-11-06

    Static hair mod of Fubuki from One Punch Man
  8. feels like`HEAVEN'

    Iris static hair 2019-11-06

    Static hair mod of Iris from Fire Force(Blazing Firefighting Corps).
  9. deadreaver

    Uruka Takemoto Static Hair 1

    Skin Code charName:SD charNameSD...
  10. deadreaver

    Mashiro Kuna (Static) Hairs 2019-09-24

  11. Doolie

    Bun and Bangs 1.0

    _______________________________________ Bun and Bangs - .PNG Static Hair - Compatible with both Vanilla and Loader - No problems with Elf ears and Large earrings _______________________________________ This is my first post. Enjoy. Doolie.
  12. Hank East

    Basic Bobbed Haircut static hair 1.0

  13. ImmortalScourge

    Overwatch Tracer Dynamic Hair Revision (No Goggles) 1.0

    A revision of stuntcock's Tracer Dynamic Hair that removes the goggles.
  14. Hank East

    Nashu Mhakaracca - Final Fantasy XIV 2019-04-22

  15. FauxNom

    Gravel Static Hair 2019-03-21

  16. FauxNom

    Yuu Momokino Static Hair 2019-03-18

  17. FauxNom

    Miki Tsurugi Static Hair 2019-03-15

    Miki Tsurugi.
  18. Hank East

    Trish Una static hair 1.0

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