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animtools beta 19.3 by sby

use and create custom positions in superdeepthroat

  1. sby
    a 'beta' version for people to download. beta as in, here is the next version, feel free to test it and if no bad stuff comes out then it is the advertised as the next version with a proper thread update.
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Recent Updates

  1. clenchteeth bugfix
  2. reversescreen bugfix
  3. small update for a bugfix

Recent Reviews

  1. kathsolviq
    Version: 19.3
    the mushroom head (penis head) disapears in some blowjob positions...
    but is a good beta
  2. Odstarv
    Version: 19.3
    well, at least to me some bugs, like sometimes when i load a dialogue and open again animtools, the cum becomes invisible, also there is a glitch with the angry mood that when ejaculating the characters starts to shake around really mad, i don`t know if those where common knowledge since i started using this app 10 hours ago getting familiar, researching about some of those bugs and others stuff without success , is really enjoyable when starts to kick with it, nice job