senki zesshou symphogear

  1. Chris Yukine

    Chris Yukine 2017-01-08

    The frilly wearing, tsundere rival-turned-ally from the Symphogear Series
  2. Shirabe Tsukyomi - Symphogear

    Shirabe Tsukyomi - Symphogear 2017-01-08

    The kuudere rival from Symphogear
  3. Hibiki Tachibana - Symphogear

    Hibiki Tachibana - Symphogear 2017-01-08

    The happy go lucky heroine from the Symphogear Series
  4. Carol Malus Dienheim - Symphogear GX

    Carol Malus Dienheim - Symphogear GX 1.1

    The loli villain from Symphogear GX
  5. Maria Cadenzavna Eve - Symphogear

    Maria Cadenzavna Eve - Symphogear 2017-01-08

    The leader of the rival team in Symphogear G
  6. Tsubasa Kazanari - Symphogear

    Tsubasa Kazanari - Symphogear 2017-01-08

    The honourable heroine from the Symphogear franchise
  7. Kirika Dynamic Hairstyle

    Kirika Dynamic Hairstyle 5.9

    Dynamic hairstyle for Kirika Akatsuki of Senki Zesshou Symphogear
  8. Kirika Static Hairstyle

    Kirika Static Hairstyle 1.0

    Static hairstyle for Kirika Akatsuki of Senki Zesshou Symphogear
  9. dark_knight17

    Symphogear Girls Request

    I've noticed that the girls from Symphogear have gone completely unnoticed! I'm hoping someone would be awesome enough to try and tackle some of these girls! Extra props if someone actually manages to do Carol! Hibiki Tachibana:

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