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Zako that dies while they're unconscious from anime, movies, shows, comics, etc.

Discussion in 'Zako' started by pistolgangling, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Whats up guys, im trying to search for zakos/villainess that dies while they're unconscious. Off screen and on screen are both fine. Any cause of deaths are accepted from explosions to crashes to being murdered etc. I prefer the bad girls dying but heroines are welcomed too.
    I'll also share with what i know of this subject. I don't have a link for some of them, sorry about that.

    Najica ep 7 (anime)(off screen death) -The zako gets knocked out by the heroine near a jet. The jet than explodes later killing the unconscious zako.

    Cazadores de espias (movie) (on screen)The hero tries feeding the zako to the man eating plant but she kept struggling so he decided to make this easy and just knocked her out and the plant starts munching on her limp body.

    Space adventure cobra ep 23 (anime) (off screen) - The hero knocks out 2 zakos before escaping while the flying tower blows up afterwards. Another scene later in the episode where the hero knocks out another zako and throws her to the ground. The hero later leaves as the base blows up.

    Austin power 1st movie (movie) (off screen) - When the base begins to blow up, the zako that was pointing the gun at the heroine started to panic and the heroine uses this chance to knocks her out as she was distracted. The base self destructs soon afterwards as the heroine and hero escapes.

    Anathema chapter 2 (adult comic) (off screen) - Zako tries doing a sneak attack on the heroine but the heroine knocks her out with one punch at the last second. The heroine ate out the unconscious zako before leaving the flying ship. The ship soon explodes.

    The wrecking crew 1969 (movie) (on screen) - After the heroine knocks out a zako, the hero that is with her tries to be a gentlemen and carries the unconscious zako to a bed. Unfortunately for the zako, the bed was a bomb trap and within seconds after the hero and the heroine leaves, the bed explodes, killing the unconscious zako.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYtxztO5OWE at 18.20
    Agent aika (anime) (off screen) A explosion happens inside the spaceship, The red hair heroine uses this chance to knock out 3 distracted zakos. The explosion soon consumes the 3 unconscious zako.

    These are all the ones that came up on my mind right now.